Guide to the Best Cheese Samplers and Gift Baskets

Whenever there’s a celebration, there’s just one thing people love to do: eat. Eating and drinking anything they love is socially and personally acceptable as long as they’re celebrating a special occasion. A celebration is a great excuse to have a cheat day and indulge in anything you like.

Because of this, gift giving becomes easier, especially for people whom you are not really close with (and if you don’t know what they personally prefer) like a distant relative, a colleague or a distant friend. As long as your gift is food, it will be well-received. Especially if it’s cheese, because everybody loves cheese (except for your lactose-intolerant folks).

Cheese is a great appetizer, snack and an ingredient for a lot of tasty dishes. It’s very useful and it is sure to be consumed, making it a great choice for a gift.

If you’re looking for cheese-filled gift baskets and samplers to give to someone, here are some great options to choose from:

Where to Buy
Wisconsins Best Deluxe Cheese & Cracker Gift Basket
Farmers Market Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket
Dan the Sausageman Yukon Gourmet Gift Basket
Wine Country Gift Baskets Meat and Cheese Collection
California Delicious Picnic for Two Gift Basket
Wisconsin Cheeseman Cheese & Sausage Gift Box
ABELL Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board and Knife Set with 4 Ceramic Bowls and Slate Inlay
Hickory Farms Hearty Selection
igourmet Luxurious Cheese Treasures
Perfect Partners Cheese for Red Wine Pairing Box
Nibbler Gift Crate by Wisconsin Cheese Mart
Wisconsin Cheese Sampler Set 1oz each (7 flavors 3 of each) Shelf Stable
6 Piece Sausages 'n Cheese Bars from The Swiss Colony


1. Wisconsin’s Best Deluxe Cheese & Cracker Gift Basket

Wisconsin cheese is known to be one of America’s finest dairy, so giving a cheese gift basket from Wisconsin’s Best will be impressive. This gourmet gift basket contains 2 blocks of 100% Wisconsin cheddar cheese, 2 blocks of 100% Wisconsin pepper jack cheese, water crackers and savory crackers. The basket is hand-packed and the cheeses require refrigeration only after opening, so you don’t have to worry if you’re not sure whether your recipient is available or at home to accept their package.

2. Farmer’s Market Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket

This gift basket comes with 6 blocks of gourmet cheese in exciting flavors that are mild and not overwhelming, but are different from the standard cheeses you can find in your local grocery store. Farmer’s Market Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket consists of a perfect cheese package for food lovers, cooks and connoisseurs. It’s great for gifting for spicy food lovers and cheese fans, because this basket includes 2 habanero cheddar, 2 chipotle pepper and 2 ghost pepper. These cheeses melt extremely well that is great for fondue and grilled cheese.

3. Dan the Sausageman Yukon Gourmet Gift Basket

Dan the Sausageman is a local small business in Wisconsin that supplies fine food products to establishments and Amazon. This Yukon Gourmet Gift Basket contains some artisanal-grade, specialty food products such as 100% Wisconsin cheese, Elki Water Crackers, Elki Spring Onion Crackers, Anna’s Pantry Peanuts and an additional grainy mustard. It also contains Dan’s Original Sausage and Dan’s Sweet Hot Mustard. And to add something sweet, you can find Seattle Chocolate truffles too.

4. Wine Country Gift Baskets Meat and Cheese Collection

This is a gorgeous gift basket that received a lot of rave reviews. Wine Country Gift Baskets Meat and Cheese Collection is a hand-packed basket filled with high-quality, snack food items. This will be highly appreciated by a person who loves West Coast food and wine, as it contains Portland Hills smoked gouda cheese spread, Nonni’s mozzarella cheese swirls, Daniele artisan handmade salame picante, Napa Valley Mustard Company stone ground mustard, sea salt olive oil crackers, roasted garlic crackers, Perugina Sorrento fruit hard candies and Mama Mellace’s dried fruit and nuts. Its white and blue color combo makes it beautiful and presentable.

5. California Delicious Picnic for Two Gift Basket

The presentation is very important when it comes to gifts, so this package is sure to impress. It makes a great gifts for colleagues, employees and friends you would like to receive a “wow” from. It includes three varieties of cheese spreads and the perfect accompaniment to it, such as two beef sausages, salami, dried fruit and pistachios. Complete it with a bottle of wine and you’ve got the perfect picnic package.

6. Wisconsin Cheeseman Cheese & Sausage Gift Box

This cheese and meat set might be packed in a simple box, but the price and the quality of the product is unbeatable. Wisconsin Cheeseman Cheese & Sausage Gift Box includes a great selection of cheeses, including Colby, brick, sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack, which are complemented by a delicious trio of original, salami and garlic all-beef sausages. The receiver of your gift will be surely satisfied!

7. ABELL Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board and Knife Set with 4 Ceramic Bowls and Slate Inlay

Add a touch of class to your wine and cheese tasting parties and make an impression to a foodie you know by giving this gift basket. GiftTree Personalized Cheese Slate with Artisan Cheeses makes an impressive gift for any cheese connoisseur as it comes with a high-quality, artisan-made cheeses from around the world such as BellaVitano Wisconsin Black Pepper, Sartori Basil & Olive Oil Asiago and Beemster Dutch Vlaskaas. These gourmet cheeses are paired with snacks such as Flat Out Good Crispbread, Tuscan Herb Salami and Willamette Valley Stone Ground Mustard. It comes in a cheese board made of natural stone slate with beautiful, sturdy rope handles on either side, plus a velvet mounting to protect delicate surfaces.

8. Hickory Farms Hearty Selection

For the meat and cheese lover you know (or simply anyone who’s not vegan), Hickory Farms Hearty Selection is the perfect gift. It has three signature beef summer sausages packed with 5 cheese varieties such as smoked gouda, harvest vegetable white cheddar, jalapeno cheddar, farmhouse cheddar and creamy Swiss cheese. That’s enough meat and cheese to go around, making it great for sharing.

9. igourmet Luxurious Cheese Treasures

If you really want to impress, here’s the cheese gift basket to grab. igourmet Luxurious Cheese Treasures is at a higher price point because it comes with French, Italian and other international specialty cheeses including Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio, Dorset Drum Farmhouse Cheddar, Fourme d’Ambert, Artisan Raw-Milk Manchego, Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto, Beemster X.O., Camembert Le Chatelain, Le Marechal, and Buche de Chevre. Besides these classy gourmet cheeses, it also comes with wine compote, red onion jam, Daelia’s Biscuits, specialty crackers and a cheese knife. All these are packed in a basket looking like a treasure chest and ships in a reusable and insulated cooler to retain freshness.

10. Perfect Partners Cheese for Red Wine Pairing Box

Perfect Partners Cheese for Red Wine Pairing Box is a perfect gift to a host or hostess of a party you’re attending, or as a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves specialty cheese and drinking red wine. This box contains random-weight pieces of natural Pepato, Vermont Sharp White Cheddar and aged Havarti. Also included is a handy guide to suggested red wine pairings and serving suggestions for each cheeses. The cards there are meant to be cut to be transformed into cheese name cards for a party, to help guests easily see red wine pairing suggestions. Not only does the cheese taste delicious, they also offer a fun and unique touch to entertaining.