Guide to Smart Door Locks

One of the most vital worries for anyone is the security of our home. This is why when locks and keys were invented, we have trusted door locks for the security of our homes and family. However, the problem arises when we lose our keys and the only option we have is to either break the door lock or to find a locksmith to make a new key.

If you’re someone who often loses your keys or leave them in the office, then maybe it’s best if you replace your door locks at home with keyless ones. Is that possible? Yes, with the use of smart door locks. They can take your home’s security to the next level while opening up a new world of possibilities.

What Is a Smart Door Lock?

A smart door lock is a form of keyless lock that is a popular feature in many smart homes and home security systems. It is a battery-powered device that can be locked and unlocked through an app installed in computers and smartphones. There are also some that work when you’re standing near them, and others let you run your lock on a daily schedule depending on when you’d like it to be locked or unlocked.

The aim of smart door locks is to ultimately add value and convenience to your life by connecting with them in a digital way. In fact, there are also some smart door locks that can be connected with other smart devices in your home such as your heating system. When you leave home, it can communicate with your heating system to turn off.

Smart locks originated in the hotel industry when electronic key-cards replaced keys in hotels back in the ’90s. But the smart door locks we have today are more advanced than those because it was linked to the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the idea of internet-connected machines talking to one another, and then the user talking to them in turn.

Types of Smart Door Locks

There are different types of smart door locks available on the market. For you to decide which one is right for your home, here are the different types of smart door locks.

Keypad and Combination Smart Locks

This type of smart lock will require you to have a pin code to unlock your door. It is easy to install and it allows you to set different pin codes for different people for you to know who’s coming and going at all times. Most keypad and combination smart locks have touchscreens but there are also some models which have physical buttons.

Other kinds of this type of smart lock are deadbolts and works with Google Home, keypad deadbolts that have lever or knob, and keypad deadbolts with a handle-set. Most of them come with an optional connected feature, allowing you to connect them to your other smart home devices.

Keyless and Wireless Smart Locks

Keyless and wireless smart locks can be connected to your Wi-Fi network at home. Meaning, if you have a Wi-Fi remote, you will be able to lock and unlock your doors remotely even when you’re in a different country.

However, keyless and wireless smart locks usually come as part of a home security package and most of them do not have a dedicated app. If you want to control them using your smartphone through Alexa or another smart home system, there’s a need for you to buy a smart home hub such as Wink, Amazon Echo, and the likes.

There are also some smart locks that are capable of connecting to an Apple HomeKit. They usually use Bluetooth to communicate with Apple smart home system and most of them have their own app, meaning, there’s no need for you to connect with a smart home hub for them to work as long as they use Bluetooth technology.

Fob Enabled Smart Lock

This type of smart door lock does not require a smartphone for it to function. They work using a key-fob that you can keep in your pocket, purse, backpack, or another bag. Once you get to the door, simply touch the lock to open it. One key-fob can open multiple door locks as long as they are all part of the same related system of locks.

Fingerprint and Biometric Smart Locks

This type of smart lock uses a fingerprint to work. Each of us has unique fingerprints and they are difficult to fake or alter. Plus, they can’t be lost or misplaced, making this a great security option.

This smart door lock works by scanning a fingerprint then converting it into a numerical template. The first time that you place your finger on the scanner, the data is recorded and saved through pre-saved values of identification. It means that you can use it to grant access to multiple people.

But before purchasing this type of smart lock, check first its false rejection rate. If it’s high, it’s better to find another model. It’s also better to choose ones that are made of sturdy steel brass or steel instead of aluminum which is easily compromised using a crowbar. You must also know how many fingerprints it can store to make sure that it has enough to suit your needs.

Communication Systems Used by Smart Door Locks

Just like other smart devices, smart door locks also use different protocols for them to work. This is another important factor to look into when choosing a smart door lock for your home. Here are the major communication systems used by smart door locks.

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth is beginning to make appearances in the smart home market. It is best when it comes to saving battery life and smart door locks that uses Bluetooth to work do not require a hub. However, Bluetooth protocol is quite new to the smart device industry, therefore, you might have limited choices.
  • Wi-Fi: There are many smart door locks that are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning, you will have a lot of choices if you choose this communication system.
  • Z-Wave Plus: This communication system can function with a whole range of different products aside from smart door locks. However, it can get a bit pricey, but it’s worth it especially when you want to connect other smart devices to your smart door lock.
  • Zigbee: This system is interoperable with other Zigbee brands, products, manufacturers, and even version. Its technology is also safe to use.

Types of Doors You Can Secure with Smart Locks

Smart door locks are not just for the front door of your home but they can also be used on any door inside and outside of your house. Therefore, before purchasing a smart lock, decide first on which doors you want to have smart locks installed on. This will help you determine the types of locks you need to buy and how many.

  • Front and Back Doors: You can choose any type of smart lock for your front and back doors and these are the most common areas where smart locks are placed. But pay attention if the smart lock you are purchasing is for an exterior door or interior door.
  • Bedroom Doors: If you’re looking for smart locks for your bedroom door, make sure to find ones that are labeled “for interior doors”. There are also many colors and finishes to choose from that will match your interior decors.
  • Garage Doors: There are smart locks that are specially designed for garage doors. There are some that can work with your home’s Wi-Fi network and with other protocols, and some that can simply fit on any standard garage door wall switch. There are also smart garage door locks that have remote door sensors and temperature gauges. Most of them work by using an app on your smartphone.

The Best Smart Door Locks for Your Home

Where to Buy
Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt
Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock
Schlage Sense Smart Lock
Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock
Samsung Digital Door Lock
Danalock Bluetooth Smart Lock

If you’ve decided to replace your door locks at home with smart ones, we will be glad to help you find the perfect one for your home. Here are the best smart door locks we can recommend.

1. Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

This smart door lock will enable you to control the locks of your house through voice commands. It’s because it is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

You can store over 250 pin codes in this smart lock which is ideal for forgetful people out there. When you forget your pin, you can put another backup code, and even a backup to the backup if that makes any sense.

It is usable with a lot of home security systems such as Honeywell and It is also compatible with Z-Wave independent and ZigBee networks. Its vast compatibility will allow you to use it whatever security system you have at home.

This smart door lock does not use bandwidth to connect to phones, tablets, or computers. Also, if your internet is down, you can still use a traditional key to unlock the door. It also has a privacy mode when you want to lock people out for some alone time. It is very easy to set up and program as well. The only downside of this smart door lock is its expensive price.

2. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

This is the type of smart door lock that uses a key fob. It is a touch-to-open Bluetooth smart lock which is popular in the home lock niche. It can be opened through Bluetooth and radio frequency identification. This means that you can access this lock through your smartphone or by using a key fob.

This smart lock is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It can also be programmed to unlock when your synced smartphone comes into proximity to it. It also offers you the chance to add two devices with full access to it, unlike others which can only support one. There are also eKeys that you can provide to your guests.

Also, if you lost your phone, this smart lock is accompanied by a lost phone option. It will reset the access system and the people who have eKeys can no longer unlock the doors of your house.

This smart lock is also compatible with a learning thermostat. Meaning, you can use it to control your home’s heating system. It also comes with a physical key for those family members who are not tech-savvy. However, it is also quite expensive.

3. Schlage Sense Smart Lock

This is a very simple smart lock but has advanced technology and quality. It has a touchpad to access the door, making it a durable option compared to those with actual buttons. This smart lock can also be accessed using a backup key, so if you forget your password or code, you will still manage to unlock it using the key.

This smart lock fits well on standard doors. It is also battery operated, and it gives low battery warnings. But don’t worry because the battery itself is known to last long.

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be controlled with Siri. It is easy to install and also has a built-in tamper alarm embedded to it which ensures that no intruders will be able to hack the system. However, if you wish to control the lock with a remote, you might need an Apple TV to do that.

4. Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock

If you’re someone who prefers versatility, then this smart lock is perfect for you. It is the first smart door lock that allows users to enter via a keyless entry, code, fingerprint, smartphone, and traditional key.

Its touch keypad is equipped with an anti-peep feature. Even if someone is trying to look at your code, they won’t be able to see it. You can also view the enter logs through its app.

This smart lock comes with a weatherproof door handle. Even when it gets wet from rain, it won’t develop rust and it won’t get damaged. It also has a low battery alarm that will notify you when the battery is dangerously low.

5. Samsung Digital Door Lock

Aside from the common features that smart locks offer, this smart door lock has the ability to link with Samsung Smart Home systems. It means that you can connect it with security systems and video cameras. You can also use the Samsung app to see who checked into the system while you’re away.

This smart lock is able to store 100 fingerprints. Through the app, you can see who can access the system and take back the access whenever you want to. Aside from fingerprint, you can also use pin codes to access it. It can have a pin with as low as four digits and as long as twelve digits. However, the design of this smart lock is only compatible with doors with handles rather than those with knobs.

6. Danalock Bluetooth Smart Lock

This smart loc can be used in many ways. It can be manually unlocked using a key, via Bluetooth, or use the touchpad included with the product. Among these options, the Bluetooth smart connect is the most convenient option of the lot.

This smart lock will also allow you to send unlimited e-keys. But even when others have their e-keys to your smart door lock, only you will have control over the settings and it’s up to you if you will provide full or limited access to them.

The Danalock app can be operated on both your phones and on web browsers. It also works well with all types of installed deadbolts, meaning, there’s no need for you to remove the existing hardware of your door.


Smart door locks are certainly more convenient compared to traditional ones especially when you often lose or forget your keys. But aside from the convenience, they also provide additional security. Having a secured door at home is one of the best ways to keep your entire house secure. We hope this guide will help you find the best smart door lock for your home.