How to Choose the Best Desktop Accessories and Items for Your Desk

Do you spend a lot of time working at your desk? Do you work at a home office and need to maximize space?   Are  you a budding entrepreneur and you run your own business and seem to work non-stop to keep it growing?

For most of us, this is likely were we spend the greatest number of hours each and every day.   As we look at it as our own space, we want it to look “personalized” and see it every time as a result of our creativity and what makes us feel good about our space.

Here are a few tips on how to plan out your desk space and a few items to consider to get you started in your search.

Organizing The Desk to Boost Your Productivity

Working on an organized and clutter-free desks can help boost our productivity.  On the other hand, looking at our well-loved items sitting on top of our desks can inspire us and lead to better mood at work. More than just clearing the clutter, choosing the best desktop items to match our workplace also reflects our creativity.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your desktop organized and distraction-free:

  • Just place important things within your reach. Out of the many items that you may need for your work, there are only a few that you likely use everyday while others are used occassionally. Try to sort out which things are needed most of the time so you can lessen the distractions on your desk.
  • Store your files off the desk if you don’t use these everyday. Having a file cabinet can really help get the clutter out of your desk. It can be useful in keeping your desk free from piles of distracting paperwork.
  • Minimize personal items directly on your desk primary work space. While most of us love to see photos, collectibles and other personal stuff in our workspace its important they don’t impact our productivity.

Your space should be organized the way it will work for you. It should help to boost your productivity and not just simply a place to do your work. In order to have a workspace specific to you, choosing your desktop accessories is one way to personalize your desk.

File Organizers and Racks

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Seville Classics 6
File Sorter


Organizing all your files in one place within your reach can help de-clutter your desk.  Seeing piles of folders and documents on your desk could obstruct your work flow.  Here are some of the best file organizers that you can find for your desk:

  • The Sorbus Magazine Holder File Organizer is a perfect holder for your magazines and newspaper. This would be great fit for any desk with its professional looking design.
  • If you want easy accessibility of your folders, this Classics 6-Tray Iron Mesh Office Vertical Desktop/Wall Mount Organizer. Letter and A4 sized fits the front-loading trays that are built with industrial-strength steel mesh.
  • If you love cats or just simply want to be creative with the theme of your desk, this Creative Desktop File Storage Box  by  Clobeau DIY. It is designed with a cat carved for pet lovers or people who simply love cats.  The storage box comes in different colors to choose from.

Desktop Organizers and Pen Holders


It’s a good thing that there are many styles of small item holders you can find now in the market to suite your style. It not only serves the purpose of keeping your small items in order, it can also add some flair to a desk. Here are a few items to get you started on your search:

  • The Pen Pot Organizer Storage by AhfuLife would be a perfect holder for your pens or brushes. With its eco-inspired design, the wooden material looks clean and natural. It’s ergonometric design makes it easier to grab your pen or items as its tilted 15 degrees for easier reach.
  • For desks which has a lot of small items that are needed every now and then, the Desk File Organizer Racks Holder by TWING  provides many options for organizing smaller items. It is constructed with acrylic which makes it clear and durable.
  • If you want to give your desk an elegant look on your desk, and keeping it organized at the same time, this Leather Desk Pen/ Pencil Holder by YAPISHI is made of Faux Leather, 4 Divided Compartments Desktop Organizer Office Desk Accessories Container Box.  It’s perfect to hold your pens and other small items that you need.

Desktop and Computer Accessories

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Office Mousepad with Gel Wrist Support
KINGFOM Leather Gaming Mouse Pad
Retractable Badge Holder Reel ID Badge Name Holder with Alligator Clip for Office Worker Doctor Nurse


Our desk is where we normally place our office equipment like laptops and PC. Since most of us spend a lot of time working on these tools, on our own desks, we might as well choose the best items that would help us become more creative.

  • The Office Mousepad With Gel Wrist Support would be the best tool to choose if you want to be more productive. Don’t get me wrong, this pad is not just for gamers as these are designed for people who spend hours and hours on their computers. Its ergonomic design provides relief of joint stress especially if you are using the mouse for many hours.
  • If you need a wider and comfy mouse pad, this Leather Gaming Mouse Pad/Mat by KINGFOM might be a perfect choice. Its extra large size of 25 X 20 cm/ 9.84 X 7.87 inches should cover all your mouse movements, without having to worry about running off the edge and is comfortable to utilize.
  • Be delighted with the artistic designs of this Rubber Mouse Pad with Beautiful Patterns to choose from. Not only does it add beauty to your desk, it also has a thicker pad in comfy soft hand touch. It definitely has a lot to offer, more than its beauty and ease.  There are many styles to choose from.

Let your creativity pour out as you organize your desktop.  Other than its utility, these items keeping your desk tidy and clutter free is also a great way to relax and clears the mind from stress. The benefits of choosing the perfect desktop accessories for your work place gores beyond its functions, it’s an excellent way to pour out our creativity as well.