Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! And a big heart felt thank you goes out to all of the men and women serving our country. I think anyone who isn’t an army wife or who isn’t related to a soldierĀ sometimes forgets what Memorial Day is all about. I saw this on Facebook & it totally struck me.
Sorry if this offends you, but it’s totally my type of humor.
I’m not an army wife. None of my super duper close friends are army wives. But I do know plenty of them. I know tons of women who have endured multiple deployments, who have dealt with the stress of raising children with a spouse overseas, and whose families have been ravaged by PTSD after their husbands come back home from war.
And, here’s a little known fact you might not know about my husband. He is former military. As in, he served right before we started dating. He was stationed over in Germany when 9/11 happened & he said everyone over there thought World War 3 was starting. He said it was a very scary place to be in the days and weeks following the attacks because he was like “Oh shit. I have to actually go to war?” When he enlisted in the army he didn’t really think anything like that was going to happen.
I do have a great deal of respect for the men and women serving our country. Over the years there have been times where my husband has toyed around with the idea of re-enlisting, but ultimately it just didn’t work out for us. I don’t think I could be an army wife. I don’t even like when my husband has to work late. (which is every night!) I can not even imagine what it would be like to not see him for a year while he was on the other side of the world doing God knows what with God knows who. It definitely takes a very special woman to be able to deal with that huge hurdle in a marriage. Add trying to raise children to that and you’ve got supermom. I can’t even imagine.
So in closing, while my husband goes off to work today and I stay home to play with my babies, cook, clean, sew, blog, & do all kinds of fun, trivial things throughout the day, please know that I am also saying a prayer for the men and women serving our country (past and present) and that I am also saying a special prayer for the women and children at home missing their soldiers.
Also, in case anyone is interested, my Uncle Mike founded this awesome organization in California called San Pedro Packages for Patriots. Basically, he and his wife do all kinds of fund raisers and donation drives & they send care packages to deployed men and women overseas. Check out their website here. It’s an awesome group and they can always use donations!
Happy Memorial Day. Enjoy this day with your family & friends.