Guide to Ergonomic Desk Footrests

When it comes to ergonomics in the office, people tend to focus on the chairs that offer back support. But to provide the best comfort and keep posture at its best form, the feet must not be ignored. Due to long hours sitting, you need to promote circulation to the legs and feet to prevent it from being easily fatigued. This is where the ergonomic footrest can save the day.

What is an Ergonomic Desk Footrest?

Ergonomic footrests, which are typically placed under the desk, can allow people to plant their feet on a firm surface as they sit. It helps elevate the foot to promote active sitting. Usually, it’s equipped with a rocking motion, which is highly beneficial for maintaining proper blood circulation and muscle tone. It can ease stress and strain on muscles and ligaments, which prevents pain and foot sores.

Ergonomically-designed footrests use features that help the feet conform to the footrest. They are usually textured, ribbed, or dotted to provide comfort and massaging abilities to the feet. It helps induce blood circulation and keep the lower limbs healthy. Ergonomic footrests also give an option to tilt, allowing it to rock back and forth.

Best Ergonomic Desk Footrests

Where to Buy
ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk for Added Height | Large Premium Velvet Soft Foam Footrest for Desk | Most Comfortable Desk Foot Rest in The World for Back, Lumbar, Knee Pain (Black)
Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest with Massage Surface Under Desk, Black & Gray
Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest (natural)
Mind Reader Comfy Adjustable Height Foot Rest, Black, 18 inches, FTREST 2
Mount-It! Adjustable Footrest with Massaging Bead | Adjustable Height and Tilt Office Foot Rest Stool for Under Desk Support | 5 Height Settings, 3 Tilt Settings | Black
Topo Comfort Mat by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat with Calculated Terrain | Standing Desk Mat | Comfortable Standing Mat | Office Mat | Desk Accessories | Obsidian Black
VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Foot Rest Relief Platform for Standing Desks (STAND-FT01)


ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk for Added Height

ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk is one of the most comfortable and supportive footrests in the market. It’s a foam-based footrest made of high-density memory foam that can hold its shape when weight is applied. And unlike most foam-based footrests that end up being too tall or too short, this footrest can support your feet all the way because it’s height-adjustable. It comes with a second piece that attaches to the foam footrest using Velcro to raise it to a higher setting.

This foam footrest can be turned upside down so it can function as a foot rocker. Plus, it comes with a washable velvet cover that feels great to the feet if you’re not wearing shoes. It stays in place on hard and carpeted floors, and the cover is easily removable for machine washing.

Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest with Massage Surface Under Desk

The Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest offers a simple, yet effective foot support. This footstool can improve your posture and maximize comfort with its modest design. It’s great for those looking for a more contemporary footrest. It’s made of quality metal and eco-friendly rubber that feels great to the touch – thanks to its textured grooves that help massage the feet.

Instead of being lockable, this footrest tilts between 20 degrees to -20 degrees, giving your feet freedom to adjust the tilt angle by applying enough force. The unit’s rubber composition prevents the footrest from slipping.

However, this footrest raises just below 3.4” off the ground, so if you’re on the short side, you may need to lower your chair or use some magazines underneath so you can reach it better.

Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest

Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest is a remarkable piece of ergonomic office supply. With its hardwood platform and a steel frame, this solid footrest looks good under a desk, especially for those executives who are sticklers for aesthetic designs. It’s like a rocking chair for the feet. The non-skid surface strips on top of the hardwood can keep your feet in place, making it an idea for those with shoes, rather than socks or bare feet.

The ball-bearing rollers of this footrest can gently rock it back and forth to prevent foot cramps and soreness for extended sitting periods and to exercise your lower leg muscles. This unit might be expensive, but it is built to last and comes with a 15-year warranty.

Mind Reader Comfy Adjustable Height Foot Rest

With the Mind Reader Comfy Adjustable Height Footrest, you can be assured that your comfort is taken care of. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or work, but this footrest can be taken anywhere to enjoy comfort to your feet. This under-desk footrest is fully adjustable for up to three height settings and different tilt angles. This footrest comes with ridged edges that provide excellent grip without slipping off. The pebbled surface offers a satisfying relief and stimulation for your foot. Using it with socks on is recommended.

The great thing about this footrest is it’s super portable. It has a flat design that allows it to be easily folded.

Mount-It! Adjustable Footrest with Massaging Bead

Mount-It! Adjustable Footrest with Massaging Bead is an ergonomic, under-desk footrest that can help reduce strain and fatigue to the feet. Its height and angle are adjustable to the various height and tilt angle settings, helping reduce pressure on the lower back and ease discomfort while sitting. The unit features massaging rollers for the soles and toes to aid in improving blood circulation.

It also comes with a non-skid surface and tilt setting that extends up to 30 degrees. Its surface features textured round bumps that help reduce stress and provide excellent grip, stability, and control.

Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

If you’re working with a standing desk, you can enjoy a full range of motion. However, standing on concrete and hardwood surfaces can be uncomfortable, and the Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat can help. The Topo Comfort Mat is the first anti-fatigue mat designed for standing desks. It has a dynamically-contoured surface that drives the motions that prevent fatigue and discomfort while standing.

The mat is made of polyurethane foam that provides a comfortable alternative to the floor. It helps relieve pressure from the back, legs, heels, and shoulders. The skin on the foam is also durable as it can resist stains and punctures.

VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Foot Rest

This may not be the most beautiful footrest in the market, but the VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Foot Rest is a winner when it comes to ergonomics. It’s a stable and versatile footrest with unparalleled levels of height adjustments, which ranges from 5” to 11”. The frame is made of durable steel, with a bottom base that occupies a minimal surface area under the desk.

The surface of this footrest comes with a slip-free footing to rest your feet without it slipping. It’s wide enough to accommodate most feet sizes, and it weighs close to 10 pounds, making it steady.