Hawaiian Decor for Nurseries


    Whether you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, a Hawaiian-themed nursery is a very beautiful and fun room project to work on; especially it’s for your precious one.

    It can be challenging to come up with nursery decorating ideas. But don’t worry; only the beginning can be tricky because you must have a clear concept to pursue, but when the theme is complete, you are ready to go! If you love the beach and want to arrange your baby’s nursery in a Hawaiian or tropical theme, we got your back!

    Wall Design

    The first step is to set up the space, starting with the walls. Paint the walls of the Hawaiian-themed nursery with floral or leafy patterns to evoke a tropical ambiance. If you don’t have the luxury of time to paint the room yourself, you can simply look for the best wall stickers that suit your liking.

    A Hawaiian-themed nursery can have various shades of green, yellow, and pink. You can check online the different color palettes you can choose from.


    For crib linens, many fantastic choices are available to complete your Hawaiian-themed décor for nursery. You can choose simple horizontal striped patterned sheets if you have a bright wall. Stripes effectively complement wallpaper with large designs.


    a baby standing inside a white crib

    The crib is one of the most crucial furniture items in the nursery because your child will use it almost daily. While many families opt to refurbish an old crib, most parents joyfully go shopping for new nursery items. The greatest cribs for a nursery with a Hawaiian motif are those finished in white or soft yellow. But it depends on the color scheme you have already chosen.

    Floor Mats

    You should have a soft and safe space set aside for play when your baby transitions from being a cuddle baby to a curious crawler to a playful one. Floor mats are a practical solution. There are many tropical-themed floor mats you can purchase, which are typically made of cloth or rubber. Floor mats are also helpful as they’ll cushion any falls your child takes while they develop their balance and coordination.


    Hands touching a floral curtain

    It would be best if you chose aesthetically nice curtains. Pick curtains with patterns or designs that complement a Hawaiian-inspired nursery. They should also be warm to your baby’s eyes and, at the same time, can serve their purpose, especially when your nursery room is somewhere where the sunlight strikes more light.

    The type of material the curtains are made of must also be considered. They must accomplish more than just look good. Cotton is frequently preferred for curtains since it may keep the room from getting too dusty or bright. Silk is an extra option.

    Carefully check the type of window your nursery room has and, from there, decide on the length of the curtains to use. Avoid using long curtains if possible because as the infant learns to stand, they might start to be pulled.


    Your nursery room must have a lampshade which is very useful at night. A baby’s undeveloped eyes need rest, and soft lighting prevents overstimulation by lowering the contrast between light and dark. Avoid using exposed bulbs and halogens when lighting the nursery.

    These intense lights make babies uneasy and anxious; they may even be dangerous if a young child comes inquisitively. Instead, choose lighting fixtures that provide diffused or shaded light, so a lampshade is ideal.

    Storage boxes

    storage boxes with toys

    Babies have a lot of needs for their daily care. From bottles, clothes, diapers, wipes, hygiene items, vitamins, etc., these all need to have designated storage for easy access whenever they are needed. You can request a customized wooden storage if you want it more unique and just use a certain space in your nursery room, especially if you have a limited area. You can have them painted with tropical designs. On the other hand, there are also storage boxes available to shop online.

    Canvas Paintings

    canvas paintings hang on a white wall

    Canvas paintings are a wonderful addition to your nursery with a Hawaiian theme because they are simple to install and can be moved to another room or another area when you are not using the nursery.

    Animal designs on canvases are fantastic options to think about because you can use them as teaching tools to introduce your infant to the sounds and names of various animals once they can see and talk.

    Animal Toys

    wooden animal figures

    Of course, toys—especially animal toys—are the perfect finishing touch for any Hawaiian nursery. They might be birds or animals like dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful fishes. Besides being a colorful addition to your nursery room, they can later be used as materials to teach your growing kid.

    Picture Frames

    Parents, especially mothers, adore having their child’s milestones printed. You might have some pictures of your child printed and hung in the nursery using some Hawaiian-designed picture frames. You can choose from picture frames with flower or fruit patterns.

    Before deciding on the ideal framing design for your baby’s photos, consider the supplies and quality you’ll bring into your nursery room. You can choose ready-made wooden frames, or you can DIY frames and just buy the materials needed. Doing the framing yourself is indeed extra special!


    What time is it? It’s tummy time! Taking care of and looking after a baby is not easy as you need to do a lot of chores. One of the best things to help you keep on task is a clock. A clock is not just a décor in a nursery but a need. You need to know the time-for baby’s feeding, vitamins, tummy time, or time for a walk outdoors. You can look for a clock, either bright-colored or single-colored, that catches the baby’s attention and will also add beauty to your Hawaiian-inspired nursery. You can look for a clock with a Sun design, animal, floral, or fruit prints.

    Storage Racks and Shelves

    If you collect toys, story books, or educational paper materials for your baby and want to put them in the nursery, you need storage racks and shelves to organize them.

    These organization tools have firmly established themselves in the interior, not just in the kitchen or the home office but even in the area where your baby sleeps. You can buy a rack for baby’s clothes or for baby’s toys. 

    The items you place in a storage rack or on shelves will determine their height and size in the nursery. Make sure it supports the items’ weight so your nursery area will be secure. You can have a white, light blue, light yellow, pink or green rack to complement your Hawaiian-themed nursery.


    You should feel excitement rather than stress when setting up a nursery because you are getting ready for your precious child. One of the best options is a nursery with a Hawaiian theme. You have a limitless range of choices when selecting toys, furnishings, linens, baby supplies, and wall decor. Remember that the Hawaiian nursery always features flowers, animals, leafy designs and prints, and vibrant, diverse colors.

    For more options, you may also check out our list of Home Décor Items That Will Remind You of Hawaii.

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