Home Office Entertainment: Tips to Go from Work to Having Fun


    People who work from home often have a space that is entirely dedicated to their work. Usually, this is a home office, but if you have few rooms in your place and want to make the most of the space, you can also turn it into an entertainment space. Since a game room and home office require most of the same things, you can easily work during the day and then game at night. If you are a gamer, then with a few modifications, you can easily turn your home office into a part-time gaming room. 

    Those who work from home often have trouble finding a good work-life balance, which can significantly decrease their productivity. It is essential for you to have some time to yourself where you do things you like so that you can stay motivated. People relax in various ways, such as playing games, spending time with their family, and going out with friends. If you tend to stay inside, transforming your home office into a hybrid entertainment room can be a great way to unwind. 

    Benefits of Relaxing

    Man's Hands at Home, Sitting on a Couch in Stylish Loft Apartment and Playing Arcade Car Video Games on Console. Male Using Controller to Play Street Racing Drift Simulator

    If you work from home, it can be challenging to leave work mode since your office is located in your home. Due to this, many people find it extremely hard to relax because they feel guilty about leaving tasks undone even after an entire day of work. There are many benefits to relaxing, and here are some of them.

    Manage Stress Levels

    One of the most significant benefits of relaxing and having some downtime is that it helps you manage your stress levels. Having high-stress levels is a common problem many employees face due to the high demands at work. Due to this, taking time out for yourself is essential to disrupt the continuous flow of stress. Additionally, relaxing also keeps you motivated because constant work and stress can burn you out. Burnout can significantly reduce productivity and persist for days, weeks, and even months.

    Reduce the Possibility of Illness

    If you give yourself plenty of time to relax, you also reduce the possibility of catching an illness. High-stress levels for extended periods can make you more susceptible to sickness. Due to this, you must keep your stress levels low. Experts suggest that by relaxing, you can successfully lower your stress levels and can reduce your chances of stress-induced illnesses. These include asthma and cardiovascular diseases. 

    Refresh Mental Capacity

    Most people have responsibilities other than work, which can reduce the time they can spend on themselves. Juggling all these responsibilities also requires a lot of mental effort. Constant mental effort can cause a decrease in your thinking capacity, which may result in poor decision-making skills. You can also become more forgetful. By relaxing and taking some time off after a day of work, you can restore your mind so that you can be refreshed for the next day.

    Tips to Make Your Office More Fun

    When you work from your home office, you must make your office space fun so that you look forward to sitting there and working. Additionally, a fun home office inspires the flow of creativity, which can help you get your work done more efficiently. 

    If you neglect your home office, it will likely get cluttered and look messy. This can decrease your productivity and reduce the enjoyment of working in your home office. To make your space more fun, you can make it into a gaming room. Here are some ideas to make your office more fun.

    Personalize It

    The best way to make your office more fun is to customize it. Your space should reflect your unique personality. Design your space exactly how you want it. You can hang up a gallery wall with different kinds of pictures or add a splash of color. There are other ways of personalizing your home office too. You can have a photo frame with a picture of your loved ones or purchase items that fit your aesthetic. If you like antique items, you can display them in your office. 

    On the other hand, if you prefer something more minimalistic, you can opt for a clean look with sleek desks and a monochrome theme.  

    Add Greenery

    Adding greenery is the best way to bring some freshness to your office. Many people prefer to keep leafy plants in their space because looking at plants is extremely refreshing. It can help relieve you from staring at your screen all day.

    A plant also brings with it fresh air and a feeling of calm, which can be incredibly relaxing. It also allows you to stay connected to the outside and often adds to the aesthetics of your space. Suppose you are going for a minimal look. In that case, a small plant can really add a pop of color to your room, making it look significantly put together.

    Let Light In

    When you have plenty of light pouring in through your window, you automatically feel refreshed and energized and see your office positively. Natural light is known to boost your mood, which is why when you work, you should lift your blinds and allow the sun to stream through. 

    Plenty of sunlight also helps your space feel much bigger and lively, which is why you are more likely to have fun in your home office if there is plenty of light.

    Optimize Your Space

    Ensure that your home office is always neat and tidy. If you use your space for more than one purpose, you need to ensure that everything is organized so the two purposes of the room do not get mixed up. It is essential that you do not waste any space. There are various kinds of storage that you can stack up against the wall so that everything has its own place.


    The more comfortable you are in your home office, the more time you will spend there. Your office must be comfortable so that you can spend an extended amount of time there and not get tired. Suppose you have a desk and chair that you feel comfortable sitting in. In that case, you can also use the setup for other activities, such as gaming. This makes your space versatile. 

    Determine Room Size 

    Powerful Personal Computer Gamer Rig with First-Person Shooter Game on Screen. Monitor Stands on the Table at Home. Cozy Room with Modern Design is Lit with Pink Neon Light.

    If you want to use your home office for other activities, such as gaming, you must consider the room’s size. You need to consider many factors, including how many people you plan to invite, the kind of equipment you will need, etc. 

    Room Size Pros Cons
    A small room size (under 160 sqft.) If you are a solo player, it will be perfect for creating an atmospheric environment. It is unsuitable for console gamers. If you like to play with several people because then the room would become too cramped. 
    Large room (over 160 sqft) It has plenty of space for decorations, hardware, and furniture. You can add a large screen. You will need to fill it up. Otherwise, it will look empty. There will also be a lot of reflection of sound.

    Items That Help You Have Fun in Your Home Office

    Gamer playing computer game

    If you want to make your home office a place where you can have fun as soon as you clock out of work, there are a few items that are necessary that you need to get. 

    Experts suggest that relaxing your mind after a day of work is extremely important as it helps you recharge and reduce your stress levels. Many people de-stress by playing games. By purchasing a few extra items, you can quickly turn your home office into a multi-functional room where you can also have fun.

    Here are a few items to help make your home office a fun space.

    Gaming Desk

    One of the most essential pieces of furniture in your office is your desk. A desk is the foundation of a home office and a gaming room. That is why a suitable desk is essential if you plan gaming in your home office. 

    Most people prefer to purchase adjustable standing desks because they are highly versatile. When working, a standing desk allows you to bring the table up so that you can work while standing. 

    A standing position is by far the best for your back when you work as it ensures that you remain straight. Due to the adjustable nature of automotive standing desks, you can lower them down when you want to game. 

    When purchasing a desk for both purposes, ensure that it has enough space for you to arrange your essentials. Most gamers and office workers like to have dual or triple screens. According to your needs, ensure that it has enough space. The desk should also be wide so you can place your keyboard and mouse on it. Ensure that the desk is also sturdy so you can put all your items on it without fearing it collapsing.

    Ergonomic Desk Chair

    When you play games or work, you usually spend an extended amount of time in your chair. Therefore, your office chair must be designed ergonomically. Ensure that the chair you purchase is wide so that you have some wiggle room. 

    It is also crucial that your desk chair has enough lumbar support. You may be tempted to lean forward and hunch over when gaming or working on your computer. To prevent yourself from assuming this position, purchase a chair that follows the natural shape of your spine so that your back is supported from multiple points.

    You should also look into how adjustable an ergonomic desk chair is. The more adjustable it is, the better it will be for your posture. Ensure that it allows you the flexibility of adjusting the height, armrest, and even headrest. When you sit on a desk chair, ideally, your feet should touch the floor, and your back should be flush against the back of the seat. 

    It is also essential to ensure that your knees are at a 90-degree angle and there is space between them and the back of the chair. An ergonomic chair will be the best option whether you plan to game in your chair or play games.


    Having a separate couch in your home office can be a game-changer. Unless you’re a serious gamer, you may want to sit on a comfortable couch as you game. There are various kinds available on the market, which is why you must choose one that is comfortable and fits your room.

    When purchasing a couch for your home office, ensure that it is made using a fabric with a high rub count. This makes the couch extremely durable. If the material has a high enough rub count, it will be water and stain-proof. 

    The shape of the couch is also an important consideration. If you invite friends over, you should purchase a larger couch. On the other hand, if you plan to game alone, then a chaise or loveseat will work just fine. 

    Internet Connection

    A good internet connection is a must for both your work and gaming. Many games are hosted online, and you need to have a good internet connection to avoid any kind of lag. You can choose from two different kinds of internet, including WiFi and LAN. A LAN connection is an excellent choice if you play FPS shooter games because such games require a fast interference-free internet connection. LAN connections usually have a high transmission rate and are less susceptible to interference. Due to this, it might be the perfect choice for your home office.

    There may be added wires that you have to deal with if you decide to go with a LAN connection, but it will be a game-changer for your gaming setup. 

    Gaming Keyboard

    There are a variety of different keyboards available on the market. Even though you would prefer to use a more compact keyboard for work, upsizing and getting a mechanical keyboard may serve you better. Especially if your game is an intense shooter game. 

    Gaming keyboards are designed to be larger than normal and can also be customized. You can easily take apart the keyboard and modify it to make it louder or quieter. It is also possible to change how the keys press down.

    If you are looking for a fancy keyboard, you might want to look into a backlit keyboard. These keyboards have a light under the keys that shine through the gap. Most keyboards also allow you to change the color of these lights. When purchasing a gaming keyboard, ensure it is comfortable to type on. If you suffer from wrist pain, getting an additional wrist rest is best.

    Due to the variety available in the market, if you are searching for a more minimalist keyboard, you can opt for one with a 75% layout. These are a perfect fit for work and gaming purposes. 

    Gaming Headset & Holder

    A headset is a must for every employee and gamer. When working, most people tend to be distracted by noise. Therefore, it is best that you purchase a set of noise-canceling headphones that allow you to work in peace. A headset is essential for gamers to prevent others from being disturbed by the game’s soundtrack. Additionally, when playing with a team online, you may want to communicate with them. A headset with a mic is the perfect solution. 

    A headset with a mic also allows you to be heard clearly on calls, making it a handy accessory for your home office and game room. Ensure that you also purchase a headset holder with your headset. It serves as storage space and allows you to always have your headset on hand. Additionally, a holder also makes your desk look organized and acts as an accessory.

    You may also read our Guide to Choosing Headphones for some of the best recommendations.

    Blackout Blinds

    Natural lighting is known to be extremely helpful in improving one’s mood and promoting productivity. However, having blackout blinds is also necessary if you play games in your home office. Since graphics on games are usually quite bright, having direct sunlight stream in from the windows can be highly distracting. The excess of light can also cause strain on your eyes, leading to a headache.

    One of the best kinds of blackout blinds is the blackout roller blind. These allow you to adjust the height of the blinds on each window. This allows you to control how much light comes in depending on whether you are working or playing. 


    Is an office desk suitable for gaming?

    Gaming and office desks are slightly different, but if you purchase the right kind of office desk, you can easily use it for gaming. When purchasing a desk that you want to use for work and gaming, buy an adjustable one. Such desks allow you to change their position, making you extremely comfortable working on them.

    It is also essential to purchase a desk with ample space so you can easily fit all your gaming and work essentials on it. 

    Is it good to use a gaming chair as an office chair?

    A gaming chair is designed to be comfortable so that you can sit in them for an extended period and not feel uncomfortable. They provide ample support but usually do not have the ergonomics of an office chair. 

    How do you set up a gaming office?

    If you plan on using your home office as your game room, you must be mindful when purchasing your items. For example, you can choose a large desk that allows you plenty of room to set up two monitors, a keyboard, and your other work essentials. An adjustable desk is also a must-have in a gaming office. Your chair must be highly comfortable, and you should have ample room to also set up a couch.


    It is extremely important that you relax after a day of work. To avoid burnout and stay motivated, you must give yourself some downtime to do something you like. Some people like to read and spend time with their families, while others like to play games. 

    If you want to turn your office into a space where you can have fun, you will need to make small changes. For example, you may want to purchase a standing desk, a comfortable chair, a larger keyboard, good internet, and more. These will allow you to use your home office as much more than a space to work.

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