Guide to Shark Vacuums


    Among the many brands of vacuum cleaners available in the market, Shark vacuums are one of the most popular. The reason why homeowners are choosing to purchase Shark vacuums over others is quite simple. They are some of the most powerful, durable, and easy-to-use cleaning devices. 

    Shark vacuums are designed to last you for years, which is why many gravitate toward the brand and rarely stray away. Shark produces a variety of different vacuums to fulfill your every need. If there is a cleaning job that needs to be done, then there is a Shark vacuum that will help you do it. 


    Shark vacuums are manufactured by SharkNinja, a company that came into the game and managed to topple many giants and well-established vacuum brands. The company was initially called Euro-Pro, and then it changed to SharkClean. Finally, it adopted the name SharkNinja, a brand known in the cleaning industry that produces reliable products.

    From the beginning of its existence, SharkNinja focused on the affordability of its products. By making its products affordable, the company could cater to a larger audience, which was its goal. Although the company is widely successful now, its journey has been rocky. 

    SharkNinja was established as Euro-Pro Operating LLC in 1994. Although the first few years were mostly trouble-free, in 2008, statistics showed that the manufacturers only controlled 1% of the market, which was extremely low. This was a sign that the company needed to change something to capture a larger market.

    Mark Rosenzweig, the CEO and family heir, played a huge role in reshaping the company’s goal. This change is what reintroduced Shark vacuums into the market, and it was able to gain more traction than ever before. Rosenzweig redirected the company’s focus from affordability to innovation. 

    This change in paths meant that the company would now emphasize the durability and performance of their vacuums. To announce this change, the company also heavily advertised its products. SharkNinja spent millions on TV commercials to get the word out about their vacuums. 

    The new strategy worked wonders as the brand gained ground and even surpassed some of the most popular companies in the industry. The revenues multiplied, and soon, SharkNinja was earning billions instead of millions. The number of employees grew, factories multiplied, and the demand for Shark vacuums was higher than ever. In 2015, the statistics showed that SharkNinja controlled more than 20% of the US market for vacuums, which was a huge step up for the brand. 

    Different Kinds of Sharks Vacuums

    Person in jeans and socks vacuuming a carpet.

    Shark is well-known for producing an extensive range of vacuums designed to clean various surfaces at varying intensity levels. Here are all the different kinds of vacuums shark makes and what they are used for. 

    Type of Vacuum Use
    Upright Vacuum This is a traditional vacuum that is used to clean various different areas. They are extremely versatile and have an excellent basic vacuum.
    Stick Vacuums Stick vacuums are modified upright vacuums that are lightweight and more portable. These features make them excellent for quick and easy clean-up. Most stick vacuums are cordless and are designed to transform into handheld vacuums.
    Robotic Vacuums Robotic vacuums do all the work for you. You do not need to actively walk around with these vacuums but let them do the work for you. 
    Handheld Vacuums Handheld vacuums are excellent for cleaning up small localized messes. They offer the most mobility out of every type and are the easiest to use. 

    Shark Upright Vacuums

    Shark upright vacuums offer some of the most powerful suctions you have ever seen in vacuums. It allows them to be highly efficient in cleaning and picking up the smallest debris. They are also excellent at cleaning carpets of different pile sizes. 

    Most Shark upright vacuums feature a bristled brush roll that aids the cleaning process. The design of upright vacuums is also modified to prevent hair from wrapping around the brush. If you want to clean hardwood floors, Shark vacuums are equipped with a second soft brush designed to clean such surfaces without scratching them.

    All Shark upright vacuums come with slight variations in capabilities and features, meaning you have ample options to choose from. You can find powerful units that offer incredible suction to clean even high-pile carpets. Additionally, you can even find ones with high maneuverability to clean those hard-to-reach spots. 

    Some budget options are also available that don’t come with the latest technology but are still efficient in their task.

    Shark Cordless Vacuums

    Shark also offers a variety of cordless vacuums for those who find corded vacuums to be too restricting. These vacuums are durable and have a decent runtime, allowing you to clean for extended periods without needing to charge the battery. Additionally, they also come with removable batteries that you can charge separately. You also have the option to purchase spare batteries, which can significantly increase the runtime.

    Another feature of Shark cordless vacuums that sets it apart from the rest is the company’s DuoClean technology. Using this technology, you can clean multiple surfaces with ease and efficiency. Some of the best cordless vacuums from Shark are 2 in 1, meaning they transform into handheld vacuums if needed. 

    Shark cordless vacuums are an excellent choice if you have a large home. They are designed to have a large storage capacity while still being lightweight, meaning you will need to empty them less often. The motor of these vacuums is also extremely powerful and creates adequate suction to clean up various messes. 

    Whether you have a large area to clean or a small one, there are a variety of Shark cordless vacuums that you can choose from. There are also specialized cordless vacuums to clean up pet hair that tends to stick to every surface. If you have allergies, you can purchase one with HEPA filters that can shield you from allergens in the air. 

    Shark Corded Vacuums

    Like shark cordless vacuums, shark corded vacuums are slim units designed to have strong suction power and clean various surfaces and challenging spots. Many different cleaning technologies developed by the company are installed in their corded vacuum range, which sets them apart from all others. These include the Zero-M and the DuoClean. These corded vacuums also have powerful headlamps and other features that make them unique. 

    Shark Robotic Vacuums

    SharkNinja has also dabbled in robotic vacuums and has designed a few robotic cleaners in an attempt not to be left behind. These Shark robotic vacuums are designed to have powerful suction, like all their other models, with the added benefit of passive cleaning. They are also quiet and have decent battery life. The storage capacity of these vacuums is also commendable considering how small robotic vacuums are. 

    Shark Handheld Vacuums

    The company only manufactures a few handheld vacuums because they have designed their cordless vacuums to convert into portable units. Due to their convertible nature, you do not need to purchase an extra vacuum for some spot cleaning. Still, there are a few Shark handheld vacuums on the market that you can buy, and they are both versatile and extremely powerful.

    Standout Features in Shark Vacuums

    Robotic vacuum cleaner cleaning a living room.

    Shark vacuums feature some of the most innovative technologies in the cleaning industry. They also have an excellent design that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. These features make Shark stand out among users. 

    Advanced Technology

    One of the most appealing features of these vacuums is their power. The company has developed an advanced cleaning technology called DuoClean that includes two different brushes at the cleaning head. One is a soft brush designed to clean hardwood without damaging it, and the second is a hard-bristled brush that can remove dirt lodged in carpets. 

    This technology increases the efficiency of the vacuums and allows Shark vacuums to be used on any surface. 

    Another cleaning technology that Shark vacuums employ is called the Zero M technology, which makes Shark vacuums excellent for home use. They prevent hair from getting tangled by featuring a comb that removes any hair wrapped around the brush roll. It also sucks up pet hair.


    Shark vacuums are also known for their extensive variety of types. You have plenty of different options to choose from, including upright, stick, and handheld models. You can also decide whether you want the corded or cordless variety. All these options enable you to select a vacuum that fits your cleaning preferences and objectives.

    If you have large messes to clean, an upright vacuum is the most convenient. Suppose you want to clean your car or small messes; you can purchase a handheld model. If you want a 2-in-1 model, you can choose stick vacuums, which can be used upright or as handheld vacuums.

    Corded and Cordless Versions

    SharkNinja is excellent at offering its customers a large variety. They have both corded and cordless options to choose from. Based on your specific needs, you can purchase a corded variety where you are not limited by the runtime. You can also opt for a cordless variety, where you are not limited by the area you can clean.

    Each has its pros and cons, and Shark leaves it up to the customers to decide which one they prefer. Despite the cordless varieties having shorter run times, Shark cordless vacuums are designed to have longer run times than its competitors. It can last between 10 to 40 minutes, depending on your usage. Similarly, most Shark corded vacuums have 25 to 30-foot-long cords that allow you to clean in a larger area than most other corded vacuums would allow. 

    Added Accessories

    Shark vacuums also come with many accessories that allow you to use the vacuums for various different cleaning purposes. Accessories that usually come with Shark vacuums include a crevice tool, a duster, motorized bet brushes, floor brushes, and more. 

    A crevice tool is excellent in cleaning tighter spots, such as behind furniture and under appliances. A duster helps grab dust from softer surfaces like curtains and lampshades. Other accessories, such as a pet and floor brush, are perfect if you have a pet that sheds a lot. 

    Washable Filter

    Usually, vacuums are designed to have filters that need to be replaced. Shark vacuums, on the other hand, include washable filters. These filters are straightforward to clean and maintain, and they also reduce the expense of repurchasing filters. 

    Washable filters allow easy upkeep of your vacuum so that the suction and particle capture are always working at their peak. Due to this feature, you will never catch your Shark vacuum lacking in the suction department, provided that you upkeep its maintenance. 

    Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

    One of the most valuable features of Shark vacuums is its self-cleaning brush rolls. If you are planning to use your vacuum indoors and have long hair or a pet, you will understand the amount of hair that needs to be cleaned from various surfaces. In most vacuums, hair tends to get stuck in the brush roll. To tackle this issue, Shark vacuums come with a self-cleaning brush roll. It is designed to clear accumulated hair and fur automatically. The vacuum does so by using silicon fins, which grab hair from the bristles as you clean. 

    Detachable Canister

    Detachable canisters are another helpful feature that adds lift-away functionality to Shark vacuums. This feature is handy if you intend on surfaces other than the floor. For example, raising the vacuum with the canister attached would be difficult if you are cleaning the ceiling. To make cleaning such areas easier, Shark Vacuums can remove the canister and carry it separately with you.


    1. How do I make my Shark Vacuum suction better?

    To improve the suction of your Shark vacuum, check in on your foam and felt filter. If you have not cleaned them in the past month, your vacuum may have lost suction power. By cleaning them both, you can regain suction power. 

    2. How long do Shark Vacuums last?

    Shark vacuums are durable cleaning devices that last around 5 to 7 years. If you take care of them and maintain them regularly, you can make them last even longer. 

    3. How often should I wash Shark vacuum filters?

    According to the user manual, ideally, you should clean the pre-motor filters every three months and the post-motor filters annually. 


    Shark vacuums are some of the best vacuum cleaners in the industry. They are right at the top with some big names because of their dedication to creating innovative and durable vacuums. 

    The company also produces a large variety. So, no matter what kind of vacuum you want for whichever purpose, SharkNinja has got you covered with its array of options. You can find upright vacuums, stick vacuums, robotic vacuums, and handheld vacuums. You even have the option to choose between corded and cordless varieties.


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