How to Keep Warm in Your Home Office Using a Snuggie

One has to take out a range of comforters and blankets during the winter season to protect them from cold. However, the main problem arises when you are feeling cold but don’t have any comforter or blanket close. For example, sitting out on your chair, at home, or office, you can’t just carry a whole blanket.

The best solution for this problem is to use a sleeved blanket or as we call it, the snuggies. The snuggie-weighted blanket is one of the most useful things you can get which helps you in a full wrap-around.

About Snuggies

Snuggies have become quite popular over the past few years due to their usability and the level of comfort which they provide to their users. Many people had the complaint that they used to feel cold even with a blanket. Some had to wrap their arms to protect themselves even if they were using a blanket.

The concept of snuggies took the attention of many people due to the fact that they had individual spots for each body part. For example, there is a space assigned to keep your hands and feet in. As a result, the hands and feet stay warm and you don’t feel cold when using a snuggie.

Benefits of Snuggies

Comparing a snuggie to a simple blanket, there are so many different aspects in which snuggies are better. Other than protecting you from the cold, the snuggies are quite easy to carry from one place to another. Being compact and usually in precise measurements for the users. A normal blanket measures 6 by 7 feet while a snuggie will be made just like normal dress measurements which makes it the right choice.

Moreover, the snuggies come in multiple types so you can choose them accordingly. The creativity in the designs of a snuggie allows the users to make the best use out of these. For example, there are single-person snuggies that are made for one person at a time. On the other hand, there are couple snuggies too which the couple can use when together.

You can’t just walk up to the kitchen with your comforter on you if you want something. On the other hand, a snuggie is reasonably easy to hold and one can walk from a particular spot to another without feeling any kind of burden or the snuggie lagging behind on the floor. Moreover, it is always easy to unwrap and wrap yourself when needed as opposed to a comforter where it is relatively difficult.

Perhaps the best part about snuggies is that many people face the problem of a warm body but cold arms, fingers, or hands. The same goes for feet as well. This is because cold air can still reach and these parts may not have warmth. No need to stay in such a condition if you have a snuggie on you.


How to Keep Warm in Your Home Office Using a Snuggie?

Imagine: You wake up to a snowy (or particularly cold) windy morning and have to go to the office. Once you get there, you feel extremely cold because of the low temperature. There isn’t as much comfort over here because you don’t have your bed, and a comforter or blanket. What will you do? For answering this question, you will first need to buy a snuggie.

A snuggie is quite portable and can be easily carried from one place to another. All you need to do is create some extra space in a small bag, wrap around the snuggie in this bag, and leave for work. If you feel cold, you can immediately put on your snuggie. On the other hand, if you have to take it away, it is super easy and you can get back in formal clothing. Complete comfort, reliability, and a suitable option that is being used in so many workstations today is a snuggie.

As far as homes are concerned, people have the easy choice and access to their bed but if they still want a snuggie, they can easily get one from Relax on your sofa or sit beside the fireplace to stay cozy.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Snuggie


When you go out to buy snuggies, the price would be one of the most influential factors because different brands have their own prices which have a huge gap. As a result, the customers are often concerned about how much they should actually spend on a snuggie. To make it clear, one can always buy a snuggie for less than $20 unless they want an outclass item for themselves.


While the price of a snuggie could be one of the most important factors to consider, there are other things as well which includes the material. Since a snuggie has been designed to keep every part of your body warm, it should be made out of material that does not let any air in. For example, many snuggies have been made of polar fleece which is not only lightweight but the right one for protection against extreme cold.

Some other brands use polyester which is also fine as it is used in a range of blankets and comforters today. Microfiber polyester ensures that the snuggie lasts for long and there are no issues for the user. You may find a range of other materials too but if we talk about the best ones, it would be either polyester or the polar fleece. In case you live in areas with extreme cold, the polyester one is advised.

Size and Fit

Although most snuggies are designed in a way that you can adjust them as per your requirements, there are certain ones that have a special size and fit aspect that has to be considered. Just like buying a dress, you would have to see the size and fit of the snuggie as per the size chart. Generally, the snuggies are 54 inches wide and 71 inches long.

Do not buy it directly as per your clothes sizes as there is a moderation in them. Confirm from the chart and measure carefully before buying because no one wants to carry on with the hassle of wrong purchase.


Expert Advice

At Bizyell, we strive hard to review the products worth your money. Therefore, when buying a particular snuggie, you can check its review on our website or request us to do one. Expert advice will always assist you in making a purchase that is verified on the basis of several parameters. Experience stress-free purchase by consulting any expert. Follow our recommendations below as these are some of the best wearable blankets.

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Where to Buy
Wearable Fleece Blanket with Sleeves & Foot Pocket for Adult Women Men,Lightweight Soft Plush TV Blanket Wrap Throw with Sleeves and Adjustable Hook & Loop 79
Tirrinia Wearable Blanket with Foot Pockets for Women & Men | Zippered Front Pocket | Super Soft Lightweight & Cozy Fleece Throw Snuggie for Adults, One Size Fits All, No Sleeve Travel Blanket, Grey


1. Wearable Fleece Blanket with Sleeves & Foot Pocket for Adult Women Men

Exceptional quality, outstanding product, and a classy feel: You can get all of this in this snuggie wearable blanket. As we mentioned, it has polyester material which allows the users to have maximum protection against extreme cold. There are large arm sleeves opening which do not only allow you to have this fit up easily but stretching also does not stay a problem.

The measurements are 79 by 67 inches which make this snuggie a fine one for most people. If you are concerned about how this blanket will hook up, a hook and loop mechanism is allowing for a quick fit. The best thing? There is a 90-day warranty for this product. You can get a full refund back if you don’t get the product as mentioned. There is also a color choice so you can get your favorite ones easily.

2. Tirrinia Wearable Blanket with Foot Pockets for Women & Men

The Tirrinia Wearable Blanket is a cozy choice for those that are feeling extraordinary cold during the winters. It won’t only take care of the cold but it is a comfortable and cozy choice as well because it gives a soft touch feel. It could be the perfect gift item for winters. Being made with super soft polyester, we are quite sure that it will last longer.

It is among our recommendations because it has a lot of extra features. For example, there is a foot pocket as well so that people with cold feet no longer have to see them this way. Moreover, there is a zippered front pocket as well which means it is just like a semi-dress to you. Carry around different items such as a mobile phone, wallet, or a bag of chips as well. The even better aspect about this snuggie is that it is portable and can be zipped up. This unique design allows you to carry it anywhere.



In conclusion, we can say that snuggies are perhaps one of the most convenient things ever designed which allow us to have more warmth during the winter months. They can be used at the homes or the offices as they are easy to carry, use, and take off. A comforter or blanket cannot be taken everywhere and used while a snuggie can do this job perfectly without any problems. Keeping warm in your cold offices is no longer an issue. Just make sure you consider everything before buying yours. Best of luck!