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Guide to Picking Office and Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

Most people spend a large part of their day working at a desk, which is why it is essential that your workspace brings you happiness. An office space or your desk is not only supposed to be practical. It should also be a comfortable haven where you feel motivated, inspired, and productive. 

Making your workspace more productive and inspiring is relatively easy. All you need are a couple of accessories to brighten up the space and make it feel like your own. 

Many kinds of desk and office accessories are available on the internet. Although you do not need every single accessory out there, you should have a couple to add some personality to your space. There are also a lot of benefits to having desk accessories. 

Benefits of Office and Desk Accessories


Desk accessories are an excellent way to fill up a desk and add a personal touch to your space. Not only does it bring a smile to your face, but it also makes tasks a lot easier. Here are a few benefits you can gain from having desk accessories in your office and desk. 


When shopping for desk accessories, most people have a theme in mind, which allows them to purchase items that match one another. When you have a cohesive environment, your concentration is boosted, and you work much better. Additionally, color is known to have an effect on your mood. For example, green is known to enhance creative thinking. Placing a green item within your line of sight may help boost your creativity skills. 

A nicely decorated desk will also make you want to return to your desk, and you will likely do more than if your office and desk were bland. 

A Sense of Ownership Over Your Work Environment

Certain desk accessories, such as high-quality stationery and other items decorated on your desk, give you a sense of ownership over your space. Suppose you have your favorite items, such as a beloved pen, a notebook you really like, or other items on your desk. In that case, you will immediately feel at home. 

Due to this, many suggest having personalized stationary and placing it in your workspace. It helps you remain positive and feel like you have control over your space. This is perfect for those who spend an extended amount of time at their desk, as it can help remind them of their purpose and keep them motivated. 

Improve Your Mood

Office and desk accessories are also known to significantly improve your mood. Items such as potted plants help you remain calm. Not all plants are the same, though. It is recommended that you have green leafy plants, which can help improve the air quality and give your eyes a bit of a rest from staring at the screen. Looking at plants and green spaces is also known to reduce stress levels and improve job satisfaction, which is why you should have a plant or two nearby.

Other than plants, having a picture of your loved ones or a beautiful coaster can also help improve your mood. Such items give you temporary relief from whatever you are working on and reduce your stress levels. 

Less Stressed

Desk accessories such as lamps and little bits and bobs are also known to reduce stress levels. Desk lamps, in particular, are pretty helpful in helping reduce stress as it helps reduce eye strain that can cause headaches. Desk accessories related to your interests can also help distract you and keep you entertained, which will help lower your stress levels. 

Additionally, having a framed or pinned picture of your favorite person, a pet, or even a quote can help bring a smile to your face. People also add photos around their workplace to add a pop of color and a touch of personality to their space. 

Guide to Picking the Most Useful Office and Desk Accessories

When purchasing desk accessories, it is essential that you stay focused. This can be pretty difficult as various accessories are available on the internet. The best way to choose accessories for your home office and desk is to assess which ones are useful and how they will bring joy daily.

Additionally, it is also essential to consider the space you have. Too cluttered of an office or desk can be very distracting, which is why you need to be mindful when picking out accessories. 

Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is a handy home office accessory if you tend to work on your laptop. Most people tend to hunch over their laptops, which harms their spine and can cause neck and shoulder pains in the long run. It can also ruin your posture if you work on your laptop for extended periods. 

A laptop stand helps elevate your laptop and brings it to your eye level. This prevents you from hunching over to see your screen. Due to its elevated nature, it also forces you to sit up much straighter and helps improve your posture. Additionally, it also helps eliminate airflow problems that occur when a laptop is placed on a flat surface. 

Lap Desk

Not everyone prefers sitting in a static position at their desk all day, especially if they work from home. Most people have a couch they may choose to lounge on as they work. If you are one of them, the only place you can place your laptop is on your leg or your stomach. This can be harmful if you work for extended periods in this position, as laptops often get hot and emit radiation. Additionally, this position can also cause back problems. 

To solve these issues, a lap desk is ideal. It is a simple table that holds your laptop and a few other items. Using it, you can easily work from any location in your home. Not only do they put a barrier between you and your laptop, but they are also better for your posture. Some laptop stands are even padded for added comfort. 

Coffee Mug Warmer

A coffee mug warmer is an essential desk accessory for coffee workers. Most people like to take small sips of their coffee throughout the day. 

If you forget about it in the hustle and bustle of your work, it will eventually get cold. A coffee warmer ensures that your coffee stays warm as long as you keep the mug on it. Using this accessory, no matter when you return to your coffee, it will always be warm and ready for you to drink.

Make sure you do not place your coffee mug warmer and coffee near your setup just in case you accidentally spill it. 

Task Lighting

Having a well-lit setup is extremely important for your health. As most people spend extended periods in their work environment, it is essential that you have ample light. Task lights are beneficial for those who work on intricate tasks as they are often adjustable, meaning you can decide where the light shines by moving light. 

A well-lit office and desk also help reduce eye strain and headaches. Therefore, it is essential to have an appropriately bright desk lamp in your home office. Your lamp should neither be too bright nor too dull. You should also be careful of the tone of light and bulb in your desk lamp as people react differently to various intensities and tones of light. 

File Cabinet

It is not uncommon to start with a neat desk in the morning, only to have it cluttered with notes and documents by the end of the day. A file cabinet can be handy if you struggle with the same issue. They come in various styles and materials and look quite stylish in your office. These cabinets are also highly functional, as you can sort your papers throughout the day and arrange them when you are ready to pack up. 

Green Plants

Green plants are a staple in many people’s home offices and desks because they add aesthetic value to your space. They are not just pretty; green plants are also known to help improve air quality, make your office environment look pleasant, and reduce stress. Looking at plants helps relax your eyes from staring at a screen all day and can make you feel happy. 

Limiting the number of plants you have in your space is vital because you will also have to upkeep their maintenance. If you think you won’t be able to take care of a plant, you can always get a fake one. 

Portable Monitors

Portable monitors are beneficial for those who like to multitask or need to have multiple screens open for reference at a single time. These monitors are slim screens and extremely easy to take anywhere. Even if you tend to move around in your office, you can bring these screens with you. They don’t need a power source because they draw power from your laptop, which is an important consideration to take into account. 

Portable monitors come in various sizes, so you should ensure that you purchase one that has similar dimensions to your laptop screen. It makes transitioning between the two screens seamless. 

Monitor Mounts and Stands

If you work on a desktop, you know how much room they can take up. Large monitors often leave you a small space to keep your keyboard, mouse, notebook, and papers. A great way to reclaim some of that space is to get a monitor mount and place your monitor on it. It helps move the monitor away from the desk and helps hide wires as well.

Ensure that the monitor mounts or stand you purchase is sturdy and can withstand the weight of your monitor. There should also be an in-built cable management system that you can use to hide wires to create an aesthetic working space. 

Fidget Magnets for Maintaining Focus

Fidget magnets are another great accessory to have on your desk. If you are someone who has the urge to check every single message you get, a fidget magnet or any other fidget toy will help keep your hands busy so that you don’t get distracted.

These toys are also perfect for maintaining focus. They allow your hands to be busy so you don’t get bored and can keep your attention on the meeting or lecture. 

A Magnetic Phone Holder

A magnet phone holder is a perfect tool to have on your home office desk. Often our phones can be distracting because when there is a notification, you need to check it. When the phone is in our hands, it is extremely easy to start scrolling on social media. 

If you have a phone holder, you will be able to check your notifications, and since it is not in your hand, you won’t have the urge to scroll. 

A Balance Board

Sitting all day at a desk can be tiring. If you made yourself a standing desk at home, you would know how tiring it can be to stay on your feet for extended periods. A balance board is handy in such cases. They allow you to stabilize your body, relieving the tension of standing, meaning you feel a lot more comfortable while working.

These boards are also quite fun, and you can train your balance and keep your body moving. Balance boards are an excellent way to prevent your body from getting stiff as you work from your home office. 

Tablet Stand

A tablet stand is much like a phone stand but is made to hold larger screens such as tablets. These stands give you a lot of flexibility and comfort. Tablet stands can be handy if you find yourself working on your tablet for reference or other tasks. 

When purchasing a tablet stand, ensure it is sturdy and made using high-quality materials. This will ensure that it won’t buckle under the weight of your tablet. Although most tablet stands do not support wireless charging, it would be best to purchase one that does so you can keep your device charged and ready to go. 

Headphone Stand

Having headphones across your desk can make it look extremely messy, which is why a headphone stand is a must if you are an avid headphone user. Ensure that the headphone stand you buy is compact. Additionally, it would be a bonus if it has a USB hub that you can use to charge your headphones. 

The stand should also be well-balanced and should not wobble because you could easily knock it over, causing damage to your desk. 

A headphone is also an important office items you must-have. You may check out our Guide to Choosing Headphones for the best recommendations.

Standing Desk

Sitting for hours daily can be extremely harmful to your body and cause back, neck, and shoulder pains. Due to this, you must have an alternate option. Standing desks are an excellent option for those who prefer to stay more active throughout the day. Most standing desks are autonomous and allow you to adjust the desk to suit your height. They also come with a set of controls that you can use to either raise the table or lower it when needed. This allows you to have the table at a height at which you feel comfortable.

Here are some pros and cons of having a standing desk.

Pros Cons
Can improve alertness and productivity. Your knees and feet can get sore. 
Increases blood flow and helps stretch out your muscles. Standing still can increase the risk of blood pooling near your calf and ankle area. This increases the risk of varicose veins.
Improves your posture and spinal structure.

Ergonomic Seat Cushion

If you sit at your desk for extended periods, tension may develop on your lower spinal discs and buttocks. You can purchase an ergonomic seat cushion for your home office chair to prevent it. These are designed to pull your pelvis forward, which supports your body’s natural lumbar bend.


What accessories are useful for a home office?

Accessories like filing cabinets, portable monitors, a laptop stand, standing desks, a fidget toy, and more can be incredibly useful for a home office. 

How do you accessorize an office desk?

The best way to accessorize your office desk is to add items that make you happy. You can hang pictures of your loved ones, place a small plant, have personalized stationery, and use colorful sticky notes. Ensure you are not overcrowding your desk, as it can reduce productivity. 

How do I make my home office look classy?

The best way to make your workspace look classy is to have a theme and stick to it. Ensure that all the pieces match each other. Accessorize intelligently and pay attention to the lighting. It is always best to keep things minimal. Do not sacrifice your comfort; otherwise, working will become extremely difficult. 


Having a desk and office accessories really adds to the working experience because it helps make your space feel like your own. Accessories are highly functional in that they make your space a lot more inviting and are also pretty helpful in boosting productivity. The best way to pick out accessories is to analyze their importance and take into account your theme and the space you have. 

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