He or she- which will it be?!

I can’t believe I’m almost halfway done with this pregnancy. I also can’t believe that I still don’t know if this little baby is going to be a boy or a girl. It’s killing me guys, for real. I knew Ayden was a boy at 17 weeks, and I knew Lily was a girl at 15 weeks. I’ll be 20 weeks and 1 day when I go in for my ultrasound next week and the wait has been torture! I’m a planner, and I need to know everything, so having to wait extra long for this bit of important information has been super hard.
This was last week, at 18 weeks pregnant:
Here’s a little secret: I haven’t bought a single baby item yet. Nada. Zilch. I have nothing for this baby right now, not even a onesie! Granted, a friend of mine is giving me her crib, changing table, car seat, and stroller (all unisex, thankfully!) But other than that, I’ve got nothing. I just recently got rid of the last few baby items I’d been holding onto from my previous babies, and now I’m kicking myself for it. I really thought I was done having kids so I gave away or donated everything I had. As soon as I know the gender I can start shopping for the things I need. I just feel like I can’t do any of that right now not knowing if I’m having a boy or girl.
I have so much to do and I don’t feel like doing any of it. The baby room is still just being used as a “storage” room for all of our extra boxes full of junk. See?
I need to organize it and start figuring out how I want to decorate and set everything up. I know I still have about 21 weeks left to do it all, but at the halfway mark I feel like I should have something more to show for it than I do right now. And I should probably do it before I get hugely uncomfortable, right?
On the plus side, we’ll know very soon if this sweet little baby is a boy or a girl, and I can’t wait to share the news with you all. We’re leaning more towards a girl, simply because it would great for my niece to have a little playmate close to her age. She’s surrounded by boys right now! Also, I have a few people willing to give me baby girl items if I do end up having a girl, so that would be majorly helpful. If it is a boy though we will of course be just as excited and ecstatic. All of my tests and blood work have come back normal, so as long as we have a healthy baby I will be over the moon happy.
So what’s your guess? Boy or girl?
And please, kick me in the butt and tell me to get cracking on everything!