Guide to Buying Getaway Cabins on Amazon

With all that’s happening around us, a lot may be dreaming of having a place to wait out an SHTF scenario. If you have the means and you are serious about having a good contingency plan when SHTF, then one of the things you should have is your own getaway cabin or bug out cabin. Aside from getting ready in case SHTF, it’s also great to have a getaway cabin if you’re looking to have a summer house or a stand-alone retail building.

There are lots of guides on how you can build a getaway cabin, but did you know that you can also buy getaway cabins on Amazon? Yes, it’s true. Amazon really seems to have everything you need.

Getaway cabins are also a type of tiny homes but they usually have more space and look more stylish compared to standard tiny houses. These getaway cabins on Amazon are prefabricated. It means that when you order one, you won’t be able to live in it yet when it gets delivered to your doorstep because it requires assembly. But compared to building a getaway cabin on scratch, they are easier to assemble and they do not require much experience in building houses.

If you’re looking into buying a prefabricated getaway cabin, here are some of the best ones that Amazon offers.


Where to Buy
Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway
Allwood Eagle Point
Lillevilla Escape
Allwood Bella
Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit


1. Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin Kit

This is a high-quality multi-purpose solid wood cabin that has a floor area of 292 sq. ft. It is large enough to function as a summer house, home office, or even as a stand-alone retail building. And when you add utility hookups to this getaway cabin, it can be converted into a residence. However, this kit does not include insulation, therefore, if you live in a colder climate, then it is recommended to add extra insulation.

Assembling this getaway cabin kit only takes two to three days for two adults. It is very easy to assemble because it comes with simple step-by-step instructions and you only need minimal tools as well. This getaway cabin includes durable Nordic Spruce covered terrace, and as well as floor and roof construction materials. It also comes with pre-hung and glazed door and window, pre-assembled gables, and all the needed nails, screws, fixings, handles, and door locks.

Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin is a wonderful small home that you can use as your summer home, office, or a business place.

2. Allwood Eagle Point 1108 SQF Cabin Kit

This Eagle Point cabin kit is custom made to order. You can use it for recreational purposes, as a stand-alone retail space and office, or as a hybrid home and business place. This getaway cabin will look great in urban areas where traditional cabins look out of place. It is a spacious getaway cabin which can be customized if you want it to function as a primary residence.

It includes sturdy thick walls, extra roof insulation package, slow grown Nordic Spruce wall planks, roof, floorboards, pre-hung and glazed doors and windows, pre-assembled gables, and all the needed nails, screws, fixings, handles, and door locks. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The materials not included in this getaway cabin kit are roofing materials and foundation materials under timbers like cinder blocks.

Allwood Eagle Point getaway cabin kit is indeed good-looking and you wouldn’t notice that it is a prefabricated cabin.

3. Lillevilla Escape 113 SQF Allwood Cabin Kit

If you’re only looking for a smaller getaway cabin, then the Lillevilla Escape is a great choice for you. The inside floor area of this cabin is 113 sq. ft. It is a really cute cabin which is large enough to create extra space for your hobby, pool tools, and other supplies. But you can also turn it into a home office, a lake house, a guest cottage, or a retail kiosk.

Assembling this getaway cabin will only take a day for two adults. The kit comes with DIY simple step-by-step directions which are very easy to follow. Only minimal tools are needed for this cabin because all the materials needed are included except for roof shingles and foundation.

The Lillevilla Escape is indeed a cute getaway cabin that is suited for small families or for those want to live alone off the grid.

4. Allwood Bella Cabin Kit

This is a cottage-styled getaway cabin kit that is made from high-quality Nordic wood. Its floor area is 324 sq. ft. It is an ideal lake house, guest house, beach, and garden cottage. But you can also live in it as your primary home.

It can take about 16 hours to assemble this getaway cabin for two adults. You just need to follow the simple DIY step-by-step directions that it comes with. Only minimal tools are needed for the assembly of this cabin. Also included in the kit are floorboards, floor joists, roof, pre-hung and glazed windows and doors, pre-assembled gables, and all nails, fixings, screws, door locks, and handles needed. It just doesn’t include foundation materials under timbers like cinder blocks.

It is a great-looking getaway cabin that you and your small family can live in, in case SHTF.

5. Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit

This getaway cabin has a Scandinavian design which focuses on practicality and functionality. It offers a spacious 256 sq. ft. main floor and a large 168 sq. ft. loft. It features thicker than usual wall planks, making it a very energy efficient and well-suited cabin for colder climates.

Assembling this getaway cabin should be a “two adults project” because of its height and for safety reasons as well. It can be finished in just two days by following the step-by-step instructions it comes with using only minimal tools. It also includes all the parts and hardware such as floor and roof materials, doors, windows, gables, nails, fixings, handles, and door locks except for the roof shingles and foundation materials. This is a great choice if you are looking for a more spacious getaway cabin.

These are some of the best getaway cabins you can find on Amazon. These cabins, aside from using them in case SHTF, can also be placed on a piece of land as a vacation home, or in your backyard as a man cave, hobby space, guest cottage, and home office. You can also check out our post on Tiny Homes and Living Off Grid for more information.