How to Create a Futuristic Home Décor

Moving into a new house can be an exciting experience in life. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows you to design and create every inch of the house as you have always dreamed. On the other hand, if it is time to give your house a completely new look, the excitement level does not drop any lower. In both cases, you have a sea of options but sometimes the ideas do not make up for it.

While you would like to create futuristic home décor, you would want your house to represent your personal style at the same time and that is a tough job to pull off. If you do things the wrong way, you will not only end up wasting your money but the entire idea as well. From the paint color to the furniture, everything needs to be inline with your vision.

With a little bit of help and following several important steps, you can create a futuristic home décor that everyone will envy. Therefore, without further ado, let us discuss some futuristic home décor tips and tricks.

Things to consider when creating a futuristic home décor

Bring out a Measuring Tape and a Notepad

The biggest mistake people tend to make when creating futuristic home decors is panic. It is a popular saying that if you are hungry, avoid shopping at the grocery store because that will lead you to poor choices and the same principle applies to home decors as well. Most often, people panic and start buying things in a hurry, especially furniture.

Moreover, they will pick up anything that they find at a furniture showroom without surveying others in the area. Instead of initiating the process at a furniture store, bring out a measuring tape and a note pad. Survey the room or areas you wish to furnish and make your decisions accordingly. Buying a sofa that is larger than the room to be furnished will be a bad choice and you will be stuck with it.

Know Your Measurements

Another common mistake people make is buying furniture that does not fit inside the room. Since rooms tend to vary in shapes and sizes, one has to properly plan efficient utilization of available space. Purchasing king size chairs and expecting them to fit inside a room that hardly has any space is just going to be a waste of money. Therefore, it is suggested that the length and width of each room are measured along with the window openings and wall space below. Take note of any obstructions, objects, and items in the room as well. This way you will be sure of creating the best futuristic home décor anyone has ever seen.

Decide How You Want to Live

This is the trickiest part of the process. Deciding how you want to live is an important question and there are no right and wrong answers. Some people want to live a relaxing life while others want to be surrounded by luxury items and objects. Since the two cases are entirely different, the décors will vary as well. If you are someone who lives with a small family then a modern-relaxed décor will suit perfectly. However, if you are someone who hosts several parties during the week, then lavishness should prevail. It all comes down to asking yourself, what type of décor will best suit my personal and living style and that will primarily be answered by the purpose of the décor you are planning.

Entryway Ideas

Make a Statement

The entrance hall makes the first impression, therefore, you need to put in your best efforts. The moment someone walks into your house, the entrance hall should pop their eyes out. It is the guest’s first impression of your personal style and taste. You can install wallpaper or paint of bold color to give that ‘wow’ factor. Although wall coverings tend to be expensive but if you can afford that, you cannot go wrong with them in your entrance hall.

Design To Your Routine

Your futuristic home décor should not be all about flashy objects and items. Instead, it should be practical and functional as well. It needs to be a décor that matches your routine and allows it to flow with ease. For instance, if you are someone who likes to throw their clothes on the floor as soon as you walk in, then a console with drawers is going to be great. At the same time, a stool or a bench that slides easily under the console can be a good addition as well. The point is that your futuristic home décor should be designed in accordance with your routine. If fashion and makeup is your thing, installing a wall-mounted mirror just before the entrance will not only give you a last peek of yourself but make the area appear modern as well.

Living and Dining Room Futuristic Décor Ideas

Choose Furniture

Now is the time when you get to choose furniture. Since sofas, tables, and chairs make the space appear livable, you will need to get your head around as many options as possible. For instance, if you wish to give a traditional room, futuristic décor, installing a sofa along with a coffee table centered around a fireplace with matching armchairs on either side will make the space look formal and beautiful. At the same time, you will also need to consider the seat height. You would want to avoid some people sitting higher or lower than others. Lastly, keep in mind a very important décor tip. The number of dining chairs should be equal to the number of chairs for lounging.

Treat the Walls

By now you must be done with buying and setting the furniture and now it is turn for the walls to be treated. Paint colors tend to showcase different hues in different light conditions. Therefore, do not buy a particular paint color at the first sight. Instead, look for a large wall and paint it using the color you have selected. This will give you a better idea of what your walls will look like. In addition to that, you need to choose the sheen as well. Although matt finishes hide imperfections but can be difficult to maintain. Therefore, the moldings, doors, and baseboards can be painted of the same color whereas the trims can be painted with a different sheen than the walls.

Add Rugs

A futuristic home décor is not possible without hardwood floors and with that being said you need to lay down some rugs, otherwise the floor will look naked let alone awkward. There are several ways of adding rugs to your futuristic home décor. First, you can purchase a large rug that covers almost the entire floor while leaving the borders. Secondly, you can purchase rugs particularly for the seating area, and place them under chairs and sofas while keeping the surface below the dining table naked.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Futuristic Decor

Evaluate Counters and Cabinets

Kitchens and Bathrooms play a huge role in making your house appear futuristic and no, we are not talking about technology, rather changes to the counters and cabinets. Marble, quartzite, or granite can provide a luxurious feel to your bathrooms and kitchens. If the bathroom and kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, you can paint them a new color for a futuristic look. Furthermore, you can replace the cabinet doors as well. For instance, installing mirror cabinet doors will add contemporary taste to your décor.

It’s All in the Little Things

While putting finishing touches to your futuristic home décor, remember that it’s all in the little things. What this means is that while you have replaced, renewed, and furnished almost every furniture, area, and room in your house, you need to replace minor yet noticeable things such as the textiles and everything you touch on a daily basis, the kitchen and bathroom faucets for example. Your futuristic home décor will look mismatched and carelessly designed if people were to notice frayed towels and hardware covered with rust. Therefore, the little things will make the biggest and long-lasting impact on your futuristic home décor.

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Recommended Home Décor Products

1. Stonebriar Rustic Wooden Wall Clock

The Stonebriar Rustic Wooden Wall Clock is a 12-inch that will be a perfect addition to the entrance hall. However, it can also be used for office, bedroom or any other areas in the house. Regardless of how you décor your house, this clock will suit every style.

Key Features:

  • Rustic Style
  • 12-inch diameter

2. Stone & Beam Store Modern Arc Mirror

This modern arc mirror from Stone & Beam serves both functionality and style. It comes with a bottom shelf as well that holds your belonging while you take a last look at yourself before heading out. Finished in bronze, this needs to be a part of every home décor.

Key Features:

  • Antique-look
  • Bottom shelf

3. Madison Park Store Abstract Art Wall

The Madison Park Store Abstract Art Wall is a high-quality smooth gel rolled canvas. It features a silver foil embellishment to give it a futuristic look as well. The modern abstract design is bound to elevate elegance where it is installed.

Key Features:

  • Silver foil embellishment
  • Gel coated

4. Hile Lighting Modern Chandelier

The Hile Lighting Modern Chandelier is as cost-friendly as it can get. It is a beautiful lightning system that features crystal all around. Furthermore, you can install it in every room without breaking your bank.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • High-quality

5. MERNETTE Decorative Square Throw Pillows

Offered in several colors, the Mernette Decorative Square Throw Pillows are easy to wash and maintain as well. This is cost-effective décor addition that can be used for beds, sofas and even chairs.

Key Features:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Multiple usages

6. Granbest Stretch Sofa

The Granbest Stretch Sofa is made from water-repellent technology, which helps protect it against permanent spills and stains. Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex material, this sofa is designed to provide ultimate comfort.

Key Features:

  • Super soft fabric
  • Anti-wrinkle

7. Dublin Decorative Vase Set

The Dublin Decorative Vase Set features rich brown hue textured patterns that make it standout from other décor items. Furthermore, it provides a premium feel with a design that matches every wall, table, shelf or any other décor object.

Key Features:

  • Unique design
  • Premium feel

8. MuravieWall Natural Gold and Turquoise Marble Stone Wallpaper

The MuravieWall Natural Gold and Turquoise Marble Stone Wallpaper is the ultimate futuristic home décor option. It is washable and resists moisture as well. Furthermore, it is HP Latex certified and is easy to peel off.

Key Features:

  • HP Latex Certified
  • Easy to install and remove

9. Bamboo BG Wall Mosaic

The Bamboo BG Wall Mosaic is handcrafted and made from natural pine tree. It is made to order and is the ultimate wall mosaic. The Bamboo BG wall mosaic comes in pieces, therefore, mounted hangers are used. With a mosaic such as this installed in your house, everyone will envy your home décor style.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted
  • Made from natural pine tree

Final Word

A futuristic home décor is supposed to represent your personal style and statement. There are no rights and wrong when it comes to decorating your house. Instead, it comes down to your preferences and color combinations. The tips outlined above are meant to give you an idea about what you can do to give your house a futuristic appearance. Furthermore, you can take inspiration from the best décor specialists out there and throw in some creativity to match your futuristic home décor needs and preferences.