Guide to Smart Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are typically used to circulate cool air from an air conditioning system in a certain room, and they come in different types. The very first type of ceiling fan that has been created was the pull-chain or pull-cord control ceiling fan which includes a tethered metal-bean or cloth cord. This type usually has three speeds and they are selected by pulling the chain or cord repeatedly.

The next type that was created is the variable-speed control ceiling fan which has a dial mounted on it. You can choose if it turns in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions. Because during colder months, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise to pull the cool air up, and counterclockwise in warmer months to push cold air down.

After that, wall-mounted control fans were introduced. They are similar to variable-speed control fans, however, their dials are usually installed on walls. Then, wireless remote control ceiling fans came in the picture and they are controlled using hand-held remotes. But today, did you know that there is a more advanced type of ceiling fan you can install?

Since some homeowners are turning their houses into smart homes, many smart devices are being created and one of those is the smart ceiling fan. You will be able to use them in tandem with your air conditioner without worrying about your energy costs. In fact, they can even help you reduce your energy consumption.

What Is a Smart Ceiling Fan?

Smart ceiling fans work like regular ceiling fans, but the difference is they know when to spin themselves. Similar to smart thermostats, a smart ceiling fan can also be controlled remotely, and as well as be programmed to switch on depending on the predetermined temperatures and schedules.

Basically, smart ceiling fans are connected to your Wi-Fi network and either a mobile app interface or vocal commands using your virtual assistants like Alexa, Google, or Siri, replace their handheld remote controls.

There are two kinds of smart ceiling fans. One is a converted one where non-smart ceiling fans are used along with a third-party wireless controller that will convert it to a smart appliance, allowing the user to add it to a smart home hub. The other kind is the full-fledged smart ceiling fans that are purchased at high prices.

Do You Need a Smart Ceiling Fan?

Smart devices are useful but can also be guilty pleasures for some, just like how most of us became dependent on smartphones. But we have to admit that they made our lives a lot easier especially in terms of communication. So what can a smart ceiling fan offer that would make it an important part of our homes?

Smart ceiling fans have all the features of traditional fans such as speed control, summer and winter modes, and even the dimmable lights. But what makes it smart is that it can work together with other smart devices like thermostats and air conditioners. It can turn on and off, and as well as adjust its speed and direction independently depending on the room temperature detected by either a thermostat or air conditioner. This will help you keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Another advantage is you can create schedules with smart ceiling fans. This way, your home will have the perfect temperature before you get home. It can also be paired with sensors that can detect if it’s day or night, and dims the ceiling fan’s light accordingly.

And the main reason while some people switch to smart ceiling fans is because it helps them lower their energy consumption. Having a smart ceiling fan that runs on cue will help circulate cool air in a room. This will enable you to operate your air-conditioner several degrees higher without experiencing discomfort. And for every degree raised, you will be able to save the “on” cycles of your air-conditioner by 10%, thus, reducing the total energy consumption. So if you’re looking for ways to save energy, maybe replacing your old ceiling fan with a smart one will help.

Smart Ceiling Fan Cost

There are only few manufacturers that have developed a full-fledged smart ceiling fan in the present time, and this is the reason why they come in high price tags from $300 to $1000. If you do not want to spend that much but want to experience using a smart ceiling fan, then you can try transforming your old ceiling fan into a smart one through the use of switches. This can work even on the pull-chain ones. You can get these smart fan control switches anywhere between $50 to $100.

The Best Smart Ceiling Fans

If you’ve decided that you want and need a smart ceiling fan at home, we will help you choose among the great brands on the market. Here are some of the best smart ceiling fans and controllers we can recommend.

Where to Buy
Bond Smart Home Automation Controller
GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Speed Control
Insteon FanLinc Dual-Band Ceiling Fan and Light Controller
Hunter Simple Connect Ceiling Fan Control
Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan
Hunter 59224 Signal Ceiling Fan
Hunter 59226 Apache Ceiling Fan with Light
Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan


1. Bond Smart Home Automation Controller

This smart home automation device is designed to turn your old, regular ceiling fan into a smart one. With this device, you will be able to control your ceiling fan through your home Wi-Fi network by using a smartphone app. What’s good about it is it works with almost all existing remote-controlled fans on the market. Plus, it can support up to five ceiling fans.

Bond Smart Home Automation Controller has a simple but elegant design because it is a device that will most likely end up in the center of a room, especially if your fan uses the Infrared technology and it needs to be close to it. You can also make it work with Alexa and other compatible smart home products like Honeywell, Nest, and more.

Based on reviews, Bond is an awesome device that gave their old ceiling fans new functionalities. It is a device that can make your ceiling fans spin on their own every time the room temperature rises up to a certain point. Aside from that, it also features a light control.

2. GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Speed Control

If your ceiling fan doesn’t have a remote control but you want to turn it into a smart ceiling fan, then the GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Speed Control is the perfect device for you. You just simply need to replace your ceiling fan’s standard in-wall switch with it.

It will be able to turn your old ceiling fan into one that you can turn on and off wirelessly anywhere you are through a smartphone app. Aside from switching it on and off, it will also allow you to control the fan’s speed.

If you want more advanced automation, you can connect it with other smart home devices such as Alexa, Pulse, Wink, SmartThings, Honeywell, and more. This way, you will be able to control your ceiling fan through voice or trigger it depending on the temperature, or when someone enters the room.

Based on reviews, this device totally works great. It also worked smoothly with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and SmartThings hub. It also offers flexibility in the wiring, and it has an LED indicator for easy switch spotting in the dark.

3. Insteon FanLinc Dual-Band Ceiling Fan and Light Controller

This device will allow you to control both your fan and lights on your smartphone. FanLinc is installed inside your existing ceiling fan by simply wiring it in. There’s no need for you to run any wires on your wall and it fits most ceiling fan canopies.

After installing, download its app on your smartphone then you can start controlling the speed of your fan, as well as dimming your lights. It can also work with Amazon Alexa and Insteon Technology if you want a more advanced automation.

4. Hunter Simple Connect Ceiling Fan Control

If you have the traditional pull-chain ceiling fan at home, you can also turn it into a smart one through the use of this device. However, unlike other smart control switches, this device only utilizes Bluetooth technology to control your ceiling fan via phone. It does not connect to a Wi-Fi network, meaning, you won’t be able to control the fan when you’re not at home.

You can use this device to create schedule, set a sleep timer, and as well as turn on the security mode using your phone. This device works best in small living spaces and for those who do not have the intention of making their ceiling fans work with other smart home devices. It will make the controls of your traditional ceiling fan more convenient compared to pulling its chain or cord repeatedly to turn it on and adjust the speed.

5. Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan

If you want a full-fledged smart ceiling fan for your home, the Hunter Symphony is one option. However, it is only compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Hunter has three smart ceiling fans and Symphony is the most basic of them. But mostly, they just differ on the style and appearance.

You can wirelessly control this ceiling fan by using your phone or make smart home automation in tandem with other HomeKit-enabled products. It features pristine white blades and two 9.8-watt light bulbs. It also has a reversible motor, meaning, you will be able to use this fan whole year round whether in summer or winter.

You can also check out the other smart ceiling fan designs that Hunter offers such as Signal and Apache.

6. Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan

This is the first smart ceiling fan that has been created and probably the best set you can find today. It is tagged as the most versatile and the most stylish among the smart ceiling fans out there. In fact, it has received 75 international design awards.

The Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan features LED lighting with 16 unique brightness levels. It works with Amazon Alexa, meaning, you will be able to control it with your voice from anywhere. Aside from that, it is also compatible with smart thermostats such as the Nest and Ecobee, therefore, you will be able to control your home’s temperature during mildly warm times without using your air-conditioner right away.

It also has a SenseMe motion detector that can detect whether a room is occupied for it to turn on and off as required. Haiku ceiling fans are the only ones that have a fully integrated motion sensing system.

This smart ceiling fan has impressed buyers based on reviews. They say that it is worth its price tag because it is good-looking, well-constructed, works great and works quietly as well. It is an energy efficient ceiling fan that is available in a variety of color and texture styles.

If you’re a smart home enthusiast who doesn’t want to compromise functionality and quality, this is the perfect and complete package for you. You can also check out other smart ceiling fans by Haiku such as the H Series and the I Series. They mostly differ in available sizes as well as design finish.

Smart ceiling fans are great additions to your smart home. At first, you may think that buying a smart ceiling fan is just a guilty pleasure, but it’s not. Because apart from the convenience and control they can give us, using them is also a great way to keep our energy usage low. We hope the information we shared will help you decide what kind of smart ceiling fan fits your home best.