Happy Easter & April Fools!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!


We certainly did. It was pretty low-key, which is just our style. With no extended family close by it was just he four of us. We did a little egg hunt for the kids outside since the weather was absolutely gorgeous- about 55 degrees and nothing but sunshine! Here’s how the egg hunt went:
Lily was really good at finding all the ones hidden in the grass.

That tricky Easter bunny hid eggs in the trees! Here’s Ayden dropping one after retrieved it.



Another tree one. Good thing he’s tall!

Finally one low enough for Lily to reach.
Later they had a little Easter picnic outside. The sunshine was so nice to sit in!


I made some yummy deviled eggs for a snack, but they didn’t turn out very pretty.


Don’t you hate when the egg falls apart when you’re peeling it? Me too! 
I turned to Pinterest to find the best DIY trick to getting hard boiled eggs to peel easily. I had found this pin before about how to cook them perfectly and it worked really well. So I figured this tip on adding baking soda to the water to get them to peel right would work too. Wrong! They came out even worse off than ever.
But alas, they were still delicious. I’m not one to waste food, even if it is ugly to look at!

April Fools

We’re on Spring break here now so Ayden is home for the next week. Monday was April Fools’ Day and I overheard the kids talking about it while they were playing in Ayden’s room that morning. I hadn’t planned anything because I don’t usually pay attention to silly days like that. But since the kids were talking about jokes they could play I decided to play a little one on them in the spirit of April Fools. 
Here’s what I came up with at the last second:


They loved this!

I will have to do April Fools’ Day every year now because their reaction was great, and I was officially the coolest mom ever after they cracked up about this. Ayden can’t wait to go back to school and tell all of his friends.

After breakfast they got ready to go outside and play and I overheard them planning to “trick the birds” by baiting them with their fake Easter eggs. What a bunch of weirdos! 
I love it. 

I hope everyone’s Easter holiday was a great one!
Did you fool anyone yesterday? Or did someone fool you?