Halloween fun

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween with their little ones (or not so little ones!)
My kids had a blast.
We started with a little makeup. Lily wanted to be a pretty witch.

Ayden was Freddy Krueger. We used some temporary tattoos on his face because I was not about to attempt face painting on Freddy. The temporary tattoos were perfect!
Can you guess who I was?
Katniss Everdeen- the girl on fire!
(from The Hunger Games for all of you non fans)
I put my Mockingjay pin to good use! I even had a bow & quiver, but I didn’t use them. Moms always get stuck carrying everything on Halloween, so I decided to keep it simple. It was a lot of fun though and the kids loved that I dressed up, even if it only required a side braid and a pin on my jacket.
We decided to start off at the mall, which not my favorite place for trick-or-treating, but it was cold out and we figured the kids might like it more because it would be light and they wouldn’t have to “ruin” their costumes with jackets and warm gear. That’s one of the drawbacks about living in a cold area!

Mall trick-or-treating sucked.
For real.
Too many people…not enough candy. Half the stores had signs up saying they were out of candy which basically meant Beat it- we aren’t participating. We weren’t really into the whole stand-in-line-to-wait-for-a-dinner-mint thing, so we decided to ditch the mall and hit up a good neighborhood. It was cold out, but it wasn’t raining.
It was c-c-cold though! Yay for wearing jackets over your costume.

Daddy saved the day with his flashlight app on his iPod.
The kids scored and got a ton of candy- the good stuff too! I was surprised at how much chocolate they got. I remember when I was a kid the fun sized candy bars were my coveted prize- a rare find! I think they each got 15 little Snickers bars. Enough to share with mommy!
We had so much fun trick-or-treating, and we saw some really great costumes. My favorite were a brother and sister who were dressed up as Harry Potter & Hermione. They loved that I yelled “Harry! Hermione! I love you guys!” I would love it if I could convince my kids and husband to dress up in a Harry Potter theme next year! We’ll see 😉
How was your Halloween?
Did you hit the jackpot on candy?