Guide to the Best Tents for the Beach

The beach is the most common travel destination for tourists during the summer, and while swimming and bathing in the sun can sometimes feel relaxing and fun, getting sunlight on your body most of the time may not be as comfortable for many people. The need for breaks under the sun is the reason why tents and big umbrellas are must-haves on the beach, as these pieces of summer equipment allow people to get proper shade whenever the sun’s heat is too much for them.

Because beaches and tents have always been in tandem for many years, there have been about thousands of different tents that people can purchase in stores. However, not all of them are considered high-quality, and most beach lovers could not even tell the difference between a great tent and a bad tent. To help you decide on which beach tent is the perfect one for you and your loved ones, we have picked ten of the best beach tents based on customer reviews and feedback.

Where to Buy
Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella for Beach and Sports Events (8-Foot)
Coleman Beach Shade Shelter
Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent
Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Deluxe XL Easy Up 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter - Extended Zippered Porch Included
Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter - Portable Sun Shade Instant Tent for Beach with Carrying Bag, Stakes, 6 Sand Pockets, Anti UV for Fishing Hiking Camping, Waterproof Windproof, Orange



The Sport-Brella is both a tent and an umbrella, as it has the long handle that an umbrella has while also having side flaps to transform it into a small tent. In addition, the Sport-Brella is made of 210 D Polyester with a UVA protection feature to prevent the harmful rays from the sun get to your skin while sitting in the tent. Also, the material used to make the Sport-Brella is water-repellent to keep you dry during light rains on the beach.

Along with its side flaps, the tent comes with top wind vents to make you stay cool inside the tent. There are also windows on the side near the flaps that you can close by pulling the zippers on their sides. However, the downside to the Sport-Brella is that it doesn’t have flooring, so you would have to buy a mat separately if you don’t want to sit or lie on the sand.

Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

Second on the list is the Coleman Beach Shade Shelter, a small tent made of durable materials that provide 50+ UPF sun protection while keeping you cool during the warm season. The Coleman tent comes with a back window that can be unzipped and turned into another entrance or an air vent.

In addition, the tent also has built-in storage pockets where you can place valuable items, but of course, you would still have to keep an eye on the things that you put in those pockets since they don’t have a lock. Besides the storage pockets, the Coleman shelter features a dry line at the top where you can hang wet clothes that you have worn while swimming on the beach. But one of the most important features that it has is its thick flooring, which is not present in the Sport-Brella.

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

From the small tents, let us discuss the bigger tents on the list. The first large tent is the Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent, which is true to its name, is quite easy to set up compared to most cheap beach tents that you can find online. To keep the tent in place, Pacific Breeze includes four pieces of stakes that remain in its spot, even in the sand. The Pacific Breeze tent’s dimensions are 87 inches in length, 47 inches in height, and 49 inches in diameter.

Like the previously mentioned tents, the Pacific Breeze Beach Tent is made of lightweight and breathable polyester that offers UPF 50+ sun protection. To further enhance its breathability, the tent also has large windows on the sides that can serve as proper ventilation once they are open. At one side of the tent is a big storage pocket that is able to carry folded towels and other beach essentials. Once the tent is disassembled, it can be placed inside the included carrying case.

Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Deluxe

The Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Deluxe is a slightly bigger tent than the Pacific Breeze, as it has the dimensions of 99 inches in length, 57 inches in height, and 53 inches in diameter. Because of its large space, the Easthills Outdoors tent can fit up to four adults inside. Furthermore, Easthills claims that the tent can be set up in about one minute because of its easy-to-follow assembly directions that are sewed inside the carry bag so that you won’t have to bring an instruction manual with you.

In terms of its materials, the Easthills Outdoors tent is made of 185T polyester that is coated with 50+ UPF protection to block UV rays from getting inside the tent. To make the tent more private, it has a zippered front that allows that side to become a makeshift door.


Oileus X-Large Beach Tent

Another big beach tent, the Oileus X-Large Beach Tent is in between the Eashills and the Pacific Breeze in terms of its size. Having the dimensions of 92 inches in length, 45 inches in height, and 45 inches in diameter, the Oileus tent is suitable for three to four adults to get some shade from the sun.

The Oileus Beach Tent is crafted using 210T polyester that is thicker but somehow more breathable than the polyester found on most beach tents. Similar to the other large tents, the Oileus feature two windows at the side for ventilation and viewing, and it also comes with stakes to keep it in place. The tent and its accessories can fit inside the included carry bag that has a shoulder strap for you to carry it better.

Where to Buy
OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent XL - Easy Setup, Portable 3-4 Person Tall Beach Shade Folding Sun Shelter with UPF 50+ UV Protection Removable Skylight Family Size
WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter Quick Instant Automatic Portable Sport Umbrella Baby Canopy Cabana Sun Shade
Mobihome Beach Tent Sun Shelter Pop Up, Sand & Surf Beach Shade Tents Umbrella & Portable Canopy Easy Setup for 2-3 Person Outdoor Camping Fishing - with Extended Porch
Alvantor Beach Tent Umbrella Outdoor Sun Shelter Cabana Automatic Pop Up UPF 50+ Sun Shade Portable Camping Hiking Canopy Easy Setup Windproof Patent Pending 3 or 4 Person
Outrav Pop Up Beach Tent - Quick and Easy Set Up, Family Size, Portable Sun and Water Shelter and Shade Canopy - for Fishing, Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Activities


OutdoorMaster Pop-Up Beach Tent

The OutdoorMaster Pop-Up Beach Tent is made of lightweight polyester that can also provide UV SPF 50+ protection like all the other beach tents on the list. Despite the thin material, the OutdoorMaster tent will still be able to protect you and two more other people from rain and wind. Also, to help it stay in its spot, the tent comes with stakes that are durable and resilient to different weather or soil conditions.

The windows on the OutdoorMaster tent are located on the three sides located in the back, and they can be closed by unrolling the sheets of polyester at the bottom of the windows. The OutdoorMaster tent features a zippered front door so that you can use the tent as a changing room if the windows are closed as well.

WolfWise Pop-Up Beach Tent

A true pop-up tent, the WolfWise Beach Tent has a no assembly required feature that allows it to form into a tent in just two or three seconds. Once it is out of its carry bag, you can throw it on the spot, and the tent will automatically form into its proper shape.

The WolfWise Pop-Up Tent has two entrances at the front and at the back that can be closed using zippers, and it also has two windows that can also be shut by unrolling the polyester sheets at the top. The dimensions of the tent are 53.2 inches in length, 51.1 inches in width, and 47.2 inches in height.

Mobihome Beach Tent

The Mobihome Beach Tent is a medium-sized tent with the dimensions of 79 inches in length, 44 inches in width, and 43 inches in diameter, making it able to provide shade for two to three people. Furthermore, it has more opening compared to other beach tents, thus allowing the tent to be much more ventilated and breathable.

The polyester material used for the tent is coated with a silver film to increase its capacity to protect the people inside the tent from UV rays and sunlight. The Mobihome tent also includes a special carry bag where you can store the polyester sheets as well as the fiberglass frame inside.

Alvantor Beach Tent

The Alvantor Beach tent is another medium-sized tent that can accommodate two to three people. As usual, this beach tent is made with durable polyester material that has a 50+ UPF UV protection coating. However, what’s different about the Alvantor tent is that it has relatively wider windows that occupy almost all the space in their rows. These wider windows give people more ventilation whenever they are inside the tent.

Moreover, the Alvantor tent has a wider opening at the front in order to provide people with a better view of the beach as well as allowing them to feel the summer breeze. The Alvantor tent has a measurement of 79 inches in length, 47 inches in width, and 53 inches in height.

Outrav Pop-Up Beach Tent

The last on the list is the Outrav Pop-Up Beach Tent, which has an interesting feature wherein you just have to pull the cords at the top of its frame to transform it into a fully-functional tent. Aside from its unique pop-up frame, the Outrav tent also has a durable polyester material that makes up the entire cover for the product.

At the two sides of the tent are wide windows that provide ventilation for the people inside the tent and also give them a good view of the beach from left to right. There are sandbags located at each corner of the tent that you need to fill with sand in order for them to act as stakes for the tent. The dimensions for the Outrav Pop-Up Tent are 49.2 inches in height, 86.4 inches in width, and 46.8 inches in diameter.

Buying any of these ten beach tents will give you the best ventilation and protection against sunlight and UV rays. It would be best if you always keep in mind the tent’s size and dimensions, especially when you’re buying it to be used by more than two people.