Happy Family at Target

Mornings can be a pretty crazy time around here. I try to get up and start my coffee before the baby and toddler wake up, but most mornings I’m awoken by the sound of little feet kicking the wall and babbling to themselves. As soon as my feet hit the floor, we are moving- getting diapers changed, bottles filled, waking up the big kids for school, and figuring out where everyone is going for the day. We’ve got one car, so I end up playing chauffeur a lot and have to drive my husband to work and get my elementary school kiddo dropped off (the middle schooler can ride the bus, thankfully). Most days are seriously a blur, and trying to squeeze in breakfast and making sure everyone eats well? That’s not usually what’s on my mind. 
I know breakfast is super important though, so I always make sure to keep the fridge and pantry stocked with easy options (IE- things that don’t require actual cooking). My big kids have always loved yogurt. We  actually have an entire shelf in the fridge dedicated to yogurt because it’s their go-to for breakfast, lunch, and snack time. A little carton of yogurt, some fruit, and a piece of whole grain toast or bagel is the perfect little meal to start the day. The little ones love it too. That’s why I was thrilled when I saw that one of my favorite baby brands, Happy Family, have their new Happy Baby yogurt cups available at Target! 
I got an email about Happy Baby yogurt last week, and you better believe we headed straight to our local Target (as if I needed another reason to go. You know it’s my happy place!) Guess what? My store had a ton of Happy Baby yogurt on clearance in the refrigerated section, so we stocked up and filled our basket with all of the different flavors. 
These little yogurt cups are the perfect size for babies 6-18 months old. They’re made with whole milk and are full of vitamin D, protein, calcium, and are mindfully made with probiotics. The best part? Happy Baby yogurt is non-GMO and doesn’t have any added sweeteners. It’s naturally sweetened with organic fruit and veggie purees- so there’s no added sweeteners in them at all. 
We grabbed three different flavors, and so far I think the banana sweet potato flavor is my son’s favorite. You can also find peach & mango, blueberry, and plain options at your local Target store. Pro tip-check the clearance section in the refrigerated area and grab some that may have been marked down. Ours were only $2 each! 

Baby boy loves berries. He practically lives off of strawberries and blueberries, so I tried adding some (cut very small) to his bowl of yogurt and let him try to feed himself. He’s not very good with the spoon, so he usually ends up picking the chunks of fruit out and then scoops up the yogurt with his fingers. He gets most of it in his mouth though, so that’s all that counts, right? 


The next time you’re at Target make sure to check out all of the Happy Family yogurt products for your baby or toddler. They have lots of options for your little ones and Happy Family is a brand I’ve trusted for years. I’m always happy with the quality and price, and of course the fact that I can get all of their favorite foods at my favorite store!