Guide to Home Office Rugs


    If you work from home, perhaps you’ve dedicated an area or a room as your home office. You may have decorated it with items that will keep you productive and make working a lot more comfortable. To give your office a homier feel, adding rugs can help. Your home office would not be complete without a rug to make it officially yours.

    Rugs are a great way to make your office look organized and beautiful. It also helps it be more functional, which is why many people prefer to have rugs to decorate the floors of their homes and offices. Choosing the right rug is extremely important because it allows you to add a touch of personality to your space. Good decor is known to be vital in getting you motivated to work in your workspace. If you choose the right rug, you can completely change the feel of your home office and transform it into a space where you feel comfortable, creative, and productive. 

    Benefits of Having a Home Office Rug

    Beige rug in the middle of a home office.

    Decorating your office includes more than just purchasing furniture; it also includes picking our accessories to help build up the room to look well-decorated. Rugs are a great way to add color, personality, and texture to a room. It prevents it from looking bland and adds something fun to an otherwise professional space. There are many benefits of having a home office rug, and here are some of them.

    Rugs Create Stability

    The presence of a rug in your space allows there to be stability. Since rugs are immobile and do not move once placed on the floor, they allow you a sense of stillness that can help bring peace to your workspace. 

    Many moving objects in your workspace can distract and overwhelm you. Additionally, work is stressful for most, but by having a stable piece of decor, you can ground yourself.

    A rug placed under your desk and chair helps you anchor to your workspace and bring calm into your space and life. 

    Rugs Work Dividing Spaces

    The purpose of having a home office for many is to have a separate space in your home where you can work. When you enter such a space, your brain knows it is time to work. Rugs work in a very similar way. Placing a rug under your desk and chair helps divide the room into a workspace without the need to build a wall or have a dividing curtain. 

    Having a rug will work wonders if you do not have a separate home office and have set up your workstation somewhere else in your home. Without having a separate room dedicated to work, just the rug will create a space where you need to work.

    Rugs Make the Home Office a Welcoming Place

    A rug adds a sense of coziness to your workspace. Most people prefer their work area to be minimal and modern, but a rug can add a bit of softness, making the space much more inviting. The more inviting your space is, the more inclined you will be to stay there and work. Additionally, they help make the room look a lot more attractive as it adds a different texture.

    The Right Style

    Closeup of a rug.

    If you have a home office, it is imperative that you have a theme so that you can pick your furniture and decor according to it. Having a set style allows you to make the space flow well and look together. When choosing a rug for your home office, you must choose one that matches the style of your room and complements it and your personality.

    Here are a few common styles of rugs you will find on the market.

    Modern and Sleek

    If your home office has a modern and sleek look, consider purchasing contemporary-style rugs. These are usually available in muted designs. You can also choose to buy solid-colored rugs as they fit well in the modern and sleek aesthetic. If you want something more interesting, you can purchase one with different patterns. Still, you must ensure that the colors are muted. Too bright of a rug will clash with the rest of your office and look out of place. 

    A More Rustic Aesthetic

    Suppose your home office has many oversized wood furniture pieces and an overall rustic aesthetic. In that case, rugs with a distinct farmhouse style will look best. These rugs usually come in a soft color palette, meaning that the colors are not bright but not muted. Some colors in this category include sky or pale blue, matcha green, and gray. 

    Rugs with such color palettes can help contrast the furniture and add a pop of color to help bring the office together. 

    A More Traditional Feel

    Suppose you want your home office to have more of your personality and culture. In that case, you may want to opt for a more traditional aesthetic. For such home offices, you may wish to purchase an oriental and Persian-style rug. These rugs are usually elegant and give an office a very regal look.

    Most rugs in this category have gorgeous floral or geometric designs that simultaneously allow them to look formal yet fun. Traditional offices usually have furniture with darker and richer tones, which can help such rugs look even better. 

    The Right Size Home Office Rug for Your Space

    Home office set up with two types of rugs.

    When purchasing a rug, it is crucial that you keep the size of your room in mind. Depending on the part of the room you are buying your rug for, the rug size you need changes. For example, if you only want to accentuate the desk area, a rectangular rug that measures anywhere between 4×6 feet and 5×6 feet would work perfectly.  

    On the other hand, if you have a larger office and want to place a rug in the middle, a larger rug work would be a much better fit. These rugs are usually 6×9 and 8×10. Most people also like to arrange their rug in a manner that covers the desk and the chair and also extends out. Such a design allows you to create a warm and comfortable space in which you can work. Additionally, larger rugs under your desk prevent your chair from slipping over the rug. This can be dangerous and irritating, and it can also harm the binding of your rug. 

    Dimensions of the desk Ideal rug size
    5 feet x 2.5 feet 4 feet x 6 feet or 5 feet x 8 feet
    3-6 feet x 1.8 feet 4 feet x 6 feet
    4 feet x 1.8 feet 5 feet x 8 feet
    3 feet x 1.3 feet 4 feet x 4 feet square rug or 3 feet x 5 feet rectangular rug, or a 4 feet round rug

    What To Look Out for When Purchasing a Home Office Rug

    Home office with a round and rectangular rug.

    High-quality rugs are an excellent addition to a room because they are practical and create a comfortable and warm environment that can help elevate the aesthetic of your room. Rugs also provide cushioning over hard floors, such as tiled or wooden floors. You can also add artistic value to your room by purchasing a rug that balances your space and brings together furniture and decor.

    To ensure that you can reap all the benefits of a rug for your home office, you should consider a few factors. 

    Choose a Rug Size That Fits the Desk and the Chair

    When purchasing a rug for your home office, you must choose one that fits the desk and the chair. You can do so by placing the rug under at least two legs of the desk so that it extends just enough so you can fit the chair onto it as well. 

    If possible, choose a rectangular rug that extends out in as many directions as possible. A large rug creates a warm and comfortable space that allows you to work in peace. 

    A rug that covers your desk and chair gives your space a more unified look as it separates your workspace from the rest of the office. If you want to place your rug in any other part of your home office, underneath a coffee table in the middle of the room is an ideal space. Ideally, such a rug should extend beyond the table or cover all the legs. 

    Ensure that you choose a rug that is neither too small nor too large because if it does not appear proportionate to the room, it will disrupt the aesthetics. 

    The Shape of Rug

    Rugs come in a variety of different shapes. You can find rectangular, round, runner, and square rugs. The shape of the rug you choose can make or break the room. A rectangular rug is the most common kind of rug available on the market. It can be used in various settings, and due to its popularity, such rugs are available in many different sizes. 

    Round rugs are also a standard shape and can be found in various sizes. This shape is perfect if you want to group furniture together. For example, suppose you have a setup with a home office couch, chairs, and a center coffee table. In that case, you can place a round rug beneath it to group it together as one sitting area. 

    Square rugs are less commonly available but are extremely useful as an accent piece. It can accent smaller furniture pieces, such as end tables. 

    Runner rugs are perfect for long entryways as it acts as a welcome mat to your office. A runner rug is a perfect addition if you tend to host people in your office for work. 


    How the rug is woven plays a massive part in how it feels to touch. There are a few different kinds of rugs available on the market, including hand-knotted, flat-weave, machine-made, and hand-tufted.

    Hand-knotted rugs are constructed using yarn knotted around columns of threads. At the end of the rug, the knots create a pile. The fringe on the ends of such knotted rugs are crucial for their construction. 

    Such rugs are highly durable, and you can easily use them for over 20 years. One of the most significant benefits of using hand-knotted rugs is that they are durable and do not shed. However, since they are hand-crafted, these rugs are pricey.  

    Flat-weave rugs are constructed of yarn that is woven directly on a loom. Those weaving the rug ensure that the weave is extremely tight. The resultant rug is exceptionally tight, and the weave is long-lasting, meaning you can easily use it for over 20 years. 

    Like hand-knotted rugs, they do not shed, which makes them extremely easy to take care of. These rugs do not come with any backing, so you must purchase a rug pad that prevents slipping and sliding. This can be an issue if you plan to place it under your desk and chair that you constantly slide across it. 

    Machine-made rugs are woven together using computer-controlled machines. To create a rug using these machines, yarn is inserted into a pre-made thin mesh backing. Then latex is applied to help secure the weave and protect the fibers. Such rugs are the cheapest on the market and have little to medium amount of shedding. Machine-made rugs usually last around 3 to 10 years. 

    Hand-tufted rugs are hooked and then tufted by hand. When these rugs go through the weaving process, an artisan wraps yarn through the canvas and then back again. When the rug is done, it is protected using a layer of latex and a second backing, which helps anchor the stitches. Hand-tufted rugs tend to shed a lot and only last around 3 to 10 years. 

    The Pile of a Rug

    The rug or carpet pile is how thick and long the fibers are. Rugs come in various piles, but if you intend to use the rug in your home office, it is best to choose a low-pile rug. These rugs have comparatively shorter fibers that allow you to move furniture across them easily. Additionally, it reduces the risk of tripping and does not show marks from furniture. 

    Low-pile rugs are also easier to clean and maintain. All you will need to do is run the vacuum over it once a week or every two weeks.

    Low-pile rugs include tufted, looped, or woven construction rugs, and among these, tufted rugs are usually machine-made. The machine makes loops of fiber, pulls it through a backing material, and then cuts it, which helps achieve a smooth and even look. 

    Avoid purchasing thick and shaggy-style rugs and instead opt for hand-knotted rugs, which usually have a pile height of 6mm or less. 

    The Material

    When choosing a rug, you must choose one made using a robust material that can withstand the movement of chairs and people walking over it. Since a home office is where you will be walking over the carpet, it is best to avoid delicate materials. For example, rugs made using silk, bamboo silk, and other artificial materials prone to crushing are not ideal. 

    Materials commonly used to create rugs include wool, polypropylene, natural fibers, and bamboo. Of these, Polypropylene rugs are the most affordable, durable, and comfortable. The material is designed to be highly resistant to fading and staining, which means it will likely last you for years without changing its appearance. It is also easy to clean because you only need a compatible carpet cleaner and a soft bristle brush. Once cleaned, you can either air-dry it or dry it using a hair dryer at a low temperature.

    Another common material is wool. Wool rugs are highly durable as they are incredibly soft to the touch but are also great at repelling water and stains. They are perfect if you get a lot of foot traffic because they resist stains. These kinds of rugs tend to shed, which you should consider when opting for one. Wool rugs are also easy to clean and can be washed similarly to polypropylene rugs.

    Natural fiber rugs include those made of seagrass, jute, and sisal. These rugs are eco-friendly and extremely strong, which makes them highly durable. They are not soft to the touch but will last a long time. 

    Bamboo is another popular material from which rugs are made. They have a sleek surface that you can easily roll your office chair over, which makes them a delight to own. These rugs are highly durable and give off the look of natural wood flooring without the high cost. One thing to remember is that bamboo rugs are difficult to clean.

    Rug Pads

    Get a rug pad if you plan to put down a rug in your home office. They are essential for extending the life of your rug and flooring because they act as a barrier between the two. Rubber rug pads are designed to prevent the rug from slipping, which is essential if you plan to palace your rug underneath your desk and office chair. 

    What Kind of Rug To Get and What Not To Get 

    Home office with a large rectangular rug. 

    When purchasing a rug, a few kinds will work perfectly, and others will prove to be a nuisance later on. Here are some rugs you should get and some that you should avoid at all costs.

    Rugs to Get Rugs to Avoid
    Flatweave/Low Pile. When getting a rug, ensure that you get one that is flat and tightly woven, so it does not snag on the wheels of your office chair. High Pile. These kinds of rugs are thick and can cause the wheels of your chair to get stuck.
    Indoor/Outdoor. These rugs are excellent for your office because they can withstand dirt and are waterproof. Such rugs are also smooth, so you can slide your chair across them with ease.  Sheepskin. These rugs are comfortable but extremely thick, which makes them a nightmare if you have a wheeled desk chair.
    Jute. These rugs are quite similar to indoor/outdoor rugs and are pretty easy to clean. Jute rugs are also durable and, because of their flat nature, allow your chair to slide across it easily. Tufted rugs. These rugs are designed to have a raised woven pattern that is difficult to roll your chair over, so it is best avoided. 


    1. How big should a rug in a home office be?

    If you want to put a rug in your home office, ensure that it is 1-2 feet shorter than the shortest wall in your room. A rugger bigger than this will take up your entire office. Additionally, if you plan to keep it under your desk, ensure it covers the whole desk and chair area.

    2. Should you put a rug under your desk?

    The usual placement of a home office rug is underneath your desk, as it helps highlight the main work area of your office. Ensure that your rug is large enough to cover your office desk and chair area sufficiently. 

    3. What does 8 x 10 mean for a rug?

    A rug measuring 8 by 10 for a rug means that it is 80 square feet. Such rugs are the optimal size for most spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. 


    Purchasing the right rug for your home office is essential because it allows you to add texture and color to your space. Additionally, it is a stationary decor piece that helps bring some calmness into your work life.

    A rug comes in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. When purchasing a rug, it is essential to consider a few factors. These include where you will place the rug, the style, the kind of rug, and the material to ensure it is the perfect fit for your office.


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