How to Clean a Bathroom in the Most Efficient Way?

Most people overlook the importance of cleaning their bathrooms as thoroughly as other rooms of their houses. This is why the buildup in the bathtubs, showers, and the toilet becomes too hard to be cleaned. If you want to get rid of all the germs and scrub your bathroom in the easiest and least gross way, then you are reading the right article. We have gathered a number of ways in which you can clean your bathroom most efficiently. 

Cleaning a bathroom can be easier if you follow all these steps correctly. 

Step by Step Guide to Clean the Bathroom 

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure to take out all the towels, shampoo bottles, soaps, and other things that you keep on your bathroom counters or the sink. This way, it will be easier for you to clean every corner easily. And don’t forget to wear gloves before cleaning the bathroom to avoid direct contact with germs and chemicals in the bathroom cleaners. 

1. Dust Away the Dirt 


Grab your duster and do the dusting before the deep cleaning. Dust away any dirt on surfaces and use a long-handled duster for removing the cobwebs in corners and vents. If the cobwebs are too high, you can use a stepladder too. This way, you will be able to get rid of any debris accumulated on the surfaces. Now that you are done with dusting, it’s time for the deep cleaning to begin. 

2. Apply Bathroom Cleaner to the Sink, Bathtub, and Shower


If you clean your bathroom daily, you can use a regular all-purpose cleaner. However, if the buildup in the bathroom is more than usual, you should go for an acid-based or bleach-containing bathroom cleaner. Apply a generous amount of bathroom cleaner on the surfaces, especially where there is a buildup, and let it soak for at least ten to fifteen minutes. 

While the bathroom cleaner sits, grab your cleaning cloth or sponge and apply all-purpose cleaner on the cloth/sponge. Wipe down all the towel racks, baseboards, shelves, windowsills, doors, and blinds with that clothes or sponge. Make sure you don’t leave any spot. 

3. Clean the Floor and Walls


Mix the right amount of all-purpose cleaner in a bucket of lukewarm water and soak your cleaning cloth or sponge in it to clean the bathroom walls. Don’t wash off the mixture quickly; let it stay on the walls for a while, as it will help in softening the buildup, which is easier to scrub off. 

For the floor, use a brush or a sponge, and repeat the same process (that you did for walls) again. Let the mixture stay on the walls and floor for at least five to ten minutes. 

4. Scrub Away the Buildups and Dirt 


Now that the cleaner has softened the dirt and buildups, it’s time for you to scrub it all off. It’s better to use a tile scrubbing brush for this purpose. You only need to lightly scrub off the buildups and dirt because it is already softened. Make sure you scrub off every corner of your bathtub, sink, walls, and floor before rinsing it off with water. 

5. Clean the Shower Door or the Bathroom Curtains


Scrub and rinse the shower door (If you have one), and if you use bathroom curtains, you can wipe them off with the cleaning cloth or sponge. After you are done cleaning all the things, place everything, including towels, shampoos, bottles, soaps, and every other thing that you removed before cleaning. Also, don’t forget to clean the bathroom mirror with a sponge and rinse it off. 

6. Clean the Toilet 


Now that you have cleaned everything else, it’s time to clean the bathroom. If you cannot stand a dirty toilet even for a day in a dirty bathroom, you only need an all-purpose cleaner to clean it up. However, it is advised to use a toilet-specific cleaner, as they are specifically formulated for disinfecting the toilet and cleaning the buildups. 

Spray or pour the cleaner all over the buildups, and scrub it with a toilet brush. After scrubbing, simply flush it away. For the outside of the toilet, spray it with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it with a cleaning cloth. 

7. Finish the Deep Cleaning 

Lastly, mop the floor and spray some toilet spray for freshening it up. Check if anything needs to be refilled or restocked, and also change dirty towels with clean ones. 

Some Other Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean 

Deep cleaning is usually done once a week, but keeping the bathroom tidy and clean during the rest of the days is also essential. Here are some tips that will help you with this task:

  • Installing a hair catcher in the drain will help keep the buildups from forming. 
  • After using the shower, spray water on the walls so that the water stains stay in control. 
  • You can keep a hand-held vacuum in your bathroom for cleaning up hair and debris.
  • Wash the sink after using it because soap, toothpaste, and other products can leave marks on the surface. 
  • After use, flush the toilet properly to avoid the smell and gross impact on others who use it after you. 
  • Keep a bin or basket in the bathroom to avoid mess or clutter. 

Importance of Keeping Your Bathroom Clean 


It may seem like a great hassle to wipe your bathroom cleaned daily or at least once a week, but the benefits and importance of a clean bathroom can overcome this hassle. The importance of cleaning your bathroom increases when you have kids and older people living with you, as they are most likely to get sick because of a dirty bathroom. 

Following are some problems you may face if you don’t keep your bathroom clean:

  • Bathroom surfaces are home to bacteria and viruses, which need to be killed with disinfectants regularly. These bacteria or viruses, when not killed, can cause severe illnesses, including stomach problems, nausea, and skin problems (athlete’s feet, etc.)
  • The mold or dust present in bathrooms can cause breathing problems, i.e., asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and other conditions. 

Even if you can’t deep clean your bathroom often, make sure to at least use disinfecting sprays and cleaners for regular cleaning. This way, you can prevent bacteria and other germs from taking over your bathroom. 


Bathrooms are as important as any other room in your house, and they need to be cleaned with the same effort. A dirty bathroom will only harm your health and leave a bad image of your hygiene on whoever uses your bathroom. Also remember, that after cleaning the bathroom, you need to clean the cleaning tools too. 

Wash the cleaning cloth, brushes, and sponges and let them dry properly before placing them in a cabin or wherever you keep these things. Make a routine of cleaning your bathroom once a week or at least twice a month. Leaving it dirty for too long can result in the formation of buildups.