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    Even if you do not have a designated space for a home office, there is a good chance that there is a space in the house that can be turned into a small corner home office. Pay special attention to the corners in your kitchen, bedroom, or the living room. Chances are there is some corner that is neglected but has the potential to be transformed. While looking for a space to transform, make sure that the area is noise-free, has access to fresh air and sunlight, and is a little secluded from the rest of the house. You do not want to be working amid a chaotic morning.

    Corners can be a bit tricky to turn into a home office. Several things can be done in small spaces. Here are some interesting home office corner ideas you can use to transform boring old spaces into functional ones.

    Stretch a Panoramic View

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    If there is a corner window present somewhere in your home, you can do so much with it to bring out your room’s theme. Firstly, placing a corner desk in front of the window can be a great look for the room. You can enjoy the view outside while attending work meetings. Working alongside nature is known to boost productivity and lift the mood. If your work computer system consists of big monitors or simply a laptop, placing an L-shaped desk would be a great addition for this part.

    Secondly, you can have a side lamp to complete the look. A side table lamp or a full post lamp by your desk is a good minimalist piece for your home corner office. To add to this, placing succulents is also a great idea for a small corner office.

    Work curve

    If the space is limited, adding a curved desktop counter is a suitable option. It provides smooth and easy access to files and office drawers. The desktop space is also within arm’s reach. It is nice to have everything within your reach.

    Tucking an office chair into the corner maximizes the use of the space where cabinets would have otherwise been colliding and provides you with extra legroom. This approach also works quite well in a tiny area or the corner of another room, such as the kitchen or the living room. The cabinets offer ample storage to keep the office clutter out of sight. Furthermore, a work-curved desk adds a sleek look to your office space, making it look very ravishing.

    A Swivel Chair

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    Who says it is impossible to work with limited spaces in an office? The trick is to not clutter the place. Another essential that might come in handy that would make the most of the limited space in your corner office is a swivel chair. It helps you move around the office easily, change your direction, and toggle between different screens.

    While looking for a swivel chair, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. First, the seat height should be easily adjustable. The height needs to range between 16 to 21 inches so the feet stay on the floor and the posture is correct. Second, the width should be 17-20 inches so the back can be rested against the backrest. A 2-inch back padded seat along with a contoured mesh is optimum for comfort, support, and breathability. It helps avoid developing posterior and back aches from sitting on the chair for long periods of time. If you have had a history of backaches, place a backrest on the chair to get through long hours of work.

    Wall Shelving

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    To make the most of the space, take the wall corner up to the ceiling. Shelving will provide you with lots of space for your work binders, files, and other accessories. You can even use it to put other essential appliances such as a printer and a scanner. Use little sculptures and small pieces to decorate the shelves. It is a great way to avoid the space from cluttering up.

    You can buy the pre-made or easy-to-assemble shelves online or at a local store. However, the prices can be quite shocking. If you are looking to save money, you can build these yourself as per your needs. Things you might need to get this job done include plywood, a tool case and circular and miter saw. The shelves can be made in about 2-3 days. Otherwise, let a professional do the job for you.

    Let the Two Workspaces Meet

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    In case there are more than two people who need a home office space, you can design the office corner in a way that each space is separate from one other but they also meet to form one collective space. This can be done by adding a single, large, panoramic desk that can be used by two people, two separate shelves, and sufficient lighting. The space can be segregated using plants which can also be used as decorations. This is great for making the office corner flexible as the layout can be rearranged.

    Angled Desk

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    If you wish to have a holistic view of the entire space, you can place your chair in the corner for sitting, with the desk facing out into the room. This approach does not confine you to your desk but lets you have a full view of the entire space. This way you know what is happening in your surroundings. For this, you need a desk that does not take up a lot of space. 

    Purpose-built Furniture

    There are desk units that are meant to be placed at corners, whether it is a desk with built-in shelves above it or a small corner desk. A great choice for this purpose is a desk that can rotate 360 degrees, which allows you to adjust it to different angles as required. You can place it straight against the wall or put it flat against a corner. You can also add aesthetics to the office corner, so the visuals of the space become more appealing.


    One of the most important things you need to take care of while setting up the corner office is how to make the most of limited space. Adding a statement work desk large enough for multiple people, a swivel seat to help you move around, building wall shelves up to the ceiling for maximum space, and angling the desk to get the most out of the view outside or placing it in the middle for the entire room. In the end, it all comes down to the type of space you have, your work requirements and personal preferences.



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