How to Lose Weight Fast


    Are you struggling to lose weight? Or would you like to get a flat stomach faster? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. We won’t sell you a fad diet or guarantee that you’ll get a six pack in as many days, but we can share real-world tips that have helped us and many others lose weight quickly, in a sustainable and healthy way.

    Can I Really Lose Weight Fast?

    Yes, but you’re likely to fail if you adopt the conventional strategies. Tips like running more and eating less rarely work. Exercising all day long, starving yourself and counting calories? That’s absurd and a waste of your precious energy. The majority that goes down this route give up. Generally, the best way to keep at it and lose weight fast is to follow a sensible, manageable plan. To that end, here are some tips.

    1. Add Avocados In Your Diet

    If you ever wanted a reason to eat more avocados, this is a big one. Many of us stay away from healthy fats when attempting to shed pounds, but they might just be the answer. By simply consuming some good calories in the shape of an avocado (a half slice is sufficient) every morning, you’ll be filled to the extent that you won’t be mindlessly consuming chips, cookies, and other junk later.

    2. Buy a Pair of Dumbbells

    Man adding weights to his adjustable dumbbells

    This is one of those investments that return a healthy ROI. Here’s the logic: Dumbbells allow you to engage in strength training, which helps develop lean muscle tissue and burn more calories (at rest or at work, 24/7). The more muscle you develop, the faster you’ll lose weight. How do you use the dumbbells? Use the weights to do some shoulder exercises and bicep curls. In a pinch, perform 2-3 sets of ten for every exercise – you’ll soon witness an optimal improvement.

    3. Find Ways To Reduce Stress


    Stress contributes to the buildup of abdominal fat. That’s because it triggers hormones such as cortisol that stimulate the appetite, encourage fat storage around the abdominal area, and slow the metabolism down. So what’s a weight watcher supposed to do? Take up an activity that helps you keep stress at bay. Whether it’s performing yoga or listening to soothing tunes, make sure to engage in the activity on a daily basis. Relaxation and breathing exercises are ideal for seniors trying to lose weight fast.

    4. Go For a Walk


    While exercising at any time is beneficial for your health, evening activity may be particularly helpful because the average person’s metabolism rate tends to slow down near the day’s end. 20 minutes of “aerobic activity” around 7 pm will help increase your metabolism and may even keep it high for another 3-4 hours, even when you’re idle. In addition, you’ll feel relaxed post-meal and are unlikely to be lured into stress-induced snacking.

    5. Avoid Sugary Liquids


    You’re unlikely to feel full by consuming empty calories in the same manner as you after eating real food. Finishing a hazelnut coffee drink or a sugary juice isn’t just as good as eating a bowl of hearty spaghetti. So keep your intake of soda, juice, sweetened tea and coffee, and alcohol in check. If you drink all of these beverages during the day, you’d have consumed around 700 extra calories and still feel like eating. Moreover, alcohol may lower the efficiency of your fat-burning hormone, making it harder to lose weight.

    6. Take The Stairs

    A man wearing a heart rate monitor and running on the stairs

    Stair climbing is a great way to burn extra calories. It’s also an efficient way to get leaner. But you may want to avoid a comprehensive stair workout on a daily basis. So what you can do is try climbing a few steps during your daily routine. Skip the escalator in the mall, avoid the elevator at the office and burn some extra calories when you arrive home. Did you know that hiking up the stairs burns around 10 calories per minute? Your overall number could easily reach a few hundred if you make this a daily habit. This simple activity can also help you lose an extra pound each week.

    7. Eat Foods With High Water Content


    Of course, it’s a must to increase your water intake when you’re trying to prevent bloating. But there’s another way to improve your overall level of H20. You should also incorporate foods with high-water content in your diet. Buy watermelons, grapes, artichokes, tomatoes, cranberries, pineapple, and cucumber, all of which come with diuretic elements that will also help curb your hunger throughout the day.

    8. Avoid Starch

    Avoid Starch

    Love carb? Here’s something to keep in mind: Refined carbohydrates like rice, potatoes and bread brings a surge in insulin, which in return brings down the body’s resting metabolic rate. How will you lose weight with a slower metabolism? While it’s critical to keep carbs in your diet, you should focus on the ones that have a lower-glycemic index (and no gluten if you’re allergic). Examples include whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. When you’re purchasing cereals, make sure the first few ingredients contain cracked or whole wheat.

    9. Go Easy


    Should we remind you that there’s no such thing as a perfect diet? Rather than stressing over not being able to enjoy your favorite foods, enjoy them! Eat 100-200 calories of whatever is indulgent to you on a daily basis. We recommend doing this because it’ll allow you to stick to good eating habits for a longer period. Losing weight should be joyful, not agonizing. People who do it fast make sure to let themselves go to a minimal extent on a regular basis.


    Losing weight fast is only a challenge when you treat it as one. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to treat it as a joyful activity. And when you treat it as such, it’ll become easy to reach your weight loss goals.


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