Guide to Carpet Sweepers

If you are tired of getting your carpet cleaned with a brush or broom, you definitely need an easy-to-use carpet sweeper. These carpet sweepers can remove dust and debris from any carpet in under a few minutes. With a swift cleanup action, one can always have the carpets cleaned without any extra effort. Many of these can also be used to clean up hard floors and tiles. Let’s have a look at a few features to be considered when getting carpet sweepers.

What to Consider Before Buying

Electric or Non-Electric – There are two types of carpet sweepers i.e. electric ones which require either a battery or electricity source or the non-electric ones which can work out with a manual back and forth action. If you want a more efficient tool, you can get a corded or cordless one as it uses electricity to rotate the brushes at a fast speed. However, they require charging which takes a lot of time. In contrast, you can get a nonelectric carpet sweeper for instant cleanup. They are also cheap and budget friendly.

Roller Blades – Carpet sweepers come with roller blades which move in a particular direction to ensure cleanup. It is always better to get the dual roller blade action model because it ensures a quick and better cleanup without adding on any extra weight to the machine.

Storage – Storing large machines such as carpet sweepers is quite difficult. Therefore, get the ones which can be folded easily for a quick storage.

Construction type – Carpet sweepers are either made out of plastic or metal. The plastic ones are lightweight but not that sturdy. The metallic ones are more sturdy and indestructible but are a bit heavy in weight.

Path Size – Carpet sweepers can sweep a particular area at a time. Usually, these carpet sweepers are 9 inches in size and above. Get the one according to your requirements. If your house and room size is big, then go for a carpet sweeper with bigger path size.

Handle Type – An ideal handle would be the one which allows you to clean under the furniture as well as the tight spots ensuring maximum cleanup and dust removal. Therefore, do look for a low-profile handle when buying a carpet sweeper.

Dust Cup – The dust cup contains all the dust which is collected throughout the cleaning process. Smaller dust cups require cleanup again and again which makes them slightly ineffective. Therefore, go for medium capacity or large capacity dust cups so they can collect maximum possible dust before cleanup.

Battery – In case you prefer to buy a battery-operated carpet sweeper, there are two main things to consider. Primarily, the battery operation time. It should be between 45 minutes at minimum to ensure cleanup at a particular room. Secondly, the charging time. Usually, these machines require over 10 hours to be charged after which they perform for about 45-90 minutes depending upon the battery capacity. Therefore, get a carpet sweeper which has maximum battery capacity and requires relatively shorter charging time.

Products Description

Where to Buy
Bissell Sweep-Up Carpet and Floor Sweeper
Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Carpet Sweeper
Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper
Fuller Brush 17027 Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper
Fuller Brush 17042 Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper


1. Bissell Sweep-Up Carpet and Floor Sweeper

The Bissell Sweep-up is a great machine which comes with a dirtlifter brush system which works best for carpets as well as other floor-types such as tiles, hard wood, and laminations. With a super sweeping action, it can take out all the lint, crumbs, dirt, and pet hairs from your carpets. It works in both forward and backward motion making it easy and quick to clean up the whole carpet. The dirt pan has a large capacity which ensures that you can clean a carpet in one go.

This carpet sweeper does not require any batteries or use of electricity. With just a back and forth motion, it can remove all the dirt. With a low profile handle, it is easier to clean at tight spots such as under the furniture. The lightweight makes maneuvering of this sweeper easier for the user. If you are tight on the budget, this tool will be the best choice for you as it is an Amazon’s choice product as well.

2. Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Carpet Sweeper

The Bissell Perfect Sweep has a battery-operated mechanism which ensures faster and more efficient cleaning of the carpets. The battery requires about 12 hours of charge after which it can work for 60 minutes. With a powered brush action, it is easier to clean out all the tough dirt, pet hair, and lint from the carpets. In addition, this carpet sweeper is also equipped with a large dirt cup having capacity of 480ml. You can clean from under the furniture as it has a low profile metal handle as well.

This carpet sweeper has gliding rubber wheels making it easier to move from one place to another. It weighs only 4 pounds and becomes easier to carry around. Additionally, the motor works on very low volume. Therefore, this machine is not only efficient but highly user-friendly too. It is also an Amazon’s choice product.

3. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Another budget friendly carpet sweeper in our list is also by Bissell. For day-to-day usage, this machine works well as it can provide an instant cleanup of carpets, rugs, and even hard floors. Since it does not require electricity or battery, it is always ready to be used. Moreover, it is considered the perfect carpet sweeper for crumbs, pet hair, cereal, dirt, and lint etc. One can hold this sweeper single handedly due to its lightweight.

It comes with dual rotating brushes which provide quick cleanup compared to a single rotating brush. Additionally, this sweeper is an environment friendly one since it has been made out of recycled plastic as well as the design is PVC-free. With just a click of the trigger, you can empty out all the dust. Being an Amazon’s choice product, you are assured of its high quality and performance as well.

4. Fuller Brush 17027 Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

Fuller Brush has a great collection of carpet sweepers and this one is probably one of those. It can clean up even minor dust particles such as lint and pet hair. It can also take out all tough dirt in a swift manner. It has an electrostatic mechanism which allows for quick dirt removal. It requires no electricity or batteries making it the right tool when you want urgent cleanups.

Storing this carpet and floor sweeper is a very easy job because it can stand in a flat manner. It has indestructible metal construction which ensures a long life for this tool. Coming in a range of 6 different colors, you can get the one you like. Additionally, this sweeper can also be used on floors and tiles. Being lightweight and quiet, this carpet and floor sweeper becomes a very user-friendly tool for home. With over 2500 satisfied customer reviews, this machine is the right buy for you.

5. Fuller Brush 17042 Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

Fuller Brush also has a different model which can help in cleaning carpets, rugs, floors, and tiles as well. It has a 9 inches cleaning path which allows for a quick cleaning of the entire room right away. No matter its crumbs, debris, glass pieces, or lint, pet hair etc, it can clear out the entire carpet. Unlike many other carpet sweepers, this one comes with an extra blade which makes sure that nothing dirty is left out on the floor.

Being a compact and lightweight machine, users can carry it around anywhere without any extra hassle. It has metallic construction which makes it durable and long lasting. With the soft vinyl bumpers, floors and furniture are always protected. You can clear out the dust from under the furniture with its sturdy handle. Storing it is easy as it can be folded to become completely flat. Moreover, it is recommended by Amazon as well.


Carpet sweepers are one of the most important home management tools of the era. For day to day cleanup requirements, a carpet and floor sweeper could be an effective tool. Getting the right one might seem difficult and confusing. However, with our list of the best carpet sweepers, we believe you can find the right one based upon your work requirements and budget. Make sure you check out all the features to consider before making your purchase. Do share with your friends and family as well.