Homgeek – An Emerging Brand

Homgeek is a kitchen appliance manufacturer which supplies to North America and Europe, and is becoming more and more popular in households and covers a very wide and ever-expanding range of appliances including meat and coffee grinders, bread makers, air fryers, knife sets, blenders, kettles, juicers, presses, steamers, toasters and of course, coffee makers.

They claim they’re driven by the principle of bringing kitchen appliances on the high-end of the market, at an affordable price. And it seems like this policy has helped them serve millions of customers and are enjoying an overwhelmingly positive response from them.

The history of Homgeek

This brand is fairly young and has only been in the home appliance scene for the past few years. That’s not to say they haven’t made their mark in the industry. Their team is young yet experienced and has been dedicated to developing and perfecting everyday kitchen appliances to make their customer’s cooking experience as pleasant and easy as they can. They’ve made a sizable investment in research and development and it shows in their high-end product quality. The customer support is satisfactory as well and they’ll help you solve your product-related problems.

Their products at a glance

In addition to other kitchen appliances and accessories, this brand offers an excellent selection of coffee and espresso machines too. If you like your coffee freshly ground every morning, their Electric coffee grinder does exactly that with the touch of a button. And after you’ve got your fresh ground scoop, you can just add it in their feature-rich French press coffee machine to brew a delectable and smooth cup of coffee in minutes. 

However, if you have to brew a lot of cups for your guests, or if you prefer the convenience and a sleek modern design, consider going for their programmable coffee maker, the H19437, which can brew up to twelve cups. This model isn’t limited to just brewing coffee, you can also make tea or hot chocolate and so on.

If you like espresso style brewing better, their manual espresso maker H17960 might be an attractive option for you. It doesn’t need electricity, is portable and it is fairly straightforward and easy-to-use so you can brew yourself a cup almost anywhere. 

Here are some more in-depth reviews of each of their coffee related product.

Where to Buy
Homgeek Coffee Grinder Electric
Homgeek French Press Coffee Maker
Homgeek Programmable Coffee Maker
Homgeek Mini Espresso Maker Portable

1. H19737, Electric Coffee Grinder

If you like your coffee freshly ground in the morning, you might already know that you need a good coffee grinder which can produce both finer or coarser grounds to your liking. However, if you want to skip the effort that goes into manual coffee grinders, this electric coffee grinder offers to do exactly that for you and more. You can select five different settings ranging from coarse to fine in regular increments, which lets you grind the beans with precision. Aside from precision, it allows for customization too, and you can choose to grind for 2, 4, 8 or 12 cups.

Once you have tweaked the settings to your liking, simply add the beans in the container and with the touch of a button this machine will turn them into grounds in seconds, 30 to be exact. The grounds are not just uniform in texture but also completely unburnt. The top cover is clear and transparent so you can monitor the whole process. Once you’re finished grinding, you can remove the stainless-steel chamber and easily empty out the contents. If you’d like to clean it effortlessly, it is dishwasher safe too.

While it makes coffee ground meticulously and with ease, it serves as a multi-purpose grinder. It can grind nuts, seeds, and dry spices too.

It is powerful, yet quiet in operation thanks to its noiseless motor and stainless-steel blades. The locks once secured provide safe use and the power cord goes into the base for easy storage. These features coupled with a one-year warranty make for a pretty decent product. 

As great as this grinder is, it is not without its flaws. It overheats when used continuously for over a minute. But since there’s a failsafe, it won’t damage your unit as it shuts off the grinder automatically once it does overheat.

2. H21179 French Press Coffee Maker

The next product in this round-up is the sleek looking H21179 French press which packs quite a punch. And you can tell just by looking at it that a lot of thought and effort went into the design. The fine black vacuum construction is stainless steel so not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but also makes for a pretty sturdy and durable unit and it will easily last you years barring improper use – more on that in a minute. The double walled construction also serves functionality because the stainless-steel design keeps the coffee hotter for longer, and there’s a double filter which minimizes the grounds sediment that ends up in your cup.

The container has a large one-liter capacity and can brew up to 8 cups or 4 mugs with a single pressing, which makes it ideal if you have guests over, or have a big family, for instance. Once you’ve ground your coffee, boiled the water, just steep it for a couple of minutes and gently press the plunger downwards and in a few short minutes, you’d have brewed the perfectly blended, smooth and velvety cup of coffee. 

Durability and endurance are where this percolator excels. The design is rust resistant because it is completely made out of stainless steel. Unlike flimsy glass or plastic French presses, which are susceptible to breaking and difficult to clean, this unit is unbreakable, feels hefty and is much easier to clean.

If you’re looking for a French press that is a fine work of craftsmanship, will last you quite some time and above everything makes great-tasting coffee, this product might prove to be the ideal choice for you.  

3. Homgeek Programmable Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a bit more finesse when making your coffee, more bells and whistles or just an overall modern and high-end brewer even if you are on a budget, look no further than Homgeek’s Programmable Coffee Maker.

The device itself is pretty sleek looking with a grey and black color pallet which fits in almost any kitchen background, be it in your office or your home. It features a compact user-friendly design with a large 1.5 L capacity – that’s 12 cups or 6 mugs — and doesn’t require much maintenance or effort for cleaning.

It uses a classic filter technology, featuring a reusable mesh filter and you also have the option of employing paper filters, if you prefer that. It also has a plate coffee warmer which keeps your cup of coffee hot even after you turn off the machine. It is light-weight but built to last, so you won’t have to go shopping for a new coffee brewer anytime soon. 

Another neat feature this coffee maker has is its programmable timer. You can set the clock to your liking and it will make you a cup at the set time, which is perfect if you want your coffee to be ready for you when you wake up. You can adjust these presets by using the six buttons on the control panel and the easily readable LCD display on the unit. Not only does it save you time, but by brewing your coffee automatically, it saves you effort too, which we often don’t have a lot to spare when feeling groggy in the morning.

You can take out the carafe whenever you want and the coffee won’t drip thanks to its anti-drip technology. The manufacturers offer a two-year warranty and a full refund in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase which shows their confidence in the quality of this appliance.

4. H17960 Espresso Maker

If you’re a coffee addict – espresso style in particular, and want to save money on buying coffee every morning from a café or coffee house, it might be wise to invest in an espresso maker. But when you’re on a tight budget, an espresso machine can easily put a dent in your wallet, but thankfully there are relatively budget options available in the market, this particular espresso maker is one of those.

The H17960 is a lightweight, compact, manual and portable espresso maker which you can use in your home, office or outdoors to brew, say a cup of cappuccino. It’s simple and straight-forward to operate and you don’t require expertise to make yourself a delectable cup.

Once you have boiled the water and ground the coffee beans, you just need to add both these ingredients to the container, and gently press the plunger, and you’ll have your shot of espresso ready in little time with little to no effort.