How to Find the Best Supplies for Gardening

All good gardeners look for places to find the right kind of supplies for their gardening requirements. You will be surprised to find out that most of the time your garden spot to shop is just around the corner from your home. In case you need something that isn’t readily available, there are several online platforms that can deliver your items to your doorstep.

Before you pay the local garden shop a visit or go online for shopping, you need to make a list of the things that you want to do with your garden and yard. Once you have everything you need, it won’t take long before your garden’s the envy of the neighborhood. And for more gardening tips take a look at gardening freak.

Garden Shops

One of the best places to visit when it comes to buying garden supplies is usually your local garden shop just like the trusted Birdies Garden Products NZ where you can find a complete array of high-quality garden beds. This is because in most cases, the owners are used to working with plants, topsoil, and other things that you will need to have a beautiful garden. They’d also be informed about the local climate, weather patterns, soil quality, and other factors that influence gardening in your area. You’d hence be able to get the best recommendations for your gardening supplies.

When you tell a local garden shop owner what you are striving to accomplish with your garden, they will be able to advise you what you need. If you are not sure about your soil, put some in a baggie and bring it to the shop. This may sound strange, but it will guide those who are trying to help you know what top of soil you’re working with.

The next places that you can seek for help with your garden are chain stores like Lowe’s, Menards, and Wal-Mart etc. Normally, these stores have just about everything that you will need for your garden at a very reasonable price. When you know what you need, it’s just a matter of going into the store and selecting the right garden items. You must make sure that you are getting the right types of fertilizers and tools in order to have flowers and shrubs that grow properly.

The most avid gardeners usually have their own special garden shops where they like to secure their own plants. However, when it comes to finding tools and other supplies, everyone likes a good bargain as well. That’s why it’s beneficial for gardening enthusiasts to search on the internet for gardening vendors who sell supplies and garden plants at affordable prices.

The use of good garden stores will help you to create a garden that you can be very proud, enough to show it off to your friends and family. Who knows, you might end up having some impressive crops and flowers that become award winners in your community.

The right supplies used for your garden will help you to perfect all your plants making them grow to be beautiful. It pays to search for the best garden shop in your neighborhood, as you can get help when you need it to make decisions on what to buy for your garden. You can also use the Internet to find local sources if you prefer to see things in real life before purchasing.

List of gardening tools and supplies

Depending on the size of the land to be made into a garden, or the size of the garden you already have, here are some of the must-have gardening tools (make sure they are of good quality and are long-lasting):

  •    Garden/digging fork
  •    Garden/digging spade
  •    Hoes
  •    Rake
  •    8919541_f260Hand tools
  •    Pruners
  •    Wheelbarrow or cart
  •    Trowel
  •    Hose and watering can
  •    Garden Knife
  •    Pots
  •    Fertilizer
  •    Gloves

It might be challenging to find a decent quality for all or some of these items. Check out the following options for some essential gardening supplies that you can find online. This will help you get an idea of what’s available out there:

Where to Buy
TOONOON All New Expandable Water Hose Set
TABOR TOOLS J205 Level Head Rake
Hi-Spec Garden Tools Set of Yard & Gardening Tools
Jobe’s Organics All-Purpose Fertilizer Spikes
Vgo Reusable Gardening Gloves


TOONOON All New Expandable Water Hose Set

This garden hose is about 50 feet long, so it will do for even large gardens. It’s an expandable model, with strong fabric and eight function nozzles. With this hose among your gardening supplies, you wouldn’t have to worry about tears or cracks anymore. Once you turn the water on, the hose can expand up to thrice its length. Storing is also not an issue, as the hose will contract within minutes after the water turns off. However, it might be a hassle to dry out according to some reviews.

The spray patterns you get with this hose include shower, soaker, cone, mist, jet, rinse, center, and flat. This makes it an ideal purchase for the garden, washing your car, and even cleaning your pet. With the brass connections, you’d be assured of a long lasting product as opposed to the usual plastic variety.

TABOR TOOLS J205 Level Head Rake

Part of taking care of a garden is keeping it free of dead leaves, wood chips, and other natural or synthetic debris. Consistent raking is the best way to keep your grass and shrubs free from any additional burdens, thus making your garden flourish. This rake is among the top options for such tools, especially with the features it offers.

The fiberglass handle of this rake measures about 54 inches, which is a good length for comfort and performance. Fiberglass is durable yet comfortable and lightweight, which makes it ideal for any garden tool. This rake is hence suitable for not just raking leaves, but also breaking up soil, spreading topsoil, gravel, compost, etc.  The tines here are set wide apart, which means you can easily rake without the fear of damaging any roots.

Hi-Spec Garden Tools Set of Yard & Gardening Tools

Every gardener needs a decent set of gardening tools in order to accomplish a decent job. This toolset has most of the items you’d need for your gardening activities, including a hand rake, a hand trowel, narrow trowel, pruning shears, and even gardening gloves. The items are made of aluminum, which will resist rusting and stand the test of time. When you’re in a hurry and forget to pack your tools away, they’d be sure to stay safe and free of corrosion.

The ergonomic handles on each tool make for a non-slip, safe grip which is essential in gardening. This way, even major tasks will turn into enjoyable projects. This set will be sure to satisfy gardening novices as well as experts.

Jobe’s Organics All-Purpose Fertilizer Spikes

These fertilizer spikes are suitable for a whole bush or a decently large area of your garden. If your plants aren’t doing as well as they should, these spikes might be a necessary investment. It’s not just about having a green thumb; sometimes, the soil just isn’t favorable enough for flourishing crops.  You get about 50 spikes in one package here, each consisting of a time-release fertilizer to give your plants nutrients just when they need it.

The fertilizer here is pre-measured in order to ensure that each plant gets proper sustenance at the roots. They’re also certified organic, which means there are no synthetic chemicals included. An added bonus is that they’re pet-friendly, with one dog owner even reporting that their pets didn’t have any issues. Jobe’s is a well-known name in the gardening industry, so we can trust these spikes to improve the condition of our soil, resist disease and even replenish soil after a drought. They’re also easy to use, as all you have to do is insert them in the ground.

Vgo Reusable Gardening Gloves

When you’re in the garden, working in the dirt and sun could damage your hands. Getting dirt under your nails, cuts on the skin and allergy issues are just a few problems that can occur from working with bare hands. This is why you need reusable gloves like these, which come in a 10-pair pack for long-term use.

These thick gloves are suitable for a wide variety of tasks, not just gardening. You may use them to protect your hands while cleaning, washing dishes, chemical spraying, painting, or any other activity that requires handling chemicals. The palm design is a bit embossed in order to give you a good grip, so you’d be able to handle your gaming tools easily. While some may find them to be a bit difficult to get off, the thickness and reasonable pricing make them a good choice for heavy work in the garden.


Gardening supplies are no doubt a must if you want to keep your outdoor space looking its best. If you have an interest in growing things and keeping your garden spick and span, the Hi-Spec Garden Tools Set of Yard & Gardening Tools should be a good place to start your shopping. This set has everything you need whether you’re an amateur or are gardening at an advanced level. They also make a great gift for anyone who loves gardening.