How Your Charcoal Pizza Oven Can Give Better Results

Getting a charcoal pizza oven is just a part of the process. Therefore, you might also need to adjust things to make sure you get the best result possible. Usually, this type of pizza oven takes a charcoal barbecue and changes it into a pizza oven. Doing this isn’t difficult if you know the basics, this type of pizza oven can bake some of the best pizzas out there. All you need is to get your hands on the right product.

But first things first, let’s discuss some tips and tricks to improve your pizza baking skills using a charcoal oven.

Charcoal Oven Pizza Making Tips

Make Sure to Use Wood

The usual mistake beginners make is to just use charcoal. Because when you only use charcoal, your oven doesn’t get the desired heat which then lowers the quality of your finished pizza. Make sure you don’t run out of wood otherwise, the temperature of your pizza oven drops very quickly and that’s not good for your pizza crust.

Change the Type Of Wood

It’s important to know what type of wood to choose while using a charcoal oven because the temperature that burns the wood varies according to them. A few do burn hotter than others and also affect the smoke flavor. Ultimately, you need to try out multiple types of wood till you find the option that works as you want it to.

Most people suggest fruitwoods for pizza ovens such as almond, pecan, cherry, and applewood. Hardwoods are also a nice choice as oak is the most common, specifically because it burns hot.

Use A Pizza Stone

If you have a charcoal pizza oven, you can easily cook in the grill itself as long as you are using a thick dough. However, you don’t require a pizza oven at all, as you can cook pizza on a charcoal grill grate or even directly on a charcoal grill. If you need the best results, you should convert to a pizza stone. A nice pizza stone may not be low-cost but they are great investments and important for making high-quality pizza.

Use Suitable Approaches

The charcoal pizza oven is a fairly common word and it might mean multiple things based on who you are. For instance, you might be thinking of making pizza on a charcoal grill without any particular products and tools. On the other hand, you may be thinking of transforming a charcoal barbecue into a complete pizza oven, which is quite a nice approach.

Change Internal Temperature

Charcoal pizza ovens are ideal for an expert user and they give results that are way better than a traditional oven. However, the results aren’t as good as they could have been. One problem is that these pizza ovens have a huge amount of air at the top. Hot air moves over the pizza. In the end, you get a perfectly cooked pizza but the top isn’t as crispy as it is in the usual electric or gas oven. A pizza stone doesn’t fix this issue as well!

Use The Right Recipe

Sometimes, you do everything right, you follow all instructions to operate your pizza oven, and even then, your pizza doesn’t end up how you expected. The issue might be with your recipe and not with the oven.

There are multiple recipes for pizza dough, including those that use the wheat flour options. Keeping this in mind, if you are facing bad luck with your pizza, it’s worth giving a try to new recipes. This may include changing up the dough recipe you are using or just giving a try to some new toppings.

Don’t Give Up

Usually, the first pizza you bake will never come out as a perfect one. This is because the oven takes time to heat up to a stable temperature and you have to be a seasoned baker to monitor and control the temperature progression. You can become a pro as well; just keep experimenting.

You will have the perfectly baked pizza in no time. After all, the best pizzas are the ones that come out at the point when the coals are dying down.

Hope the tips will help you achieve better results with your next pizza batch.

Where to Buy
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Best Charcoal Pizza Ovens to Buy

To make things even hotter, we have curated a list of the best charcoal pizza ovens to choose from:

1. Ooni Karu Charcoal Portable Pizza Oven

This oven makes flavorful pizza adding a pleasant smoky taste into the pizza when you use a flavored wood along with charcoal. The chimney allows the max flow of smoke, so the pizza does not taste like cigarette buts. The ceramic insulation at the inner side keeps more heat inside the oven rather than the steel so it is wonderful for baking. It has a measurement of 30 x 15 x 31″.

It is portable and light in weight but the chimney is tall so it is not easy to transport in a car, you have to use a truck or maybe a van.

2. Easy Go Products Big Bad Barrel Pit Charcoal Pizza Oven

If you’re a beginner or an inexperienced griller then this charcoal oven offers all the tools for cooking to get you started. It arrives with 3 utensils that conveniently hang on the grill for your ease, a standard stainless steel grilling rack, 6 stainless steel hooks, and a separate charcoal pit.  The Big Bad Barrel arrives safely packaged and can be easily set up and stored to half of its size in limited space, setting it apart from all other barbecue pits and charcoal ovens.

The special design enables you to set a temperature of 225 degrees for multiple hours to acquire the tenderness of a perfect slow cooker and the perfect taste.

3. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

This is a high quality, portable, and affordable oven which bakes flavorful charcoal pizzas. It also allows you to cook a few other foods such as fish, veggies, meat, and dessert pizzas.

It can heat up to 930° Fahrenheit or 500 Celcius. Dimensions ate 12.5″ width and 13.5″ deep surface for cooking. The oven’s design enhances cooking the pizza top, you will notice bubbles in the cheese within a few seconds and the pizza will bake in only 2 minutes.

You will have a cordierite stone and charcoal tray with the oven. The tray is large and can carry a lot of charcoal which will speed up the healing process. This will bring you comfort as well by not filling the oven with fuel frequently.

4. BURNHARD Nero Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

This charcoal oven is a perfect fit for your garden or backyard as it’s an outdoor oven and you should install it before the next family or friends gathering at your home. Also, it heats up so fast, once the charcoal starts burning temperature will reach up to 500°C in less than 10 minutes so it won’t let your guests or friends wait too much to have a bite of flavorful charcoal pizza. The oven’s body is comprised of two layers of stainless steel which is separated by wool insulation. It helps to maintain internal temperature throughout the cooking.

And the second factor of temperature stability is the cordierite stone, it absorbs heat quickly and bakes a crispy charcoal pizza in only 5 minutes. It has a removable door with a built-in thermometer that displays the temperature of the oven. In case, the fuel is ending up in the oven then just open the refill opening and add some charcoal.

5. GYBER Pyre-Go Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Charcoal

The combination of this pizza oven and outdoor grill helps you make a tasty, crispy, and cheesy pizza that your whole family will cherish. Aside from pizza, this double-layered oven also cooks fish, burgers, steaks, lamb chops, salmon, and much more. It is capable to heat at 900°F in a few minutes and the air system helps in cooking food perfectly on the top, bottom, and throughout for an incredible taste.

Moreover, this portable pizza maker had the space for filling the flavored charcoal that is used to give a rich and smoky flavor to the pizza and other foods. This oven is lightweight, easy to manage, and also very easy to clean.

Tips for Maintaining Your Charcoal Oven

  • Clean it weekly – Make sure to dust the oven’s walls using a dry cloth. Also, use a small soft brush to work on the bottom. You can also make a schedule to scrub the oven once each month. Make sure the jiko burners are free fresh ash and remove collectors from the bottom. Scrubbing the external area of the oven should also help keep it tidy.
  • Be careful with the ceramic liners: Clay/ceramic materials make up the jiko part of your charcoal oven. Whatever you do, don’t pour water on it. Otherwise, the liners will crack. Use a dry cloth to clean the liners frequently if you want to extend its life.
  • Use the correct fuel: This can make or break the performance of your own. An easy way to shorten its efficiency is to use a wrong fuel, like woodfire. Besides charcoal, you can use alternative fuels like dry coconut shells, tree branches, and bio-ethanol gel. You may also find some vendors selling “charcoal brickets” that are a made from a combination of organic materials and charcoal – they are an economical option if you’re looking to save on fuel this year.


At the end of the day, charcoal ovens bring out the best flavor in food and offer a range of health benefits. They prevent you from using a lot of oil and spice and cook things like pizza on a constant and high temperature. If you’re looking to attain a slightly smoky flavor of the meat, vegetables, and other pizza toppings, a charcoal pizza oven might be the perfect option for you. Courtesy of their big collector system and grill design, they prevent the production of flames inside the oven, which helps prevent food from burning. We see these babies as the perfect combination between an oven and a barbecue, merging two worlds into one machine.