Gun Cleaning Kits to Keep in Your Gun Safe

Guns aren’t cheap. And you don’t need to use them every day to make the most out of what you paid for. Your responsibility is to lengthen its lifespan and ensure that it can function at the peak of its capabilities for as long as possible. You can do it by regular cleaning and maintenance. Not cleaning your firearm regularly can result to its early demise. 

The easiest way to keep your gun safe, clean and functioning is by using a gun cleaning kit. It includes everything you need to clean and maintain your gun.

What are included in gun cleaning kits?

You can buy all your different gun cleaning materials separately, but it’s easier to purchase it all together in one kit. Each kit may be a little different and may have different inclusions, bust most of them will contain the same basic cleaning items, such as:

1. Bore cleaning brushes

This is an important component that must be included in any gun cleaning kit. This type of brush comes in handy for scraping off swaths of carbon residue off the inside of your gun’s barrel. These brushes have long handles that allow them to be pushed deeply into the barrel to loosen up gunpowder and other residue. Bore brushes come in different sizes for cleaning different calibers of pistol. There are also different types of these brushes, some include the nylon bore, bronze bore and tornado bronze bore. 

2. Cleaning rods

To help reach the deep barrels of any gun, you need cleaning rods. It is used to hold onto patches so you can push the patch deep inside the barrel then pull it back again. It makes it easy to clean out residue and debris if you have a cleaning rod. 

Cleaning rods for guns can be made from a number of different materials, such as bronze, aluminum, nylon and more. Ideally, it’s best to use nylon-coated rods because they won’t cause any damage to your guns. But other rods can work great if you are careful when using them.

3. Patches

Another items usually found in gun cleaning kits are cleaning patches. These are like wash cloths for guns used to wipe off residue inside the gun’s barrel. They are made from soft materials, typically cotton. They are weaved in different ways – from knit weaves, flannel weaves to cross weaves and more. 

When choosing the best cleaning patches, make sure to pick something that doesn’t produce lint. And also, pick something that’s absorbent.

4. Lubricating oil

Not all gun cleaning kits come with lubricating oil, but this is definitely important. Lubricating oil is needed for various moving parts of the gun to keep its operation moving smoothly.

The most important thing to consider in choosing a lubricating oil is its overall viscosity. An oil that possesses a decent consistency of liquid and solid will stick to the gun for a longer time, letting it perform its job in all weather conditions. Lubricating oil can help protect your gun from corrosion, rusting and other forms of wear and tear.

5. Solvent

The solvent is the liquid placed in the barrel and action of a gun to help loosen up and dissolve any excess gunpower and carbon. Solvents doesn’t come with the same ingredients, but just to be safe – avoid those made of toxic chemicals. Also, be wary of ammonia solvents as they may destroy the barrels of steel firearms.

6. Cleaning jag

A cleaning jag is used for providing a tight fit between the patch and the bore, for easier cleaning, drying and oiling of the bore. This way you can clean in 360 degrees of contact. Each jag is designed to provide a tight fit between the bore and the patch.

7. Storage case

Usually (but not always), a cleaning kit will come packaged into its special storage case or box of some sort. These can be made out of wood or metal, and you can also find one that is made of ballistic nylon or plastic. 

Best gun cleaning kits

Here are some of the highly-rated and well-reviewed gun cleaning kits in the market:

Where to Buy
Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit
Real Avid Gun Boss Multi Kit - Specialized Rifle Cleaning Kit for .22CAL - .224CAL Sporting Rifles 
Hoppe's No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit
Hoppe's Elite EGCOTG Gun Care On The Go Kit W/Case & Pillow Packs Box
Allen Company Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

1. Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit 

One of the best universal gun cleaning kits, the Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit can tackle any and all guns that are thrown at it. If you are a gun collector or a hunter who frequently uses his guns, then this is the kit for you. Whether you have a 12 gauge shotgun, a .45 caliber revolver or a .22 caliber pistol, this cleaning kit can accommodate it.

This set includes 10 different bore brushes, with different lengths and widths. All these brushes use Remington’s Rem Squeeg-Es technology, which makes cleaning and removing debris from the barrel easy. This feature removes all dislodge barrel debris in just one pass without needing any patches. By fitting firmly against the sides of the barrel, these brushes can clear the majority of the carbon residue. 

It also comes with an adjustable, T-shaped handle that can be attached to any brush. It also has an adapter to help accommodate cleaning the revolvers.

You can also find a gun cloth for cleaning the gun’s exterior, a gun pad to keep your gun safe during storage and transfer, and a 0.5-ounce bottle of Rem All-In Bore cleaner. This cleaner is a non-toxic solvent that does a great job breaking down carbon and other buildup. 

Everything in this kit comes in a soft, lightweight bag with different zipped pockets. The bag is like a travel duffel bag with a padded shoulder strap that allows simple and convenient transport of your gun cleaning gear.


  • Compatible with guns of all sizes
  • Comes with a bottle of solvent
  • 10 different bore brushes
  • Separate attachment for cleaning revolvers
  • Cleaning cloth for exterior


  • Bag is not sturdy enough to carry all that weight for a long time
  • Solvent is very little – you have to buy another bottle sooner

2. Real Avid Gun Boss Multi Kit – Specialized Rifle Cleaning Kit for .22CAL – .224CAL Sporting Rifles 

Real Avid Gun Boss Multi Kit (Specialized Rifle Cleaning Kit for .22CAL – .224CAL Sporting Rifles) is definitely a keeper. It is meant for cleaning 22CAL – .224CAL American rifles and allows easy and effective cleaning of your guns.

One of the nicest things about this gun cleaning kit is its portable size and a nice case. It comes with a hand-sized, nylon case that can be carried anywhere you go. Each tool snaps securely in place on the oil-resistant tray in this weather-resistant case.

This comprehensive set comes with innovative tools for cleaning the bore fully, including the action and chamber to prevent jamming glitches which are very dangerous not only for the gun owner but the people nearby. This cleaning kit is proven to remove carbon buildup. Using the Real Avid Gun Boss Multi Kit, you can clean the bore without the need of disassembling the gun.


  • High-quality cleaning equipment that can last for years
  • Compact and portable case
  • Convenient options for cleaning the gun’s bore: through the innovative bore snake Real Avid Bore Boss or using the traditional rod with ergonomic t-handle


  • Doesn’t come with oil or solvent

3. Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

When it comes to gun cleaners, one of the most trusted brand is Hoppe’s. They offer great cleaning kits for taking care of your firearms. Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit has versatile cleaning tools packed in a heavy-duty box made of dark stained wood and strong finger joints.

This cleaning kit comes with 3 piece brass rods and 4 slotted ends. These rods are lightweight, yet strong and sturdy. They have a swivel handle that allows bore rifling, and it makes it easier to use the gun cleaning kit. It also includes cleaning patches, 5 phosphor bronze brushes for .38 caliber pistols, .22 and .30 caliber rifles, and 20 and 12 gauge shotguns. 

The most notable inclusion in this kit is Hoppe’s No. 9 solvent, which works exceptionally well for cleaning the bore and various gun surfaces. It’s the most widely used remover of lead, metal fowling, rust and powder in guns. It also comes with Hoppe’s No. 9 lubricating oil, which is a high-viscosity oil. This kit also includes a “Guide to Gun Care,” which is a helpful booklet for taking care of your firearms.


  • Great to use for pistols
  • Comes with cleaning solvent and lubricating oil
  • Ultra-absorbent patches
  • Beautiful wooden storage box


  • Comes with only 3 pieces of brass rods
  • Lacks multiple cleaning brushes

4. Hoppe’s Elite EGCOTG Gun Care On The Go Kit With Case & Pillow Packs Box

This is another trusted gun cleaner that works great for at-home cleaning or cleaning on the go. This kit has a sturdy, plastic case that is lockable. At a mid-level price, you can get a cleaner that contains everything you need for cleaning and maintaining guns of .22 caliber and above.

Hoppe’s Elite EGCOTG Gun Care On-The-Go Kit comes with 5 different bore brushes made of bronze, which serves to scrape away any gunpowder residue present on the interior of a firearm’s barrel. All these brushes are detachable and easy to put on and take off. 

It includes a lint-resistant gun patches for basic dirt and dust removal, a utility brush for the tight corners and crevices, plus a bottle of solvent and lubrication oil. The solvent is Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner, which can penetrate down to steel’s molecular pores to remove lead, carbon and copper fouling. Meanwhile, the lubrication oil is Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil, which claims to have the highest coefficient of friction. 


  • Great to use for guns of .22 caliber and up
  • Comes with cleaning solvent and lubricating oil
  • Ultra-absorbent patches
  • Packed in a hard and durable plastic case


  • Comes with only one cleaning rod
  • Case has no compartments

5. Allen Company 70540 Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Need an organized cleaning kit? If you are a professional shooter, you need one like the Allen Company 70540 Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit. It comes with all the important cleaning tools and components for cleaning standard rifle or pistol calibers, plus 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 bore shotguns.

This cleaning kit comes in a toolbox and it has 65 cleaning tools and supplies inside including bronze brushes, brass jags, cotton swabs, brass slotted tips, brass adapters, brass cleaning rods, muzzleguards, pick tool, cleaning brush and brass cleaning brush.

Each tool has its own fitted compartment, plus ample space for solvents, lubricating oil, cleaning cloths, extra patches, extra jags and extra brushes. The cleaning tools have high-quality, and the organization is top-notch, so if you know what you’re doing, this is the ideal kit. 


  • Comes with all the necessary tools
  • Great to use for rifles, shotguns or pistol calibers
  • Tools are organized
  • Excellent toolbox design with ample space for your other cleaning tools


  • Case may break easily
  • Doesn’t come with oil or solvent