How to quickly prepare for an upcoming exam


    Examinations are perhaps one of the most stressful phases in one’s life and we all go through it multiple times. For some, it’s about preparing the whole year while for many it’s the eleventh-hour studying. Whether it’s preparing the way before the examination day or opening books a night before, the ultimate objective for all students is to give a successful exam and score to the highest. Different strategies work for each one differently and study habit vary from person to person. If you have an exam coming soon and possibly you aren’t well-prepared, here are some tips that will allow you to prepare for the exam, and that too very quickly.


    Planning is the key to success in any field of life and the same applies here. Once you know when your exams are; the first step is to plan your preparation. You may need to plan according to the schedule and time you require for each subject. There may be subjects that don’t require much of your attention while some would need the most of your time. Make your own schedule with the days you are left with and the exams you have to take.  Similarly, plan according to your lifestyle; if you aren’t a morning person studying early morning will be no good to you or vice versa.  You must know when you are the freshest and active so that your brain can grasp lessons quickly.

    Organize your room and study area

    Studying becomes extremely annoying when you have plenty of unneeded books and papers around the study area. Take a look at your room and study area. Is it spacious, lit and comfortable? Remove all the magazines, novels and games to avoid distraction. Make sure the study table has space to keep your subject books, notes and stationary.  You may also want to check if the chair or sofa is comfortable enough to let you study and not very comfy to make you sleep when you are aiming to study.

    Make use of learning tools and aids

    We all have different learning needs and styles. When you have exams nearby, it’s wiser to learn through different learning tools such as flowchart, diagrams and presentations. You may want to make audio notes if you aren’t fond of reading. On the D-day, you can listen to your own notes and conveniently revise your notes.

    Use past papers/exams

    Past papers are extremely helpful when you are short on time and can’t experiment much. Practice as much as you can on old exams so that you know the pattern of the exam. Solving past papers at home also helps you manage the time for your actual examination.

    Group study

    Group studies are not much appreciated by parents because many at times, the majority of the time is spent chatting. However, in actual, group study when done seriously can help students not only clear their misunderstood concepts but also give them new ideas by doing brainstorming and healthy discussions.

    Take help

    Students often feel it is embarrassing to seek help from family members and friends. Success takes no such excuse therefore if you want to be successful in your exams, ask for help whenever you feel the need. Discussing questions and answers with family and friends will give you their feedback and a new perspective to see questions differently.

    Sleep well

    Studying doesn’t mean you compromise on your sleep. You will only be able to retain lessons and concepts when you have had the sleep your body and mind needs. Do not stay awake if your eyes are dozing off, take a power nap and resume your studies from where you had left.

    Break your study routine

    Studying for endless hours will only exhaust your mind and not help you in remembering anything. Take breaks in between your studies; during the break, you may get up from the chair, do some hand, leg and neck movements to avoid muscle strains or take some fresh air from the window to refresh your mind.

    Take a healthy diet

    Eating healthy food is essential to keep your brain active. In between your studies, try to eat healthy snacks such as fruits, salads and nuts rather than opting for crisps, cookies and chocolates. You may also ask your physician to recommend you vitamin-enriched food supplements to fulfill any deficiency that may affect your mental and physical growth.

    Get ready for the exam

    While you are preparing for the upcoming exams, it is also important for you to prepare for the day ahead of time. Any stationery that is missing or uniform that is an essential requirement to take the exam must be purchased before and not a day before the exam to avoid stress and hassle.

    Alongside above-mentioned tips, you must assure to remain calm and positive throughout the time. A healthy mind is in a better state to understand and remember. Don’t underestimate your capabilities nor be over-confident about your grades. As a student, your positivity and calmness will help you understand your lessons easily and you will achieve much higher scores. Good Luck!


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