Guide to Fridge Water Pitcher Filters

Having free access to a clean water source is one of the first things humans need. But are you secured about the safety and cleanliness of the water that reaches your faucet? A water pitcher filter can help you ensure that the water you’re drinking is clean and healthy.

Through this article, you will be guided about this technology, and help you choose the best water filter pitcher available in the market for you.

What is a water filter pitcher?

A water filter pitcher is a self-contained, fully-functioning water filter that produces clean drinking water. It’s essentially made of a water container capable of holding different volumes, plus a filter. The pitchers are usually made of a lid, and one or two filters. It uses either an activated carbon filter or a cartridge filter that blocks the contaminants flowing in the water.

When you pour water into the pitcher, it will first enter the filter to remove the contaminants. Then, the filter slowly drains to the actual container. When you pour the water into a glass using the pitcher, a bypass system allows it to get out of the pitcher without passing through the filters again.

What does a filter remove?

Carbon filters are capable of removing some contaminants from drinking water, but it’s not capable of removing all contaminants from a water source by itself. Here are some of the contaminants that can be removed by the activated carbon filter:

  • Chlorine – Chlorine is usually used as a disinfectant for municipal water. It cleanses the water, but too much concentration of chlorine changes the water’s taste. It’s also related to different diseases.
  • Volatile organic compounds – Usually called VOCs, these chemicals are found in the composition of herbicides and pesticides. These are used for treating the soil, but it may find its way into the tap water. This may cause health problems, especially when ingested by young children and the elderly.
  • Trihalomethane compounds – These are compounds found in the water as a by-product of chlorine treatment. They are results of the interaction of chlorine with organic matter. The trihalomethane compounds are linked to several illnesses, so local governments set the limits so it won’t threaten the life and well-being of their citizens. But it’s best to avoid it, and a water filter can help you with that.
  • Giardia – This is a protozoan parasite that causes an illness called giardiasis, which symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Some people experience fever, vomiting, and blood in their stool.

Benefits of using a water filter pitcher

There are good reasons as to why you should use a water filter pitcher in your household because it purifies the water. Your tap water may look and smell clean, but it travels through a usually old system of pipes before it reaches your faucet at home. The municipal water treatment facility may keep the water very clean, but what can contaminate it is its travel through the pipes. All sorts of contaminants can be found in these pipes, so having a water filter pitcher is a helpful solution to this problem.

Here are some of the big benefits to using a water filter pitcher:

  1. Less drinking water expenses. If your household buys purified water from the store for drinking water, using a water filter pitcher will help you reduce expenses in the long run. It also reduces the use of plastic in the home for storing water, and it’s always best to avoid it because plastic can be harmful to your health.
  2. No more chlorine. Chlorine is harmful when ingested by humans, and filters can eliminate it from the water you’re about to drink.
  3. Less lead content in the water. Because of the pipe systems in which the water travels, the water filter may contain lead. You can lessen a high amount or completely eliminate all of the lead present in your drinking water with the use of water filter.

What to consider when choosing a water filter pitcher

Water capacity

How many people are in your household? Water filters vary in size, and obviously, the bigger it is, the larger its water capacity becomes. If you have a bigger family, you need a pitcher that has a more significant filtering capacity.

Capacity for removing contaminants

Water pitcher filters are designed to make your water free of dangerous substances contained in tap water. However, some water filters can do more than that. Other filters have a long list of contaminants that can be purified.

Filter speed

Some products do an excellent job of purifying the water, but at the same time, it filters the water slowly. If speed is an essential consideration for you, get a fridge water pitcher with dual filters instead of one.

Number of filters

Two filters working at the same time provide you greater speed and convenience besides clean water. However, these water filters may not be appropriate to use for other types of water except tap water, as some may easily clog the filters.


The durability of the pitcher must be considered through the type of material it’s composed of. Most pitchers are made of ABS plastic and food-grade materials.


Water filter pitchers can be a bit heavy even when empty because of the filters. So, a full water filter pitcher will weigh even more. If you have kids that must help themselves with water, a heavy pitcher isn’t ideal. Make sure that the weight is comfortable to carry by anyone who will use it.


The design is something to be considered, not just for style and color. Because the pitcher is already a bit heavy, it helps to pick one with an ergonomic handle for preventing water spills. Also, look at the lip of the pitcher, as some models have some form of a lid to cover it. The lid is used to keep the filtered water inside the pitcher pure.


The warranty of the filter pitcher matters because you’ll be spending a significant amount of money on the product. You must receive a form of assurance that your product is made of quality materials.


Last but not least, you must consider how much money you are willing to spend on a water pitcher filter. There are affordable ones out there, but the more expensive units generally offer better protection against a broader range of water contaminants.  Here are Waterfilterspot’s recommendations of the best water filter pitchers at a budget.

Best Fridge Water Pitchers

Where to Buy
PUR 11-Cup Classic Water Filtration Pitcher 
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher 
Brita 42629 Slim Water Filter Pitcher 


1. PUR 11-Cup Classic Water Filtration Pitcher 

PUR 11-Cup Classic Water Filtration Pitcher is a popular, reliable pitcher water filter that has an 11-cup capacity. Its filters can remove most water contaminants, including mercury and pharmaceutical traces. You can use the filter around one to two months of regular use or 40 gallons of water before you will need a replacement.

Most materials used for this filter is made of BPA-free plastic, eliminating additional health risk due to contaminants in plastic. The filters can reduce mercury, copper, pesticides, and industrial pollutants with the help of activated carbon and ion exchange. There’s also an indicator light that displays filter status, so you will know when it needs a replacement.   

2. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher 

Looking for high-quality water filtration? Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is rigorously tested – it exceeds standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction. The filters are even more long-lasting as it can purify 150 gallons of water each. So, if every person drinks half a gallon of water a day, the filter can serve a family of three for more than three months, but since most people don’t drink that much water every day, it should last longer. The brand also offers a subscription program you can join to get a replacement filter delivered to you after every few months.

This pitcher can hold half a gallon of water at a time. The jug looks basic and functional and is made out of FDA-approved, food-grade, and BPA-free plastic. It’s also 100% recyclable, and vegan, too. Aquagear offers a lifetime warranty and same-day customer support, so if your filter breaks, they will replace it for free.

3. Brita 42629 Slim Water Filter Pitcher 

Are you looking for a small pitcher that won’t take up too much space? Check out the Brita 42629 Slim Water Filter Pitcher. Brita is a trusted brand when it comes to filters so that you can be sure of this one. However, because of its slim profile, it’s only best for a household of one or two people. It’s designed to fit comfortably in the door of your fridge.

It comes with an ergonomic handle for easy handling, but other than that, its aesthetic design is nothing special. But the minimal design is great when you have to clean it. It also has no filter-life indicator, so you have to keep track of when your replacements are due. You can also subscribe to their filter replacement service so Brita can ship the filters to you at the time interval of your choice. The biggest win for this pitcher is the value.