Guide to Sweet 16 Party Decorations

Turning sixteen is indeed a milestone for every girl. That is why a lot of girls want to throw a party when they turn sixteen. When planning for a sweet sixteen party, there are lots of things to do such as think of a theme, pick a place where the party will be held, decide on foods to serve, and how many guests are invited. After you’ve decided on the theme of the party, the next thing you need to think of is the decorations that will bring your concept to life.

purple and silver balloons with sweet 16 princess design
purple and silver balloons with sweet 16 princess design

Some of the most common sweet sixteen party themes are princess, magical, masquerade, and the likes. If you are thinking of the same concept, then it will be easy for you to find decorations for your party because there are lots of those available in the market today.

If you are planning a Sweet 16 Party and you don’t have any idea yet on what decorations to use, we are giving you a list of the wonderful sweetsixteen party decorations we found that you might like.

Where to Buy
PartyGraphix Sweet sixteen Photo Booth Props
Sixteenth Birthday Tiara and Sash
Sweet sixteen Birthday Party Backdrop Décor
Sixteen Years Loved Guestbook by Crown Journals
Sweet sixteen Welcome Sign for the Yard
Sweet sixteen Swirl Decoration
Sweet sixteen Banner Decoration
Sweet sixteen Balloons
Sweet sixteen Table Toppers
BRT sixteenth Birthday Decorations

 1. PartyGraphix Sweet sixteen Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are now a thing in every party and of course, it’s great to have one in your sweet sixteen party as well. This is a pack that contains 15 pieces of different sweet sixteen selfie props that are really fun and cool. These decorations are fitted with adhesive strips so that you can securely attach them to long sticks if you want. All of them are made with large-sized sturdy cardstock and they are all easy to read in pictures. The guests will surely enjoy taking photos with these props.

 2. Sixteenth Birthday Tiara and Sash

A princess theme is common when celebrating sweet sixteen. This tiara and sash will be perfect for the birthday girl to wear on her special day. The tiara is made with quality rhinestones. She will definitely feel like a princess with these decorations.

 3. Sweet sixteen Birthday Party Backdrop Décor

This is a backdrop that you can use to decorate the stage or as a background for the photo booth. It features a high-quality print that will surely add to the style and ambiance of the party’s theme.

 4. Sixteen Years Loved Guestbook by Crown Journals

Aside from being a guestbook, this can also be an additional decoration to a sweet sixteen birthday party. It is the perfect guest book for guests, family, and friends so that they can share their best wishes to the birthday girl. It is something that she can keep for a long time to reminisce her sixteenth birthday memories in the future.

 5. Sweet sixteen Welcome Sign for the Yard

This is a yard sign that is perfect to welcome the guests to your sweet sixteen party. It is 7 inches wide and 23 inches tall. It comes in a pink and gold design that the birthday girl will surely love. It is also very easy to use. Just insert two heavy-duty metal stakes into each ornament and press it into the ground to display. It is printed on a high-quality and waterproof material so that you can use it outdoors.

 6. Sweet sixteen Swirl Decoration

These are really cute swirl decorations that will add a touch of fun to the sweet sixteen party. It includes 6 plain swirls in different colors and 3 swirls with cutouts of sweet sixteen decorations. These swirls are hanged from the ceiling and they will definitely match your other sweet sixteen party decoration.

 7. Sweet sixteen Banner Decoration

This is a simple yet stylish sweet sixteen banner that you can add above the buffet table or sweets table. The letters are made with card stock paper with gold glitters. It is 3 meters in length and you can also hang it anywhere you like. In fact, you can also use it as a backdrop for group pictures.

 8. Sweet sixteen Balloons

Balloons are one of the most common decorations in birthdays. This is a set of sweet sixteen balloon and they come in elegant rose gold color. The set includes latex balloons, confetti balloons, a number sixteen balloon, and happy birthday balloons. These will surely add lots of fun and style to the sweet sixteen party.

 9. Sweet sixteen Table Toppers

Aside from decorating the walls and ceiling of the venue, you should not forget the tables where your guests will be sitting as well. This is a set of table toppers that are made especially for a sweet sixteen party. It includes 15 table toppers in colors gold and pink. Aside from the tables, these can also accent your birthday party candy buffet. You can also add them as props to the photo booth if you want.

 10. BRT sixteenth Birthday Decorations

This is a value pack that contains sweet sixteen party decorations such as a happy birthday banner, 24 pieces of latex party balloons, 6 pieces of confetti balloons, 4 pieces of heart foil balloons, one set of heart garland, one foil fringe curtain, and a large number sixteen balloon. This is a great value pack that is easy to setup because it includes all you’ll need to decorate a wonderful sweet sixteen party.

These are some of the best sweet sixteen party decorations we can recommend. All of these will surely add fun and style to the party. We hope this list will be able to help you have an idea or come up with a concept and decoration style for your sweet sixteen party. If you’re looking for a gift to give someone who is turning sixteen soon, then you might want to check out our sweet 16 birthday gift ideas as well.