Household Must-Haves for Newlyweds

One of the most important decisions a newly married couple has to make after moving into their new home is to adorn and decorate their living space in the style they incline toward. Aside from moving into a new home, newlyweds also have to allocate their time to fill up the empty spaces, dress up the bare walls, and stamp their family marks into the area.

Before focusing on the main interior decoration, the newlywed’s home requires a list of must-have household items to make their nest functionally complete. Here are the top 13 home essentials every newly married couple needs to move into their new home.


You may already have this if you cohabitated before marriage, but if it’s your first experience living together as a couple, getting a new mattress like this Zinus 6 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is most definitely a need. 

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A home isn’t complete without the essential appliances that make your daily tasks easier. Shop for the basic appliance necessities such as the refrigerator, washing machine, and air-conditioning unit. You can purchase them from appliance stores near you. 


Cooking in the kitchen is a great way to bond with your significant other. Get a quality assemblage of pots and pans, which you can buy using the gift cards you received. Even if you’re no professional chef, having the right equipment can make cooking more enjoyable and manageable.


Just as a set of pots and pans is vital for a more enjoyable and easier cooking experience, a great collection of knives can create a vast difference between effortlessly chopping up ingredients or just ordering takeout in failure. You might want to go for a set that also comes with a sharpener so you can keep your knives sharp at all times.



Every home requires a dining room set. After all, your growing family will need a proper place to eat in that’s not the kitchen counter. Choose a set that perfectly suits your space, and consider that you may have little ones running around someday, so be sure to get one that’s large enough to fit your potentially growing family.


As a married adult, you may not need a super expensive set of china, but drinking from red solo cups and eating from paper plates just isn’t going to cut it. So, make sure to get your starting family a beautiful set of place settings you can bring out every time you have guests to entertain or have a romantic dinner with your significant other.


Every newly married couple should own a set of linens. From placemats to kitchen towels and towels to bedsheets, your linens don’t necessarily have to match each other perfectly, but it’s nice to see the colors that complement each other well. When choosing the sheets, remember that the higher the thread count, the better it’ll wear over time and the softer the sheet.


Liven up your living space with indoor plants. Consider investing in potted plants that give a natural allure to your windows or freshen up your furniture-heavy space. You can obtain great indoor plants at some bazaars happening in your area.


Plain walls are always dull, whether you have a house or an apartment. So, brighten up your place by attaching artwork to your walls. Abstracts and landscapes are an excellent way to spruce up your living area without hindering the flow of the design. And you don’t have to spend much either. There are online and physical stores that offer great artwork and coupons for up to 40% off regular-priced products.


Emergencies are always unexpected, and nobody wants them to happen, but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. So, equip your home with a stellar emergency kit containing essentials you can use in the event of a flood, earthquake, hurricane, or other forms of natural and man-made disasters. This All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit includes water packets, a flashlight, goggles, ropes, high-calorie food bars, and two hundred more others that can come in handy when an emergency arises.


Whether you live in your own house or renting an apartment, it’s essential to keep a well-stocked toolkit. You’ll be needing tools such as screwdrivers, screws, nails, wrenches, measuring tapes, and levels more than you think, especially if you’re hanging artwork or putting furniture together. Don’t forget to get a ladder and step stool as well.


Cleaning your home can be both therapeutic and a great exercise. Make sure to get your living space a broom, a mop, and a dustpan for your everyday mess.


Dodge the heavy work of manually vacuuming your home and make a robot do it for you. Schedule your iRobot Roomba to clean directly on itself or from using your phone. You can also instruct it to start cleaning your home using an Alexa device (if you have one). It might be pricey, but you’ll soon see it as an excellent investment.