Home Décor Items That Will Remind You of Hawaii


    A wonderful place like Hawaii is hard to forget. Especially if you have just come back from a fantastic vacation, it is understandable that you will miss those aloha vibes every minute for the days to come. With all those beaches and that fresh scent of palms and sea, you’ll definitely be tempted to go right back and never return.

    As much as you would want to give up your life and get settled in Hawaii, it is not that simple. You have had an incredible time during your vacation in Hawaii, but now it is time to cherish those memories and get back to real life. There are a few things that you can change around you that will keep reminding you of your time in Hawaii.

    Hawaiian culture is famous for its vibrancy and unique patterns. You can notice such patterns in everything related to Hawaii. Following are some Hawaiian items that you can buy for your home for that unique vibe!

    Scented Candles


    It is said that the sense of smell plays a vital role in bringing back memories. Since your memories of Hawaii are fresh, you might still want to hold on to them. The best way to do so is to buy some scented candles that smell like Hawaiian heaven from our favorite Homesick Store. The natural smell of beaches with a sweet hint of pineapple and a blend of coconut and cyclamen flowers makes up a perfect combination of everything in Hawaii. 

    You can place an unlit candle beside an airy window and still smell it. A lit candle will enhance your Hawaiian memories and is also a great way to expel unpleasant odors from your house.

    Pinup Wall Posters


    There are so many vintage-looking posters available online that you will get confused about which one to buy for your walls. This poster with stunning bold colors screams the essence of Hawaii. It is available in different sizes and types. Some of them are printed on thick paper, while others are more of a PVC-flex type. You can also get them with intricate wooden frames to give the poster a more elaborate look. 

    Such posters not only look great on your walls but also give a complete look, especially if you coordinate the colors with your interior theme.

    Canvas Art


    Like posters, canvases are also meant to be hung on the walls, but they are usually bigger and are of better quality. They also come in printed forms on a wooden frame that supports the weight. Some traditional artists from Hawaii paint beautiful scenes of Hawaii and sell them on online stores. Printed canvases are good too, but these hand-painted ones will give you more of a Hawaiian feeling. 

    We recommend that you check out this Hawaii Landscape Printed Painting by Kolo Wall Art for a beautiful Hawaiian vibe in your home.

    Map of Hawaii


    What’s better than hanging a minimalistic map of your favorite place on the Earth in your house? Nothing really! You can get maps of the Hawaiian Islands with minimum details and hang them on the most prominent wall in your home. Check out this amazing map by Michael Tompsett, showcased by Trademark Fine Art

    On the other hand, you can also opt for a detailed map of Hawaii that shows all the islands and other geographical features. Either way, maps are a sure way to cherish those memories every time you pass by.

    Quilt Pillow Covers


    Your living room is the place where you spend most of your time. Whether it’s a short break from all the chores or to have a nice cup of tea, you will find yourself relaxing in the living room. So why not turn it into a mini-Hawaii by adding gorgeous-looking pillow covers? You can easily find quilted pillow covers from Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale that are made for small-sized cushions for sofas. 

    These pillow covers come in a variety of designs like pineapple, palm leaves, Hibiscus flowers, and many more. If you have a neutral-colored theme, these pillow covers will beautifully compliment your sofa sets. You will immediately feel like you are sitting in a Hawaiian resort while sipping a cup of chilled juice.

    Indoor Plants


    The naturally growing plants in Hawaii are so gorgeous and breathtaking that everyone wants to grow some of them in their houses. Although it is possible to get local plants and flowers imported from Hawaii, there is a chance that they won’t survive the weather in the new place and would die in a few days. The only solution for this is to buy artificial plants inspired by Hawaiian flora. You can easily find various potted synthetic palms and small coconut trees that you can place in the corners of your house. 

    Another great idea is to cover your walls with fake vines like this garland by DearHouse Store. They look gorgeous behind a seating arrangement in the living room or along the wooden shelves. Unlike natural plants, these artificial ones will not die and will give a fresh look to your house.

    Hawaiian Style Crockery


    Since you are a fan of everything related to the Hawaiian lifestyle, we assume that you have a wooden dining table at your house but are still stuck with those plastic dishes. To get the most of those Hawaiian memories, how about you replace your crockery with bamboo ones like this dinnerware set by Earth’s Dream Store. Sounds fun, right? 

    Bamboo dinnerware is not only eco-friendly but also very easy to use. They don’t break easily, nor do they get any permanent stains. They are also certified to have no harmful substance in their making. Set your table with bamboo crockery to complete your house’s Hawaiian look. Occasionally, you can try different Hawaiian recipes and treat yourself to Hawaii away from Hawaii.

    Tiki Décor


    Tiki art is famous and unique to different islands around the world. You must have seen Tiki masks hanging in most establishments in Hawaii. They may look scary at first sight, but as you learn about them, you’ll know that the tiki form of art is usually hand-painted and carved in wood to form different shapes. There are many rumors associated with Tiki statues as well. Some say that they bring good luck, while others think otherwise. Either way, Tiki decoration is the finest example of Hawaiian feels right in your home. 

    You can buy Tiki masks to hang on the walls, Tiki statues that go in the corner of rooms, or Tiki water fountains that will look gorgeous beside a swimming pool. Check out this unique piece by Alpine Corporation that would look just right in your Hawaii-inspired house. 

    Hawaii – A Place to Obsess Over

    It is entirely justified if you still dream about Hawaii day and night. The place has a charm of its own, and hardly anything can beat it. You must have also bought some souvenirs with you among the hundreds of photos you may have taken on your Hawaiian vacation. 

    Even if you haven’t purchased anything traditional from there, no worries, you can always buy a lot of things online and from traditional stores in the city. It will take some time for sure, but your house will soon turn into a miniature Hawaii, and you will feel a whole lot better once everything is done. 


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