Guide to Potato Chip Slicers

Potato chips are a fun snack that almost everyone loves. But the potato chips you buy on the market contain many unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives and flavorings. You can opt for a healthier option by making your own potato chips. Making potato chips at home is fun, but it gets better when you have the right tools. The tools can be used to peel and shape the potatoes into chips, whether you like it thin or thick. If you want to peel the potatoes first, you may wish to use Lancashire peelers.


Things to Consider when Choosing a Potato Chip Slicer

Potato chip slicers abound in the market, and if you want to buy one, here are some of the essential features to consider before purchase:

1. Shape of blade

There are different shapes of blades in the market, such as:

  • Straight blade – This is a traditional kind of blade that you can use to cut sweet potatoes, butternut squash and tomatoes. It’s mostly used in French sliders.
  • Diagonal blade – With a diagonal blade, you can set it at an angle where you don’t have to use a lot of force. It’s ideal for use with soft-skin veggies and fruits.
  • V-shaped blade – This is a regular-use blade that can cut almost anything, and you can use it for even the toughest potatoes.

2. Safety

Whenever you are using a sharp object, you should always consider your safety. The potato slicer you use shall be safe because if it’s not protected, chances are it may cause unnecessary accidents.

3. Ease of cleaning

Take time to choose an item that is dishwasher friendly to make it easier for you to clean it (given that you have a dishwasher in your kitchen).

4. Ease of use

You don’t want to use a potato slicer that’s complicated to use for you – after all, the essence of owning it is for you to make easy potato snacks at home. If you spend so much time trying to figure out how to use it, it will end up getting stored in your kitchen cabinets.

5. Versatility  

You may want your tool to be used not just for making potato chips, but for making other potato products, as well as chopping different kinds of veggies and fruits. Though it’s impressive to own a slicer dedicated to making potato chips, it’s not practical.

Where to Buy
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Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer, Shredder with Precise Maximum Adjustability
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ECOSS Manual Stainless Steel Potato Chips Slicer Spiral Twister Vegetable Cutter


Best Potato Chip Slicers

If you want to buy a potato chip slicer, here are some of the slicers you can choose from:

1. BYETOO Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Cutter

This is a mandoline slicer that’s more stable than you think. It has six different sizes of blades, two of which can slice 1.0 mm sand 1.5 mm thick veggies for your potato chips. Plus, it can also have a wavy slicer, 3 mm julienne, 4 mm julienne, and a grater. It comes with a handguard that can be placed on the hand protector to prevent skin and nail injuries. The fixed handle is held in one hand when cutting veggies while the handle slides, on the other hand, to make cutting veggies safer. It has storage for your sliced veggies under the blades to lessen the mess. The slicer is tilted at an angle that makes it easy to slice the vegetables.

2. Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi-Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Here’s another high-quality mandoline sliver that you can use in almost any item you want to slice. This is a high-quality design item that’s functional and versatile. It has five blades, including slicer blade, wavy blade, grater, shredder, and coarse shredder. The blades are made of high-quality steel. It’s also made of durable BPA-free, ABS plastic. It’s a convenient addition to your kitchen arsenal.

3. red honey French Fry Cutter, Professional Potato Chipper with Extended Handle

If you love potatoes, this potato cutter is for you. This cutter can cut potatoes easily with minimal effort. The long, heavy-duty handle makes pushing potatoes through the cutting blades convenient. It can make potato chips, fries, and veggie sticks, so you don’t need to slice manually. It has a 36-hole chipper for homemade chips and a 49-hole cutter for American-style fries. This product is made of a durable material and also easy to clean and operate.

4. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

If you want to make potato chips and other tantalizing spiral food out of your veggies, this is what you’re looking for. With this gadget, you can start making spaghetti and other gluten-free meals at home. If you’re on a low-carb, paleo, vegan, or raw diet, this veggie slicer is excellent for you. The blades are made of stainless steel, so there are no corrosive effects when touched with water. Plus, the good thing is the company offers a lifetime no-hassle replacement policy.

5. Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

This is one of the best chip cutter machines you can find in the market. It’s powered with electricity, making it useful for slicing the ingredients in one minute. You can cut, slice, and shred your potatoes into desired shapes and sizes. It features two different, shape-cutting blades that allow you to cut regular and thin potato cuts. You also get four interchangeable cones to give you four different effects. The body is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, even when you use water for longer. The parts of the slicer are removable, making it easy to clean. So, watertech is recommended to buy any water related product.

6. Westmark Potato and Vegetable Chipper

Making potato snacks for your family and friends is super easy with this potato ricer and vegetable chipper. It comes with three interchangeable stainless steel cutting blades with different thicknesses. There’s a safe suction pad for securing the gadget on a worktop. It’s produced from quality plastic and steel handle. This is a hassle-free chipper that’s simple and easy to clean.

7. Microwave DIY Apple Potato Vegetable Crisp Chips Slicer

For potato chip lovers, this chip slicer is a godsend. It includes a slicer and rack so you can easily make your own potato chips in the microwave – without any oil or other additives. Simply cut the potatoes into slices using the clamp and slicer, then immerse the vegetables and seasonings in water, then insert the chips into the baking basket. For several minutes, you will have your own crispy, fresh, and chemical-free potato chips. Besides potatoes, you can use it with carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, and more.

8. ECOSS Manual Stainless Steel Potato Chips Slicer Spiral Twister Vegetable Cutter

Are you excited about twisted potato chips when you’re out at a fair or a game event when vendors are selling these things? Well, you don’t have to wait for an event or go to the mall to buy these when you can make it at home using this spiral twister vegetable cutter. It’s used primarily for homemade potato chips, but you can also use it for other veggies like yams and zucchini. It has two blades and 36 holes for DIY chips, and 64 holes for American style chips. The cutting blades are nicely defined, and it can cut through potatoes without difficulty. Plus, the components are entirely removable for easy washing.