Halloween & a new tattoo

I just realized that I never blogged about our Halloween, so I better do it now.
We had a blast getting ready for trick or treating!
Princess Jasmine!
This was my best attempt at Jasmine hair. Whatever…it was cute!
Lily was terrified of everyone’s costumes so she had to be with daddy.
Trick or treat!
Ayden thought this guy was cool.
Despite the fact that it was pouring rain, we still had fun. We hit up one little neighborhood and called it good. The kids were OK with it! They got a good amount of candy and we all went home, pigged out on chocolate and watched a movie together.
The next day I got my Halloween treat! 

I got this lovely little lady tattooed on my right calf.
Isn’t my husband awesome? Yep…I think so.

Oooh and Lily got to use my stencil too. She was happy 🙂

My leg is swollen & sore so I’ve been parked on the couch for the last few days. Been watching a lot of SOA!