Harry Potter link up

(Linking up w/ Ashley, Kim, & Tarole on…)
 I was on Twitter & saw people tweeting about this Harry Potter link up, so I decided to play along!

1)Which wizarding school – Hogwarts, Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?
Hogwarts, of course! Beauxbatons would be 2nd, but nothing is better than Hogwarts! I’m still pissed that I never got to go.
2)david yates as director or chris columbus?
I had to google who these guys were. After reading that David Yates directed the last four films I’d have to say that I prefer him! I love the darker films because that’s exactly how they are supposed to be!
3)What is your favorite joke from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes?
The Whiz-bang thingies that the Weasley twins used in Umbridge’s class in The Order of the Phoenix. I hated that lady!
4)Would you put your name in for the Triwizard Tournament?
 Heck no, I’m a weenie! There are so many times where Harry does something dangerous & I think “Man, I would not be doing that.” I would dress up in these cute outfits while I watch the tournament though 🙂 
5)Least favorite book?
I have no least favorite book! I love them all equally the same.
6) Lease favorite film?
If I had to choose one I’d say maybe The Chamber of Secrets? But I’m not really sure why that is.
7)Which quidditch position would you play?
I would be sitting with Hermione on the sidelines using cheating spells. I’m not really the athletic type!