Guide to Using Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is a tiring task for new moms. It takes quite a lot of energy to feed a single child. Moreover, a new mom is dealing with several other problems that an ordinary individual cannot understand. Thanks to modern technology, breast pumps have made things slightly easier. They not only help keep up with the supply but also relieve engorgement and create a backup. Using a breast pump might seem a daunting task but in reality, it isn’t. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about breast pumping and the best breast bumps you should consider to help feed your child. Let’s begin.

When should I start pumping?

There is no fixed time when it comes to pumping breast milk. You will and should pump breast milk when you feel it is the right time and that mostly depends on your current situation. Some new moms begin breastfeeding their newborns as soon as they are born in the hospital. If your newborn is premature, it is important that you start pumping breast milk as soon as you can.

However, other new moms will wait until they are ready to pump breast milk or breastfeed. In some cases, newborns will shift between bottled milk and breast milk. Therefore, breast pumping depends on the special needs of your baby and what works best for you.

When the baby is 4 to 6 weeks old, breastfeeding should be well-established by that time. As a result, you will have a sufficient amount of time between feeding sessions to pump extra milk for later use. If you are employed somewhere and have to work, it is suggested that you start pumping milk at least 2 or 3 weeks before your leave ends so that you get a hang of it.

How should I begin pumping?

As mentioned earlier, breast pumping can be a tricky task for new moms. While being nervous is one thing, producing the right amount of milk is another. Therefore, let’s take a look at some important tips regarding pumping milk.

Get Relaxed

Before beginning pumping breast milk, it is important that you relax. Find a quiet and comfortable area to sit and relax as much as possible. If you are aware of meditation, try doing some yoga.

Hold your baby close

Now hold your baby up close. We understand that this is quite a nervous situation but there is no need to worry. Calm your nerves and try to feel your baby. Listen to a recording of her sounds, imagine her smell, and feel his/her soft skin. Believe it or not, this will help a new mom tremendously when it comes to pumping breast milk for the first time.

Prime the pump

Form a good seal with the flange using water. It will help moisten the flange as well. Then, position the nipple in the center of the flange before starting the pump. Once the positioning is done and the seal has been formed, it is time to prime the pump. Most breast pumping machines will start with faster and shorter bursts of suction that mimic the sucking action of your newborn. You will have to wait for the letdown position and after a while, the machine will start producing drops of milk. Once the letdown has happened, the machine will return to the regular mode.

Furthermore, do not begin with the highest level of suction. It might create an uncomfortable situation for you. For this reason alone, begin slowly and then gradually move to the level where you feel the most comfortable.

What are the benefits of pumping?

When it comes to pumping breast milk, there are several benefits to count. To begin with, it could simply be a new mom trying to boost the production of milk or preventing engorgement. Furthermore, if you tend to store milk produced using a breast pump, you can use it for longer periods even when you have left nursing. In addition to that, some moms are not able to breastfeed their babies due to several problems related to a poor latch or low supply. Using a breast pump ensures that your baby still gets that liquid gold.

One of the key advantages of pumping breast milk is that you can store the milk and share it with other moms who are not able to breastfeed their babies. Every mom wants to breastfeed their baby regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, some situations do not allow moms to do that. Therefore, helping another mommy out during such frustrating times is not going to hurt.

How often should I pump and for how long?

The frequency of pumping breast milk depends on how you intend to build the milk supply. If you intend to build the milk supply, then it is suggested that you pump the milk between nursing sessions. However, if you are pumping milk at work to replace the feedings you have missed or are missing, make sure that you align it with the feeding schedule of your baby so that the milk supply is built strong.

Furthermore, set an aim of being hooked up to the machine for at least 15-20 minutes to get a good amount of milk. However, it will differ for every mom, especially new moms during their early days. Pump until your breasts feel drained and the milk supply starts slowing down. Moreover, make sure to clean the flanges once you are done using the machine.

What’s the best schedule for pumping and breastfeeding?

As mentioned earlier, the best time for pumping depends entirely on you. You will decide the best time for you. With time, you will figure out the pumping schedule. However, it is suggested that you pump during the day when your breasts are full. If you are away from your baby and missing feedings, try pumping milk at the same time when you feed your baby, about once every 3 hours.

Additionally, if you are pumping milk to stock it, then pump every hour or so but during the day time. The morning time is the best time to get a good amount of milk. Furthermore, if you were to overdo it, you will exhaust yourself, which will decrease the milk supply. Some moms are able to pump milk using one breast, while the other is used for feeding the baby. However, this practice is only recommended if you have experience with both pumping and breastfeeding.

How to store breast milk?

While pumping is one thing, storing breast milk is another. Most breast pumping machines come with containers that allow you to collect and store breast milk in containers. Whereas, others simply allow you to collect the milk in standard feeding bottles. You can also collect breast milk in plastic bags. However, make sure that the right type of plastic bags are used. In addition to that, you can store breast milk for upto four days and in the freezer for around 12 months. Remember to label each container and use the oldest milk first.

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Final Word

As this article reaches its conclusion, we need to remind you that pumping breast milk differs for every mom. To make things easier, we would recommend using the Momcozy Double Electric Breast Pump, which is specifically designed to provide comfort and relaxation while pumping milk. You can choose between 9 different suction levels and soon get used to the process. It is a well-balanced approach towards breast pumping and is proven to prevent any complexities arising as a result.