How to Find Deals on Amazon


    Amazon shopping itself can save you money, time and effort compared to conventional shopping. And compared with other online retailers, Amazon offers cheaper-priced items of the same quality. But it doesn’t stop there. Amazon gives you many ways to grab an even better deal for a great selection of products.

    Finding deals on Amazon is never hard, but you might need to be acquainted with what those cost-saving offerings are. Here are some of Amazon’s deal options:

    Warehouse Deals1. Warehouse Deals

    Get ultra-low prices with Amazon Warehouse Deals. On top of the Amazon website, check the Warehouse by clicking the dropdown menu beside the search bar on top of the page. This is where you can find products that are used, returned or warehouse-damaged. Some products are new, but did not meet Amazon’s standards, so they usually come in opened boxes. The products offered were tested and had a specific rating.

    Here are some of Amazon’s warehouse deals:

    Check Out the Deal of the Day2. Check Out the Deal of the Day

    This is where you can find daily discounts offered by Amazon. At the top of the home page, you can click Today’s Deals and browse for thousands of available items on huge discounts just for the day.


    See Amazon’s Lightning Deals3. See Amazon’s Lightning Deals

    Discount offerings in Lightning Deals expire in a matter minutes, so be extra-decisive once you found an item you want here. You can find it under “Deal of the Day” in the “Deal Type” list on the leftmost side of the page.


    See Amazon’s Coupons4. See Amazon’s Coupons

    Coupon clipping is still an existing money-saving technique. You just click “Clip Coupon” and it will be automatically applied at checkout. Coupons for Amazon deals are also available from other sites like Groupon, Goodshop and The Krazy Coupon Lady, to name a few.


    Check Out Amazon Prime5. Check Out Amazon Prime

    Being a Prime member is actually a deal in itself. Free shipping, two-day shipping, exclusive discounts, 20% discount on games, free e-book copies of to-be-released books and access to a library of streaming TV shows, movies, music, e-books – get all that for only $99 a year with a free 30-day trial! If you plan on relying to Amazon for your shopping needs, sign up for Prime. You will thank us for it!

    Prime Early Access Deals6. Prime Early Access Deals

    Get a 30-minute head start for Lightning Deals with Prime membership. Sometimes, supplies run out even before the Lightning Deal period ends, but with Early Access, you can get ahead of other shoppers and snag that certain item you’ve always wanted!


    Subscribe and Save7. Subscribe and Save

    For frequent online shoppers of everyday materials like food items, household products and pet supplies, the Subscribe & Save store is at your service to bring you free shipping and 5% discounts if you order regular deliveries of those products. Increase your savings during your subscription when you subscribe to five or more products on your monthly delivery at the same address.

    With these deals, you will enjoy shopping at Amazon more than ever!


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