Harry Potter link up!!!

I just found this super cute link up & decided to join in! It’s a Harry Potter linky for Fall 🙂 Sounds fun!
1)Your favorite female character? And why.
The obvious choice would be Hermione. I love Hermione because she’s a know it all (like me). I also love & adore Luna. She is such an interesting character to me & I wish she had more screen time in the movies! Luna is awesome. I love how she’s always there in small ways…like how she & Harry can both see the Thestrals. Or when she talks to Harry about the lost Diadem of Ravenclaw. She’s smart like Hermione but she’s a very under-rated character!
2)Your least favorite Male character? And why.
Fenrir Greyback. I hate that guy!
3) Pick one: Horcrux or Hallows?
The story of the Deathly Hallows is amazing. I remember the first time I read it, it gave me chills! And the way they show it in the movie is perfect. It’s one of my favorite parts.
4)Which character do you relate to most?
Probably Hermione. She reminds me of me a lot. She’s a know it all, like I said before. She’s “one of the guys” or whatever, which was totally me growing up. She’s usually the brains behind everything and the one who’s always prepared. Hermione always has a plan. Plus she’s very motherly & nurturing at the same time. 
5)Your favorite pairing of characters?
Obviously Hermione & Ron. Perfect! I SO wish Neville & Luna would have ended up together too.
6)Your favorite professor?
Snape. He was the good guy all along. That part in the book just made me weep.
7)Bring one character back to life? Who and why?
Who in the hell could only pick one? Hello! Sirius, Snape, Dumbledore, Dobby. But mostly Sirius. Harry’s life was just about to change when you thought he was going to live with Sirius & I was crushed when he didn’t get to :'(


* Share some of your favorite HP pins, quotes etc
For anyone who doubts my Harry Potter love…check out my HP tattoos!
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Haha! I love Dobby.
Weren’t we all hoping for this?
Harry Potter…Mean Girls version.
For reals!
So that’s why I love Ariel so much…
True! Poor Neville.
I bet this mom was secretly proud.
Of course!
This makes me want to read the books again…like I do every fall. 🙂
Maybe it’s time?