Guide to Makeup Travel Mirrors

When you visit cosmetic stores or search online, you will find a plethora of makeup mirrors to fit your requirements. When you’re on the go and need to touch up your face, having a compact makeup mirror is very useful, as it will help you look your best wherever you go. But there are so many mirrors on the market, and it can be challenging to find the best one for you.

When it comes to applying makeup, having the proper accessories and tools is needed to be able to do it properly. When traveling, not every place you land will have a mirror that you can use to look your best. With this, bringing a compact makeup travel mirror on your trip will save you from having makeup that is too heavy or isn’t blended well.

If you are looking for the best makeup travel mirror, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are giving you a guide to makeup travel mirrors.
a wooden compact mirror with a makeup brush

Things to Consider

When buying a makeup travel mirror, there are two things you need to consider, which is the magnification and the lights.


Deciding on the right mirror magnification can be a bit challenging. Most mirrors have a true-to-life mirror that is life-size. These will help you find the complete image and all that is there. However, these types of mirrors are not good if you want to focus on small details on your face.

A mirror’s magnification can be as low as twice magnification or as large as 10x magnification. If you want to view your pores close and concentrate on specific areas of your face, then a mirror with 10x magnification is great. However, the only drawback is that the further magnified you move, the further you could get diverted by very small flaws that you wouldn’t otherwise see.
a small foldable mirror for travel


LED lights are a fancy feature that many makeup mirrors have. They throw the mirror at a glow, occasionally a warm peachy mild, and other times a dusky blue. Compact mirrors that are LED-lit have one mild setting or several. These mirrors are made to reveal your reflection in different detail and brightness.

Having a compact mirror with lights will enable you to use it at any time. But when choosing one for travel, make sure that you are buying one with batteries and not those which require an outlet. Ensure that their batteries are also easy to find in case they run out of power.

Where to Buy
Floxite Circle Lite Vanity and Travel 10x Magnifying Mirror
EASEHOLD Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights 38 LED Lighted Mirror 1X/2X/5X/10X Magnification Trifold Mirror with Touch Screen 180 Degree
Makeup Mirror with Facial Oil Blotting Paper Sheets – Green Tea 100 Counts, Silver Compact Folding Cosmetic Travel Mirror
Best Compact Mirror - 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror - Perfect for Purses - Travel - 2-Sided with 10X Magnifying Mirror and 1x Mirror - ClassZ Compact Mirror - 4 Inch Diameter
Jerrybox Compact Mirror, Double-Sided Travel Makeup Mirror with Magnification Pocket-Size Handheld Mirror for Purses (5X)
simplehuman 5" Round Mini Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification, Rechargeable, Brushed Stainless Steel
Travel Mirror, Portable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with 8 Dimmable Led Lights, Touch Switch Travel Makeup Mirror, Folding Compact Mirror 1X & 2X Magnification
Alluuq,Travel Mirror, Lighted Makeup Mirror with 3 Color Light, USB Rechargeable Battery, LED Mirror with Lights, Black, Desk Mirror Office, Travel, Portable Vanity Make Up Mirror, Fold, Beauty
Jordan & Judy Makeup Mirror Touch Screen Vanity Mirror with LED Brightness Adjustable Portable USB Rechargeable
Travel Makeup Mirror with Lights - Rechargeable Portable LED Lighted Mirror, Dimmable LED Light with Touch Switch, Folding Compact Cosmetic Mirror with 1X & 2X Magnification for Handbag, Purse, Pocket

The Best Makeup Travel Mirrors You Can Buy

Here are some of the best makeup travel mirrors that you might want to try:


1. Floxite Circle Lite Vanity and Travel Mirror

This travel mirror has 10x DFP magnifying distortion-free glass. It is combined with a focused light, which is perfect for applying makeup. It has a protective cover that folds back to become the stand, enabling you to use it hands-free. It illuminates your face to see the details clearly. It is a compact mirror that has 7×9.25 inches of frame and 6 inches diameter of viewing area. It works with 3 AAA batteries, which are included with the mirror.

2. EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror

This is also a lighted makeup mirror which lights can be adjusted for your needs anywhere you are, and anytime of the day it is. It has 4 panels magnifying modes and wide-angle viewing that will help you see your face clearly and apply makeup well. It also comes with an additional compact and detachable 10x magnification mirror, which is perfect for traveling. It will help you have detailed hair, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrows anywhere you go. It is also powered by AAA batteries or a USB cable.

3. Makeup Mirror with Facial Oil Blotting Paper Sheets

This is a compact makeup mirror that fits purses, making it perfect for traveling. It also comes with 1 pack of blotting tissues, which can rapidly absorb excess oils before you put on or retouch your makeup. Its smartly designed package is perfect for your purse or pocket. It also has an elegant design and is great to give as a gift too.

4. Studio Zone Compact Mirror for Travel

This is a compact makeup mirror for purses and travel. It has a 10x magnifying mirror that is perfect for makeup application on the go. The other side of the mirror has a true view if you want to see your whole face. It has an elegant and sleek design and is made of light plastic that won’t weigh your bag down.

5. Jerrybox Compact Mirror for Travel

This is a double-sided square mirror. One side of it shows your crystal clear reflection, while the other side has 5x magnification that will help make a perfect makeup application. It has a slim and elegant design, which is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. It is compact for travel as it can fit into handbags and cosmetic bags. It is also ultra-lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere with ease.

6. Simplehuman Round Mini Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror

This travel mirror features a tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see subtle variations in your makeup color. It has a sensor that automatically lights up as your face approaches, then turns off when you look away. It is also rechargeable and cordless, making it perfect for travel.

7. Feruaro Makeup Travel Mirror with LED Light

This is a portable makeup mirror that comes with 8 dimmable LED lights. Its brightness is adjustable by the touch of a finger. It is made of durable and lightweight materials, which is perfect for traveling. It can fit handbags, purses, and makeup bags easily, too.

8. Alluuq Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror

This is a premium vanity mirror that you can bring with you anywhere. It is designed with bright LED lights that are flush with the surface. It uses a touchscreen, so you can turn it on with just one touch. It is also completely dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light wherever you are. It is a rechargeable mirror that has a 1800mAh battery. It can also fit into a purse or tote, so you can bring it anywhere to apply and fix your makeup.

9. Jordan & Judy Makeup Mirror

This is a compact mirror that has 33 highly bright LED lights that provide natural daylight. Its brightness can also be adjusted to meet different makeup needs. It is a rechargeable mirror that has 1200mAh of battery and can work up to 250 minutes. It is convenient to bring for travel, and it can fit into bags and luggage, too.

10. Leporem Store Travel Makeup Mirror with Lights

This is a compact travel mirror with lights, making it perfect for makeup application. It is a handheld mirror that features normal reflection and a 2x magnifying mirror for makeup application and blemish control. It has a smart touch button to turn the lights on and to adjust the brightness. It is rechargeable and can work for up to 240 minutes. It also comes with a velvet pouch for you to carry it easily when you travel.

These are some of the best makeup travel mirrors that we can recommend. Having a mirror when you travel is indeed essential as it enables you to touch-up your makeup and ensure that you look presentable wherever you go. We hope this article will help you find the perfect makeup travel mirror for your needs.