High Tech Kitchen Gadgets for Measuring

If you’re planning to add some measuring gadgets to your kitchen accessories, our in-depth research about high tech kitchen gadgets for measuring might save you time and money as well as ensure you execute your recipes accurately. It will help you regulate your nutritional intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle with little time spent. Have a look at our reviews on best kitchen measurable gadgets and choose the best for your needs.

Where to Buy
Chef Buddy Digital Detachable Measuring Cup Scale
Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale + App
AVLT Power Wireless Smart Food Scale
KitchenQ 50872 IQ Smart Wireless Kitchen Scale
Drop Scale- Connected Kitchen Scale and Step-by-Step Recipe App
Perfect bake 2.0 Smart Scale and Recipe App
HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale with Timer
Saga measuring Cup Scale


1. Chef Buddy Digital Detachable Measuring Cup Scale:

The Chef buddy is a smart digital weight measuring machine suitable for five specific food items. Its cup can measure water, milk, flour, sugar and oil in Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature. Chef buddy is a light in weight and detachable, which makes cleaning easy and super-fast. With a 30 minute countdown, it shows measurement through a decent sized LCD display to be easily read.

For a small investment, the Chef Buddy is a nifty kitchen gadget. It is a convenient device for home cooking, seasonal bakers and chefs.

2. Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale + App:

This smart scale helps you measure the weight and nutritional value of any food item or recipe within seconds. Just add your ingredients to your blender, put it up on the scale and record the weight, the number of calories, amount of fats, proteins, carbs and fiber in your recipe through its LCD.

This scale and app is designed for Vitamix blenders but works smoothly with other blenders as well. You can make any kind of drink with appropriate nutritional value with this perfect blend.

This tech scale connects to its app in your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 (works with Android and iOS) and transfers all the data to your phone and imports it to other fitness apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health. It helps you keep a record of your diet and fitness goals.

The smart scale measures up to 13lbs weight with 0.1g precision. It’s made up of stainless steel material and has a backlit LCD and its compact dimension makes it a suitable tech gadget for any kitchen.

The package comes with wireless scale, phone/tablet stand, 20oz to-go cup and an app.

3. AVLT Power Wireless Smart Food Scale:

This compact and nutritional grade measuring scale equips you to measure weight and nutritional value of your food items. Just place your food items on its smooth and flat glass surface and it will send the results to the app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

You can make up to 99 entries which enable you to manage your eating habits and nutritional intake according to your fitness plans.

It has the database of more than 10,000 food items (USDA nutritional information) through its linked app and it keeps you updated about your nutritional intake by every food item your measure before eating.

Once you place your food item on its surface, it records its weight, proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals (iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium), fats, cholesterol, calcium, sugar and lipids which help you regulate and schedule your future fitness plans.

It has the 11lbs capacity with 0.1g margin and it measures in different weight units such as lbs, pounds, g etc.

4. KitchenQ 50872 IQ Smart Wireless Kitchen Scale:

Work smart with this kitchen scale and measure weight, volume and nutritional value of any food item or recipe within seconds. Just place your food items on the smooth surface of the scale (directly or in the bowl) and record the results imported to your phone via the wireless connection.

It has zero tare touch button functioning and can measure all solid and liquid food items for your drinks, baking and other food preparations.

With the kitchenIQ app, you can keep a record of your calorie and protein intake, fat consumption, cholesterol level and carbs proportion in your food which helps you eat healthily and live well.

It measures up to 11lbs weight and is known for its precise measurements in pounds and ounces. More of, its LCD display, quick result and compact dimension make it a useful addition to any kitchen.

5. Drop Scale- Connected Kitchen Scale and Step-by-Step Recipe App:

With drop scale and recipe app, you can cook and bake perfect portion with the ingredients available. The scale measures the ingredients and connected app tracks down multiple interactive recipes that exclusively fit the quantity of your available ingredient.

The scale and app collectively help you manage your portions and once you choose the recipe, the app starts showing the step-by-step process of baking, cooking or brewing. Just follow the step with perfectly measured ingredients added to the recipe and serve yourself with expectedly delicious food.

The app also helps you share your results with the world with its capture and share feature.

It works with wireless button and it very compact in dimension which limits the mess in the kitchen while cooking.

6. Perfect bake 2.0 Smart Scale and Recipe App:

Just forget doing tricky ingredient measurements for different recipes and let the perfect bake 2.0 do the favour. This scale wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet and guides you step-by-step to cook or bake anything. Once you put your bowl on the scale and starts pouring different ingredients, a virtual bowl shows up on the screen of the connected device and let you know when to stop pouring and adding ingredients according to respective recipes.

It also helps you make the different number of serving and different portions of your food with different shapes and sizes of baking products.

Not only this, this scale and app help you keep a record of missing ingredients for a particular recipe and assist you in making your grocery list. If you want to make something with the available ingredients, the app can choose an appropriate recipe from 300+ chef-tested recipes with its Pantry feature.

It can measure up to 11lbs with 0.5g precision. Its compact dimension, suitability with Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7.0 or higher distinguishes it.

The package comes with a wireless smart scale, 3 colour-coded bowls, phone/tablet stands and an app.

7. HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale with Timer:

This smart digital scale makes precise weight measurements in pounds, lbs, ml, oz, g/ml and grams. It not only weighs coffee but all other food items with 0.1g graduation up to 6.6lb. It has a timerand is operated through four buttons which include units’ button, tare, and start/stop and on/off button.

The scale has smooth backlit LCD to display results even in dim light and have LOW BATTERY and OVERLOADED indicators which help you use it appropriately.

This smart scale is portable with its compact dimension and lightweight. You can keep it in your bag or carry it wherever you go and it occupies a little counter space in your kitchen.

You can clean it easily without damaging any of its parts and no liquid splash can harm it.

8. Saga measuring Cup Scale :

Saga is measuring gadget that measures both weight and volume. With an LCD display, it has a handle and stainless steel bowl with measuring scale. Its handle many at times serves as a drawback and results for inaccuracy. if you even touch the handle, the weight and volume may alter. So if you are looking for precision and accuracy, be careful in using this product. Saga covers weight in grams, pounds and ounces for volume, the convertible units are in ml, fl’oz and cup form. It is widely used by bakers and chefs for measuring water, milk, oil and flour.

Saga takes less space in the kitchen and doesn’t weigh much so you can easily add it to your camping and barbeque kit. Its additional unique features include auto off button, overload indicator, low battery powers and backlight display, making it a more convenient option.


Quickly and efficiently measuring during your cooking routine will help lead to better results and cut down cooking time. There are options for coffee, smoothies and general cooking. And using the smart apps can enhance your cooking experience.

If you are fond of baking or a professional baker, the Perfect bake 2.0 Smart Scale and Recipe App can be your guide to making some delicious creations. The AVLT Power Wireless Smart Food Scale will be a wise choice if you intend to change your lifestyle and cook, eat healthily. The ALVT Power Scale is an all-rounder machine in a very reasonable price.