Home Office Entertainment: Tips to Go from Work to Having Fun

Working from a home office has quickly become one of the coolest options for our generation. Lounging in your pajamas, finishing deadlines while chilling in the backyard, what’s there not to like? 21% of remote workers can give up their vacation time to get flexible working hours. But if one is not relaxing, staying motivated at your most comfortable spot can become difficult. If you have the luxury to work at your own pace, you should make space to have some fun at the same time.

We have gathered some home office entertainment tips to help you strike a balance. These little steps will transform your work life and make it even more fun.

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Personalize your office space

Choose items that are practical and useful for your office. Whether you are an architect, painter or a web designer, there are so many accessories that make an office your own. We suggest choosing items that serve multiple purposes and switch from work to video gaming mode in minutes.

LED Gaming Lights

We know that gamers take their LED lighting very seriously. These Vanksy backlight lights are the perfect match for your needs. Available in 16 choices of cyberpunk colors, they provide a cool ambiance to your room. These lights are specifically designed to reduce the eye strain caused by differences in game screen brightness. The lights are USB powered, so you can plug them into your system to turn them on.

Gaming Headset Holder

This headset holder comes with a universal desk clasp, which means that it is compatible for any desk style. Moreover, you can rotate the headphone arm under your desk while you are working and bring it out once you start playing games. The built-in loop secures the headset cable so that it does not hang in mid-air and cause accidents. The desk clasps are padded with rubber to protect the desk edges from scratches.

Computer Monitor Riser Stand

Slouching on a work desk is something we are all guilty of doing. Most often, it is the height of our devices that makes us slouch and hurt our back. You can fix this by buying a computer monitor riser stand. This stand is good for laptops, desktop monitors, printers and even as a shelf. Its tempered 6mm glass is thick and sturdy to hold your devices steady. It can even hold up to 88 lbs of weight. You assemble it by screwing the steel legs to the glass shelf and the stand is ready. It makes your desk look instantly spacious and adds a touch of class.

The utility of these items goes beyond the workspace. You can turn your desk into a movie or gaming station or work on one desktop while the game is playing on the other screen placed on the stand.

Get a Standing desk

 Transport yourself to the era of arcade gaming by investing in a standing desk. This type of desk is not only movable, but also a good option for both work and gaming. Harvard Health Blog found out that we can burn 88 calories per hour working on a standing desk, compared to 80 calories while sitting. You can avoid the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases by choosing a standing workstation.

However, we suggest that you choose a bit of both because it’s your home office. You can get both types of desks and use a stand to increase the height of your desk. Below is an option if you’re planning to make a purchase.

Multi-Purpose Standing Desk

This standing desk allows you to shift between both sitting and standing heights, up to 5’5”. There are two shelves, one for your computer and the other for placing other items. There are wheels under the desk so you can move the desk and the locking function securely holds the wheels in one direction. The desk is made of long-lasting steel material, with MDF on the tabletops. It is very easy to install, hardly takes 20 minutes for one person to put it together. Any cords can be easily hidden behind the desk with the help of a cord holder under the front panel. You can add accessories like loudspeakers or gaming headphones by adding a hanging shelf by the side of the panels.

Have a habit of keeping your laptop on your lap? Consider buying a lap desk as well.

Add wheels to your workstation

You can take your office and gaming station anywhere in the house with the help of a wheeling desk. These desks offer a diverse set of benefits compared to a static desk, especially if the weather outside is great. Here are a few good options to consider.

Accessbuy Caster Wheels

These heavy-duty wheels are the perfect addition to your static desk. They are super silent and can rotate in 360 degrees. These wheels are made of soft rubber that won’t leave marks on the floor. The wheels are easy to assemble and screw on and can be attached to many pieces of furniture. You will get a pack of four 2” wheels in one set.

Grip Sky Office/Gaming Chair

Gaming enthusiasts can turn their home office into a gaming zone with the Grip Sky chair. It has a comfortable synthetic leather back with lumbar adjustment option. The backrest is packed with anti-tilting feature that locks at 150 degrees. VEP material on the backrest is variable, allowing lumbar support accessories to easily stick-on. The best thing about this chair is its armrest. The armrests are 2D, and can move in any direction, which suits both office and gaming requirements.

Note: Trouble finding that perfect table with wheels? Make your own. You can make a wheel desk by ordering screw-in wheels and attaching them to your table legs. This way, both your chair and worktable can go from room to room. You can utilize the wheeling desk during apartment parties, movie nights, game nights, and to work in your balcony/garden.

Conceal the clutter

Open shelves in the workplace can get messy sometimes, and that mess doesn’t feel good. Cluttered table or shelves have a negative effect on your productivity. There is a very simple solution for this problem, curtains! They can change your office from workspace to fun space in an instant. A drill, screws, curtain holder, rods, curtains and an hour off your day is all you need to transform your space.

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Outer Space Curtains

You need these curtains to instantly travel to another galaxy. The Ambesonne celestial curtains are available in a gorgeous print of outer space, providing you a window to the Milky Way. Different sizes are available for you to choose on the basis of your office shelving. Secure the curtain with the help of this Swivel End sash curtain rod and Magnetic Curtain rod holders.

Buy a Few Games

This one is a given. You can buy games that’ll directly work on your computer/laptop. This is better than buying a console since you’d be able to seamlessly switch between work and gaming (with a console, you’d need to plug in and plug out). Below are some cool gaming titles to consider.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Who doesn’t love GTA 5? It blends gameplay and storytelling in creative ways as characters take shape in the roles of the three lead characters. The three criminals have their own ways to survive and thrive. The scenes take place in Los Santos, which is a metropolis full of fading stars, starlets, and self-help gurus. Once popular, the destination is now struggling to stay afloat, and you’re in it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

If you’d have time to engage in multi-player action, there’s no better title to buy than this one. Even though Call of Duty enthusiasts are gradually shifting to Modern Warfare, Black Ops 4 offers its own sets of thrills and chills. The game’s narrative revolves around multiplayer action as gamers explore each character’s unique playstyle and role. Also, the gameplay is more customizable than ever with features like New Gear.


 Increased productivity, flexibility and job satisfaction are great benefits of working from home. You can design a working space that matches your personality and also lets you have a good time. When work gets a little grueling, you can shift to video game mode and clear some levels to boost your morale. It is so easy to switch back and forth from work at the comfort of your own home office.

If you live with a partner, you can play multiplayer games on the work desk or game table. We also suggest you fill a game drawer with classics like Monopoly, UNO and puzzles. Another option is to place a dartboard on a nearby wall and just shoot away when you feel like it. here are so many ways to turn work into fun. We hope you get some ideas from this list.