How Does Esports Live Betting Work? A Guide


    As recently as just a few years ago, the idea of people sitting around and watching other people play video games was laughable. But believe it or not, there are a lot of Americans—especially younger Americans—who have come to enjoy doing it.

    Back in 2018, esports viewership soared to almost 80 million. Today, it has topped the 90 million mark. And it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see it reach 100 million within the next couple of years.

    This has created a market for esports betting and, more specifically, esports live betting. If you’re interested in taking part in it, you should learn all about live betting on esports before doing any esports gambling.

    Today, we’re going to break down what esports live betting is and check out how exactly it works. It’ll help you decide if you would like to get in on the action while you’re participating in online betting.

    Here is our guide to esports live betting.

    What Is Esports Live Betting?

    There are esports events happening all throughout the world pretty much all the time. And while you aren’t going to be able to get odds on every single one of them, you should be able to place wagers on most of the larger esports events.

    When you do online gambling on esports, you’ll have a couple of options. You can either make wagers on esports events before they begin—or you can take a crack at what is called esports live betting.

    With esports live betting, you’ll be able to bet on esports events while they’re happening. The odds on these events will change constantly, which is a big part of what makes esports live betting so much fun.

    You might actually have more fun taking part in esports live betting than the esports players participating in the events themselves!

    How Does Esports Live Betting Work?

    If you’re interested in trying esports live betting, you should have a general idea as to how it works before you start throwing your money around. You can increase your chances of winning esports live bets by familiarizing yourself with esports live betting as a whole.

    Here is how esports live betting works

    1. You begin by finding a sports gambling site online that offers esports live betting
    2. You look for the esports live betting section on the sports gambling site you choose
    3. You monitor the odds on the esports live betting options available to you
    4. You decide which esports live betting bets you would like to place
    5. You act quickly to get your esports live betting bets in before the odds for them change

    As we alluded to earlier, the odds on esports live betting options are going to fluctuate pretty much all the time. So you’ll need to pay close attention to them and strike fast when you see a number that you like.

    What Are the Biggest Benefits of Esports Live Betting?

    There are some people who would prefer to bet on esports events before they start. You’re more than welcome to take this approach to betting on esports if you would like.

    But there are many benefits that will come along with esports live betting. Some of these benefits include:

    • You’ll be able to bet on esports events even if you miss betting on them before they start
    • You’ll be able to get a feel for how esports matchups are going to go prior to betting on them
    • You’ll be able to get better odds on esports matchups through the usage of esports live betting

    Again, you don’t have to participate in esports live betting if you would prefer to place pre-match bets on esports events. But it’s a nice option to have if you would like to switch things up and make them a little more exciting.

    What Is the Best Online Betting Site for Esports Live Betting?

    In a perfect world, all online gambling sportsbooks would offer esports live betting options. But unfortunately, there are still some out there that don’t offer esports betting to begin with, let alone esports live betting.

    You should look high and low for the sites that have both esports betting as a whole and esports live betting. It’ll help you get access to all the latest esports betting lines.

    These TrustGeeky esports betting options would all be worth checking out.

    How Can You Make Money on Esports Live Betting?

    Win or lose, esports live betting is going to add a little something extra to your online gambling adventures. But obviously, you’re going to want to try to win more than you lose while taking part in esports live betting.

    You can do this by researching esports matchups as they’re going on so that you’re able to make smart bets on the fly. You can also do it by looking for esports live betting odds that offer a lot of value.

    Whatever you do, you should try not to just throw money around on esports live betting options and hope for the best. The more that you’re able to find out about individual matchups, the greater your chances of walking away a winner after doing some esports betting.

    Give Esports Live Betting a Try to See How It Works

    Many people have started to take advantage of the live betting options that lots of sportsbooks offer for NFL, NBA, and MLB games. But they haven’t gotten around to putting esports live betting to the test yet.

    If you’re one of them, you should take esports live betting out for a test drive to see how you like it. You might be surprised to see how much fun it can be to bet on esports as they’re taking place.

    Do you want to read additional articles on sports betting and esports betting? Look for them by poking around on the rest of our blog.

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