Home Office Gaming: A Table to Go from Working to Gaming and Back

A home office is a space that should allow you to be your most creative self and get work done at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you use it often or few times a week, home offices need to be as put-together as a regular office space. But if you love gaming, a coffee table settlement wouldn’t cut it.

Home offices are also the most neglected spaces for most people, because we are in our comfort zone. We are all guilty of putting our laptops atop two cushions and getting work done. The couch, kitchen counter and bed can serve as temporary workstations, but you need a permanent solution for your game-related cravings, you need a gaming table.

 If you currently work and play games on the coffee table, your life is about to change. You will have so much more space to focus on work and use the same table for gaming afterwards. You will ask yourself why you didn’t invest in a dedicated gaming desk earlier. Gaming enthusiasts have the biggest benefit in setting up a home working space because it serves two purposes. Investing in such office accessories is the permanent solution, one that will align many things for you. A table that turns into game station after work is just what you need.

Benefits of gaming table for a home office

 Here are just a few benefits of buying a table that lets you jump from meeting to gaming:

 Dedicated space for work and play

 Home office furniture is not an asset that’ll deteriorate in the long run. If you are in a creative field and get regular clients visiting your home office, a table adds a touch of professionalism. Set up three or four chairs around the table to seat your clients. If your partner is preparing a meal on the kitchen counter while you work, it will distract you. If you have kids or a pet, they might be eased out on the couch while you are trying to finish a report. For many people, going to work and sitting in their chair kicks off ‘work mode’. It is a psychological trigger to start work and stop thinking about other things. You require the same mindset when working from home.

Get into your gaming zone

 You are acing Fortnite but suddenly your cat attacked the joystick and messed things up. Serious gaming needs a serious space, preferably one with no distraction. A gaming zone is the serious space you need to get into the mood and climb up some levels. Same goes for board games and puzzles. An office table that provides room for after-hours gaming is the perfect addition to your workspace. You can also utilize the table when friends are over, for a board game night. It is not hard to find and organize such a space, because you have the luxury of setting it at your pod.

Get Organized

If you’re using a basic table for your home office, then you’re likely working in a crammed space. It’s also likely that you’re dealing with clutter because of all those printouts, files, and other documents. Getting a gaming table could help you keep things organized as you’ll have a bigger space to put documents in. What’s better for an aspiring entrepreneur come gaming enthusiast than being organized both professionally and personally? Nothing else is.

Considerations to make before buying a gaming table

There are many options to choose from when looking for a nice table for your space, but it is great if you can find tables with power outlets. However, every home office has a different setup. Let’s address some considerations before you finalize your future gaming table.


 If you live in a mansion, you can dedicate an entire room to make an office and whatnot. Since most aspiring entrepreneur are not there yet, it’s best to look for options that fit in medium to small spaces. Based on space, you can make a decision about a built-in or separate desk.Built-in desks save space by being a worktable, craft corner and gaming zone. Many people turn their guest bedroom into an office as well. If you can allot a room, go for a centre or side table, leaving space for a couple of chairs to move around.

Number of people

 Choice of table is also based on the number of people who will work on it. If you and your partner both need a home office, you can get two tables or create a built-in counter space with two chairs. In a condominium setting, one large table with spaced out chair setting does the job.

Meeting requirements

You’ll be in your office, so you’ll need to use the same table to conduct meetings with any client who comes by. Make sure to invest in something that’s multi-purpose, i.e. it serves as both a gaming table and a meeting table.

Gaming requirements

 Last, but not the least is the nature of entertainment. If you are a fan of puzzles, you need a table with raised or lower edges to prevent the pieces from falling over. Video game table should have drawers, headset and cord hanging options and some extra storage space for DVDs, etc.

Where to Buy
Bizzoelife Ergonomic Gaming Desk, 47Inch Z Shaped Home Office PC Computer Table, Gamer Workstation with RGB LED Lights, Racing Style Game Tables with Headphone Hook & 2 Cable Management Holes
Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk - 32 inch TV Stand, Charging Station, Speaker/5 Game/Controller/Headphone Storage
GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk PC Table,Home Office Writing Workstation 3-Piece,Black
Mr IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk 63" W x 32" D Home Office Computer Table, Black Gamer Workstation with Cup Holder, Headphone Hook and 3 Cable Management Holes
Computer Desk Gaming Desk Home Office Toughened Glass L Shaped Corner Writing Study Keyboard CPU Stand Girl Kids Student PC Modern Executive Table for Small Spaces
Sedeta Gaming Desk, 47" Gaming Table, E-Sports Computer Desk, Gaming Workstation Desk, PC Stand Shelf Power Strip with USB Cup Holder & Headphone Hook Home Office Desk Gamer Desk Writing Table, Black


Best Gaming Tables for a Home Office

Geek Chic Sultan Gaming Table

This table can very well be called the Sultan of all gaming tables. It is a very fine offering by Geek Chic and is bound to last a lifetime in your house. One should get a table that looks as if it always belonged to your space, and geek chic sultan is just that piece of furniture. It is ideal for board games, war games and puzzles. You can choose from a variety of wood options as well.

Bizzoelife Gaming Desk

This beautiful desk has a large desktop which is waterproof. The material is carbon fiber and made to assist gamers on their long-playing sessions. Everything from large screens to mouse can be set on the tabletop without cramming or piling. Office work is also easy on this desk. This gaming desk comes with built-in RGB lighting, which many gamers love. The light has seven color options, three models and three brightness levels. This helps to reduce strain while using the screen for long time. Bizzoelife desk contains a cup holder, a headphone holder and nooks for cable management. It is multifunctional and you can put up more than two screens on the tabletop without worry. The legs are adjustable and you can set them according to your height.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

This cool table is specifically designed for gamers, to cater to each accessory owned by a gamer. It is a charcoal-colored beauty, laminated with carbon fiber and made in sleek design that occupies little space.

This table is packed with cool features like a charging stand, cup holder, wire management system, Headset hook, elevated shelf and under desk basket. All of these features make this table a perfect office table as well. It is an all-inclusive option to set up your game room.

L-shaped Corner Desk

This desk nicely fits into your small space without looking crammy. The L-shaped design accommodates two users or one users with two screens. It is made of an eco-friendly material and coated with black color that looks really nice in any setup. The table is sturdy, and able to hold desktops, sound system, printers and other electronics. There is no shaking movement on either side, so crafters can benefit from the table as well. Height is 29” x width 44.3”.

Mr Ironstone Desk

The design of this table is perfect for gaming and office work. This Ironstone table has a cup holder, a headphone holder and three cable management nooks. These additions help you set up all your gaming devices without the worry of wires and things falling off. High quality MDF material is used on the tabletop, and the structure is very sturdy. The ‘R’ shape of the table adds to its strength and bears the weight of desktops and large machines. The leg pads are adjustable, and you can fix them on uneven surfaces as well. You can assemble the desk by yourself, and no outside help is needed. However, professional customer service by the company is available for any queries or help.

Glass gaming desk

This table is L-shaped and can be perfectly fitted in a corner. You will have plenty of space to write, play games and assemble all work stuff on this desk. It is also good for two people to use as a workspace. Often, gamers need two screens and this desk is ideal for such purposes. The glass tabletop looks beautiful and adds strength to the desktop. The 6mm glass is scratch and water resistant. Steel frame and legs of the table are specially designed to give the L-shaped structure a boost. You can use a wet cloth to clean every part of the table without hassle.

There is an attached shelf under the desktop to be used as a keyboard holder or shelf. This table is multifunctional and good to put in office, home office or use as a gaming table only.

Sedeta Desk

This ergonomic desk is packed with superb features for both gaming and work usage. There is an elevated monitor stand, a cup holder and extendable headphone holder on each side. There is a bottoms shelf where you can place your speakers or other electronic devices as well. The entire surface of the desk is MDF, with high quality finish. The PVC legs are also coated with steel. It is durable, strong and looks impressive. Use a damp cloth to clean the desk, and it starts shining again. Either as a workstation or as gaming desk, you can utilize this desk in office, home or dormitory.


 We hope you found some products in this article to set up a perfect gaming table in your home office. You can take the DIY route or invest in a pre-built gaming table like Geek Chic Sultan. The final decision will depend on your preferences and how enthusiastic you are about gaming as a whole. So, what will you do? Let us know in the comments section below.