How To Find the Best Washer Dryer?


    Having a washing machine and a tumble dryer can be an expensive investment. Also, if you are having a small apartment, then accommodating both in one place cannot be a good option. They take a lot of storage space. Instead of keeping a washing machine and a tumble dryer, you can opt for a washer-dryer. It is a great option for saving extra space and getting things done within a washer dryer.

    You can upgrade your laundry room with a washer-dryer. It comes with an average capacity of load size. Instead of keeping a separate washing machine and a dryer, you can have a combination of both in one place. 

    Things to Consider

    First, you need to know that the washer part of the washer dryers works like a standard washing machine. Once you have loaded it with clothes, the drum will be filled with water and mixed with detergent for cloth soaking. The drum then moves around using an agitator. Then it drains the water and refills the drum again to rinse out the detergent from clothes. Finally, it drains again and spins to dry the clothes. 

    Now talking about the dryer part, it works like the heat-pump tumble dryer. During the drying cycle, the dryer reheats the air that is sucked out of the laundry. Then it cools it down to condense back it to water. The remaining water is then drained out. Washer dryers are best for those who live in a small apartment or home. 

    You will be getting both the washing machine and tumble dryer in one place. It also saves your time and you just have to hang it for further drying. 

    Freestanding Or Integrated 

    Freestanding Or Integrated

    The freestanding machine offers you more flexibility if you want to move it from one place to another. The standard dimensions that fit under the worktops of most of the kitchen area at a height of about 85cm, depth 60cm, and width 60cm. 

    The integrated are designed in a way that they should be installed within a kitchen unit. The door of the unit hides them to match with other kitchen cupboards. This type of washer dryer is comparatively expensive than the freestanding. On the other hand, they are smaller than the freestanding with the same dimensions but a depth of 53cm. 

    Energy Rating 

    Energy Rating

    All the appliances are having energy grading from A to G. The machine having an A+++ grading means that they are the most economical. The latest models come with sensors that are better than the old ones. The running cost of the washer-dryer depends on the time it takes to wash and dry the clothes. If the washer-dryer comes with a higher spin, it means that it will be doing less effort to dry the clothes. 

    Washing Capacity and Drying Capacity 

    Washing Capacity and Drying Capacity

    The washing capacity in washer-dryers is not the same as drying capacity. It will be half of the washing capacity. Before you buy a washer-dryer, make sure that you are considering the dryer capacity based on your needs. The washing capacity of 5kg to 12kg means that you can wash 16- or 38-men’s cotton shirts at once, respectively. 

    The drying capacity ranges from 2.5kg to 8kg. It means that if you have loaded the washing dryer with 12kg clothes you will have to take out some for the drying cycle. 

    • 8kg washing capacity means 11 towels 
    • 5kg dryer capacity means 7 towels

    Spin Speed 

    Spin Speed

    The maximum spin speed of the washer-dryer ranges from 1200rpm to 1600rpm. The spin speed of the washer-dryer means the number of times the drum spins in a minute. The washing machines are having a higher spin speed at the end of the washing cycle because it has to remove the excess water. 

    If the washer-dryer is having an adjustable spin speed, it means that it does not have to dry the clothes for a longer time. Hence, it becomes economical for you because the running time will be reduced. According to the rule of thumb, spin different clothes at the following speeds:

    Type of Cloth



    1400rpm +









    Time to Wash and Dry

    If you are looking for an option in which you don’t have to lift a finger while you wash and dry your clothes, then a washer dryer is the best option for you. The washer-dryer combines the functions of washing and drying in one place. 

    The time taken to wash and dry your clothes depends on the programs that can be short or lengthy. You need to think that how much time you will be waiting for the wash and dry process.

    Wash Functions

    Wash Functions

    The cotton and synthetic wash modes are available in all types of washer dryers. It might not be having some other modes because they are not essential and they improve the user experience with better clothing condition. 

    Washing Modes

    Tumble Dryer Modes

    Quick Wash




    Mixed Fabrics



    If you are running the washer-dryer for 8 hours a day, then you don’t want it to be noisy. If it is noisy, you will not be able to bear the loudness of the washer dryer. The noise-making rating of the washer-dryer is as following:

    • Loud: The product is found to be louder than the most in its category
    • Average: The product is having an average noise level as compared to the others in the same category
    • Quiet: The product is quieter than most in the category. 

    The volume of the machine’s wash and spin cycles is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the dB, the noisier the machine will be. If the dB is below 50dB, it is considered quiet. 

    Noise Level



    78dB +


    74 to 77dB


    72 to 73dB

    Washer Dryer – A Two-In-One Washing Machine

    The washer Dryer is also known as an automatic washing machine that comes with a built-in dryer. You will find plenty of washer-dryers in the market with different features such as top load or front load. The capacity of washing and drying will vary from one another. 


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