What is a Masticating Juicer and What Are Its Benefits?


    Consuming fruits and vegetables without juicing would certainly have health benefits. However, juicing is a great way to enjoy fresh juice and its nutrients. In this situation, a masticating juicer is the best option. Because it offers distinct advantages that no other juicer can deliver. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you can juice with this machine.

    What is a Masticating Juicer?

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    The newest generation of juicers, masticating juicers are also known as cold press juicers or slow juicers. They rely on mastication to extract juice of superior quality and quantity.

    As their name implies, masticating juicers crush and chew the produce and fruits rather than simply slicing them. The motion of crushing and squeezing produces a greater juice yield with dry pulp. And the low-speed operation ensures that the ingredients are not heated, fried, or oxidized, which could compromise their nutritional value. This ensures that the juice stays fresh for a longer period of time, is more flavorful, and does not discolor when left for a long time.

    Because masticating juicers break the fruit at a slower rate, more vitamins and nutrients are preserved in the resulting juice than with other juicers, which destroy enzymes and starches. You will have greater control over the final product when using a masticating juicer because the yield of the fruits and vegetables is greater. The pulp from smaller fruit and vegetable pieces is therefore easier for the machine to extract than pulp from higher bits. This results in product of the greatest grade.

    How does it work?

    The fundamental component of the masticating juicer is an auger that looks and functions like a drill. The auger contains a low-speed, 80-100 RPM-rotating screw that extracts pulp from produce. The rotating movement crushes and squeezes the vegetables and fruits against the inner wall of the juicer, resulting in a higher yield of juice that is collected after being strained through a wire mesh.

    Since the auger rotates slowly, far less oxygen is introduced, resulting in significantly less foaming and oxidation. Additionally, the moderate rotation guarantees that the vegetables and fruits are not cooked and that their nutrients are preserved.

    A masticating juicer squeezes the juice more slowly than a vertical juicer; the slower the crushing/pressing action occurs, the more juice is extracted. Consequently, a masticating juicer takes longer than a conventional juicer, but it yields more juice and generates less waste; the extra time is well worth it.

    Types of Masticating Juicers

    As we’ve described what masticating juicers are, let’s examine their varieties. Masticating juicers mainly fall into two categories:

    • Vertical Masticating Juicer 

    People choose these juicers for their homes because of their compact form. Vertical masticating juicers include a cap that allows the juice to be mixed within the juice chamber. A self-cleaning system is also included, making the juicer easy to clean and maintain over time.

    • Horizontal Masticating Juicer

    The horizontal masticating juicer is also referred to as a slow juicer. In addition to making juice, horizontal juicers have various other functions. There are many attachments for creating pasta noodles, mincing, and nut butter.

    Different flavors of juice on top of a table

    Advantages of Masticating Juicers

    • Maximum Juice Extraction

    As fruits, vegetables, leafy green, and more. Fortunately, masticating juicers, which run at a slower speed than centrifugal juicers, allow you to extract more juice from fewer ingredients. Surprisingly, it efficiently squeezes the pulps so that every drop of nectar may be extracted with ease. It also prevents the larger-scale waste of components.

    •  Preserve Nutrients

    How amazing it would be if after juicing, the whole nutritional worth of the ingredients is available. Unfortunately, the centrifugal juicer is unable of preserving the full nutritional value of ingredients. Since it operates faster than the cold press juicer. Again, I must emphasize the importance of purchasing a slow masticating juicer as soon as possible if you desire juice that is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients. Experts claim that because it functions very slowly and generates less oxidation, it preserves the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, and other components and provides a pure and healthful beverage.

    •  Better Taste

    Unlike other centrifugal machines, the bio-magnetic technology and slower speed of the slow juicer appliance help to preserve flavor. With a centrifugal juicer, you can swiftly extract juice from fruits and vegetables, but the resulting oxidation degrades the flavor of the juice. If you utilize a cold-press juicer, it is assured that you will obtain juice of standard quality. Using a masticating juicer is therefore not a concern while preparing juice.

    •  Stored Longer

    Using a so-called centrifugal juicer decreases the quality of the nectar, encourages germs to attach to the juice as quickly as possible, and shortens the shelf life of the juice. As it functions more slowly than centrifugal, you may easily preserve product quality for up to 72 hours. Therefore, you need not worry about how long the juice can be stored.

    • Quietness

    Everyone desires a quiet existence with their family. However, other types of juicers generate more friction since they function at speeds between 3000 and 16000 rpm. It should be mentioned that slow juicers operate at speeds between 80 and 110 rpm, which is much quieter than the so-called quick juicers and helps to maintain quietness when juicing. If you continue to converse with your friends and family while the machine is running, you will not encounter any annoying problems.

    • Simple to Clean

    Because a masticating juicer has fewer parts, it is simple to clean. For hand washing, simply rinse parts with warm water including cleanser or baking soda, or use a dishwasher. If you wish to extract multiple substances in succession without disassembling, simply close the juice cap, pour water into the hopper, and operate the machine. After completing juicing, remove the water from the container and wash the entire container. In addition, its Auto-cleaning brush helps efficiently clean pulp.

    • Extended Guarantee

    Purchasing an expensive juicer when there are fewer warrant officers is not a sensible move. Before purchasing a juicer, you should confirm the manufacturer’s warranty policy. With a few exceptions, manufacturers of cold-press juicers typically offer lengthy warranties to consumers. In most cases, I may be 10 to 15 years old.

    •  Versatility

    You wish you had a kitchen assistant that would help you prepare diverse dishes with less effort. You may now simply prepare a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nut butters juice, as well as baby food, raw breadsticks, mocha, frozen fruit sorbets, and pasta. A slow juicer can also be used as a food processor.

    Happy young women working at juice bar counter

    • Long Lasting

    Juicers are distinguished by their durability. If you intend to utilize a juicer for extended periods of time, purchasing a slow juicer is your best option. Since it operates at  80 rpm and its components are manufactured from FDA-approved, BPA-free materials.

    •  Helps in Digestion

    Solids are difficult to digest and require considerable time to be digested. Since a masticating machine can quickly liquefy tough and fibrous substances, it will eventually facilitate digestion.

    • Additional Energy

    When vegetables are cooked, some of their vitamins and minerals are lost. However, squeezing them using a gentle nectar extractor helps preserve their nutritional content and provides additional energy.

    •  Weight Loss

    You are concerned about your obesity, but you do not receive the proper advice to lose weight. Juicing stimulates the metabolism, eliminates toxins from fat, and promotes rapid weight loss. In this situation, a masticating juicer can be your ally. Because it helps preserve all the nutritional benefits after juicing.

    In conclusion

    For most individuals, a juicer is a desirable but not essential kitchen gadget. But if you want to save money on store-bought or coffee shop-prepared juices, investing in a masticating juicer will benefit your budget and health goals in the long run. Masticating juicers, also known as slow juicers or cold-press juicers, crush and press fruits and vegetables to obtain juice. Many of these machines come with attachments that can operate as blenders or food processors, so transforming the juicer into a multipurpose device. 

    If you need help in selecting a juicer that you can use at home, our Guide to Choosing the Right Juicer for Your Needs might help you.


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