Guide to Picking a Seasoning for Chicken

Chicken is one of the easiest forms of meat to cook, eat and digest. Being the most eaten and demanded type of meat, people from around the world have a wide array of recipes that add a different flavor to the chicken. If you want to change up your chicken dish from the usual salt and pepper, this article will help you discover new and different to try out.

Pre-Made Chicken Seasonings

Where to Buy
McCormick Poultry Seasoning
McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning
Traeger Grills SPC170 Chicken Seasoning and BBBQ Rub
Weber Seasoning Kick N Chicken
Szeged Chicken Rub Seasoning
Frontier Poultry Seasoning Certified Organic
Rub Your Chicken
Todd Wilburs Top Secret Chicken Rub Seasoning
Chicken Shit Poultry Seasoning


1. McCormick Poultry Seasoning

A perfect blend of nutmeg, marjoram, rosemary, sage and thyme, McCormick is a bottle full of fresh flavors and herbs that can give your food a quick spice. Whether it is bread pickle, chicken casseroles, meatloaf, soups or salads, McCormick gives a unique savory flavor to anything and everything.

2. McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning

This McCormick Grill Chicken seasoning is magic of 3 ingredients; garlic, salt, and paprika. You can create your own delicious meals with this one jar of fresh herbs; sprinkle, marinate or sauté your chicken, meat, and vegetables and dine at home with a restaurant like a meal.

3. Traeger Grills SPC170 Chicken Seasoning and BBQ Rub

The USA made all natural, gluten and kosher free Traeger Grill seasoning is formulated thoughtfully to give your meat the right taste, aroma, and flavor. Whether you like your meat grilled, smoked or baked, both the flavors of Traeger; citrus and black pepper easily complement with herbs and lemon to give an instant boost to your protein full meals.

4. Weber Seasoning, Kick ‘N Chicken

Although Weber Kick ‘N Chicken is meant to add taste to poultry dishes, it is equally delicious on meat and pork. It contains natural sea salt and gives a vibrant hot red pepper taste to your meals. Bake, grill, marinate or rub it on steaks and store the spice for as time as you like.

5. Szeged Chicken Rub Seasoning

This little jar of blended herbs and spices include basil, paprika, salt, oregano, and garlic is a go-to chicken rub for quick meals. With kosher salt included, Szeged Chicken Rub Seasoning gives a unique and juicy steakhouse flavor to your chicken at any time in the house.

6. Frontier Poultry Seasoning Certified Organic

if you want to taste the freshness in every bite and health is your main concern, try out Frontier Poultry Seasoning for your chicken and meat servings. They are pure and made up of all-natural organic sage, thyme, onion, black pepper, celery, and cayenne.

7. Rub Your Chicken

As the name says, Rub Your Chicken is a savory combination of herbs, coarse salt, garlic, and spices to make your chicken meals tender, juicy and flavorsome. A healthy treat to your meat for daily use.

8. Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Chicken Rub Seasoning

Is your family fond of restaurant steaks and grilled chicken? Get the same taste at home with Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Chicken seasoning with Sea salt, garlic paprika, black pepper, sugar, smoked paprika, onion, white pepper, cayenne pepper, spices. The sellers use a secret recipe that will remind you of rotisserie chicken from the Boston Market. So get ready to be addictive to your daily chicken meals.

9. Chicken Shit Poultry Seasoning

Chicken Shit is a black pepper seasoning that can be used to make any kind of chicken. Made with fresh whole peppercorns and other herbs, no matter you cook, grill or bake your chicken, the taste remains scrumptious and finger-licking.

Standard Seasoning Options

Where to Buy
Weber Grill Marinade Black Peppercorn
Chili Spice Seasoning Giant Grinder from Silk Route
Ziyad Premium Ground All Spice
McCormick Ground Allspice
McCormick Gourmet Organic Nutmeg Ground
Drogheria & Alimentari All Natural Spice Grinder Nutmeg
Eat Well Premium Foods Cumin Powder
Naturevibe Botanicals Whole Cumin Seeds
Healthworks Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Best Naturals Certified Organic Cinnamon Powder
Badia Curry Powder Jamaican Style
Tones Sweet Basil Leaf - 5.5 oz. shaker 
Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil Garlic
Thyme Leaves by Its Delish
Marshalls Creek Spices Thyme Ground Seasoning
McCormick Rosemary Chicken Seasoning Mix
Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper Certified Organic
Picaflor Organic Probiotic Fermented Cayenne Pepper Flakes


Below are some of your standard seasonings to consider that can enhance the flavor of your chicken dishes.  We have given you some tips and ideas on how to incorporate these into your meal as well.


Paprika looks a bit like red chili powder, however, unlike red chili its color and flavor ranges from orange to red, depending on the hotness. It is used to garnish chicken or marinate before cooking. The best form of paprika powder is Hungarian Paprika and you will find it used in various Hungarian dishes.

Tip: Some consider paprika is a low-fat seasoning powder, but all aren’t fat-free, so don’t fall for the trap.

1. Szeged Sweet Paprika Seasoning

All the way from Hungary, this sweet and spicy paprika seasoning is the multipurpose rub for chicken, meat, potatoes, soups, pasta and vegetables. Available in sweet and spicy flavor, you can mix both or used them separately.


You may have used pepper as a seasoning before, but many dishes around the world are based on black peppercorns and perhaps used in all savory dishes. The most widely used is black peppercorn; however you may find green and white as well, both have a milder taste. To add a hot and spicy flavor to your chicken, this time marinate your chicken with a larger amount of black pepper and then cook.

Tip: Grounded pepper loses its flavor with time; therefore, it is suggested that you buy ungrounded peppercorns or buy smaller quantities of grounded pepper.

2. Weber Grill Marinade Black Peppercorn

Weber Grill has been a trusted name when it comes to spices and herbs and this black peppercorn marinade mix is one of their appetizing examples. A blend of crushed peppers, salt, onion and food flavors; all spices are in the right quantity to give your chicken a hot, spicy flavor. This big box contains 12 mini packs, so don’t have to worry about losing the freshness and aroma of the seasoning.

Red Chili

Rep pepper or red chili is another most common spice, used in grounded or flaky. Red Chili is a hot spice and a little bit of it adds a lot of spice; therefore, it has to be used wisely. You can either make a lemon and red chili paste to marinate your chicken or simply sprinkle some after the chicken is grilled or baked.

Tip: do not use red chili after more than six months; it loses its color and taste.

3. Chili Spice Seasoning Giant Grinder from Silk Route

A thought-full blend of red chili pepper with some touch of onion, garlic, seas salt and parsley, this Giant Chili Spice seasoning from Silk Route will give you freshness and aroma in every bite.  If you like your chicken hot, spicy and intense; you are soon getting addicted.


This is a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg powder. It originated from the Caribbean but today used in all eastern meals as well. Unlike other spices and seasonings, All Spice isn’t used spoonful because it has a strong flavor and may make the chicken bitter. A pinch of it or a quarter teaspoon will be enough.  

You can also make the Jamaican seasoning with allspice, thyme, onion powder, red and black pepper, a pinch of sugar and nutmeg powder. Allspice powder is fat-free and proven to be good for your digestive and nervous system.

4. Ziyad Premium Ground All Spice

This is one of the reasonably priced Grounded All Spice for chicken, meat, and pork. Fresh, pure and premium in quality, Ziyad All Spice can be sprinkled on meat before grilling or used to make Italian, South-Indian and Jamaican seasoning. With Ziyad’s All Spice seasoning powder, less is more, so this one bottle will last for quite a long time.

5. McCormick Ground Allspice

If you want to give your grill chicken a bold and hot taste, try McCormick Allspice seasoning. It is a precise combination of fresh and premium quality cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves that gives every dish a unique flavor. McCormick Allspice is multi-purpose and can be used to spice up savory food like chicken and meat or simply add to your cookies and cakes for a flavorsome aroma.  


You may have heard of it in custards, cakes, and desserts, but many countries around the world use nutmeg powder in savory dishes such as sausages and soups. From the family of mace, nutmeg has the ability to weaken its distinctive flavor once it is cooked or given heat.

6. McCormick Gourmet Organic Nutmeg Ground

With a unique sweet flavor, McCormick’s organic nutmeg powder can be used not only to flavor up desserts but people also used it on chicken, meat, vegetables, and potatoes. The moment you open the jar, you can smell the distinct aroma of natural nutmeg. Use it as you like; Rub the meat, marinate with lemon, salt or simply sprinkle it before you bake. This is definitely a high-quality useful product at a  reasonably low price.

7. Drogheria & Alimentari All Natural Spice Grinder Nutmeg

All the way from Italy, Drogheria & Alimentatri grinder nutmeg is a jar full of the whole nutmeg with a built-in grinder for convenient and instant use. Absolutely fresh and aromatic, these nutmegs add a zing to your food in no time. Make your own seasoning or sprinkle fresh nutmeg powder on your chicken, pasta, and meat to give your food a distinct taste.

Drogheria & Alimentari jars are designed in a way that they keep the freshness intact, just keep them away from heat and light and it would last for months with the same taste and aroma always.

Cumin Seeds and Powder

One of the most common seasoning you would find in Asian, the Mediterranean and Middle East cuisine, cumin powder is used to touch-up savory dishes especially meat. Cumin can be used in the form of whole seeds for marinating or freshly grounded to add into curries.

Tip: if you think the seeds have lost its power and taste; toast them on medium-low heat to revive back their flavor.

8. Eat Well Premium Foods Cumin Powder

This is an all pure, aromatic cumin powder that comes from Turkey. With a warm and slightly bitter flavor, it has the earthy aroma of fresh cumin plants to give your chicken seasonings a traditional spicy flavor. Eat Well Premium Foods comes in a reusable sealed bag and contain no artificial flavors or gluten.

9. Naturevibe Botanicals Whole Cumin Seeds

Naturevibe Botanicals whole cumin seeds are for all those who like their chicken grilled in the Asian way. Made with premium quality organic whole cumin seeds and no artificial flavors, this is a pack of aromatic cumin seeds with a hint of lemon sealed in freshness. To get the right taste and flavor, roast the cumin seeds before use and pair it up with other herbs and spices.

Cinnamon Powder

We call cinnamon the magic seasoning. It is magical in both sugary and savory dishes. It tends to give a unique taste to almost anything it is added. Be it a cookie, pie or an Indian curry. Cinnamon powder is also the fundamental ingredient of Moroccan chicken.

Tip: In grounded form, the palest cinnamon powder has the best flavor.  

10. Healthworks Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Healthworks Organic cinnamon powder comes from Ceylon variety, hand-selected by farmers and milled into pure, organic and aromatic powder for multiple purposes. Since it contains a sweet and spicy aroma, it can be used in desserts, savory curries, and grilled meat. Healthworks spices are packed in airtight, sealed bags to ensure the same taste, color, and aroma every time.

11. Best Naturals Certified Organic Cinnamon Powder

Best Naturals organic cinnamon powder is 100% vegan with no artificial flavors, preservatives, gluten, kosher or GMO. It’s finely grounded into powder form to be sprinkled on meat or mixed with other spices to make your own unique seasoning.

Curry Powder

This is a blend of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chili, turmeric powder, pepper and many more. If you are a fan of Indian and Pakistani cuisine, you have their secret. Use this seasoning to either garnish on your meals or make a curry with tomatoes, it will work well.

Tip: Curry Powder is easily available in the market. You can store it for 1-3 months in an air-tight container.

12. Badia Curry Powder Jamaican Style

Unlike most curry powders that are bold and spicy in taste, Badia Curry Powder has a moderate mix of all spices that can easily be eaten by all family members. You don’t need to add spices separately, just add this curry powder to the gravy, or sprinkle it to your grilled chicken.


Basil is commonly used in Italian chicken meals. With anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics, it is rich in magnesium hence good for health. Basil can be used with lemon, herbs, and fruits like raspberries and strawberries.

Tip: Basil is best in flavor when used as the last garnish or seasoning. If you cook chicken with basil, it will spoil the flavor.

13. Tone’s Sweet Basil Leaf – 5.5 oz. shaker 

Tone’s sweet basil leaf is a convenient way to make Italian cuisine at home. It gives a warm, sweet and minty flavor to your chicken and meat dishes. Yes, this is a bottle full of sweet flavored, pure and fresh basil leaves that can tantalize your soups, pizza, and any chicken recipe.

14. Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil Garlic

This twin pack of Mrs. Dash tomato, basil and garlic seasoning gives an easy ready-to-make recipe for chicken, steaks, pasta, pizza, and vegetables. The vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, sweet basil, and diluted salt make this jar a flavorsome combo of Italian herbs for home-cooked food.


Thyme is a chief ingredient found in Southern European and Mediterranean cuisines. It is easily found fresh, dried and grounded form. Interestingly, thyme is a fat-free herb that contains thymol, an essential oil with antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic characteristics.  

Tip: thyme has a strong smell, therefore use the right quantity to not hamper the smell of chicken.

15. Thyme Leaves by Its Delish

Its Delish is a premium quality fresh dried whole thyme for sweet and savory dishes. It contains a bold taste and vibrant aroma of thyme with no artificial flavors to boost the freshness. Mix it up with other herbs, ground fresh thyme powder at home or simply sprinkle it on beans, pasta, potatoes, and chicken.

16. Marshalls Creek Spices Thyme Ground Seasoning

This thyme ground seasoning by Marshalls Creek Spices comes fresh from the factory with no preservatives and fresh aroma to spice up meat, pasta, and veggies. Unlike thyme in the leafy form, the powder if well blended with other spices and herbs can do wonders in the kitchen. The only drawback of Marshalls Creek is their non-sealed flimsy plastic jar packaging. Once you buy this, it is recommended that you change the container to maintain the freshness and taste.


Rosemary comes from the mint family which originated from the Mediterranean but popularly used in has a piney flavor and tea-like aroma it is used both in chicken and meat.

Rosemary has plenty of health helps in heartburn, stomachache, indigestion. Regular use of rosemary herb also reduces joint and muscle pain. It also holds antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

17. McCormick Rosemary Chicken Seasoning Mix

McCormick is known for convenience and this rosemary seasoning proves it well. A combination of rosemary, thyme, and paprika it lifts up the taste of everything you use this in. Roast, make, sprinkle or grill your food and experience the Mediterranean richness.

Cayenne Pepper

Originated from India, Cayenne Pepper belongs to the capsicum family and mostly found in Italian and Mexican cuisine. Its light aroma and hot flavor give chicken and meat a unique taste similar to Asian and American meals. Cayenne pepper is the staple spice for Cajun seasoning.

Tip: Cayenne available in powder form must not be stored for more than six months to maintain the flavor and aroma.

18. Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper Certified Organic

This organic Cayenne Pepper seasoning is a simple way to make different chicken recipes every day. Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper has strong color and flavor so a little bit would spill the magic and you can bring Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Texan, and Southwestern dishes to your dining table.

19. Picaflor Organic Probiotic Fermented Cayenne Pepper Flakes

If you like your chicken bold and hot with spices and herbs tantalizing your taste buds, you need to add Picaflor Organic Cayenne Pepper flakes to your seasoning mix. Carefully handpicked, raw and certified to be organic, you can use these flakes raw as a rub, sprinkle on top or cook with gravy to give your meals a healthy nutritious value.


These seasonings give you a great variety of options to spice up your chicken and be creative with your meals. These seasonings will give you a great variety of tastes and flavors to keep your palate coming back for more.