Guide to Bottle Cutters

Investing in a glass cutter is something you may want to consider. If your household consumes beer and wine in a glass bottle on a regular basis, you may have a significant collection of bottles. You can transform them into unique materials for your crafts and other home needs. It’s a win-win – you get to recycle your bottles to lessen trash while you make yourself a new item for the house. 

How Does a Bottle Cutter Work?

A glass bottle cutter is a tool that is used for cutting glass bottles. It’s usually made of a board for holding bottles in place when it’s being scored. The board has a bunch of rollers that cut surfaces, plus elements for holding the bottle. With a typical bottle cutter, you need to rotate the bottle on the rollers while applying pressure. By rotating consistently, you can achieve a straight, even cut. 

The mechanism of the tool is designed to ensure clean cutting of glass bottles without breaking them. After scoring the bottle, you have to pour some hot and cold water alternatively and the pieces will separate.

Once the pieces are separated, you need to sand down the surface to bring it to a fine and smooth finish. A bottle cutter often comes in a kit containing helpful items, such as extra rollers and glass sandpaper besides the cutter itself. Most kits are designed for tackling round bottles.

Why would you need a Bottle Cutter?

The main advantage of getting a bottle cutter is to get a precise cut out of your bottles that can be finished easily with a sandpaper. Besides this benefit, here are some other advantages of having a bottle cutter:

  • It can help you make your own unique and useful treasure bottles without hurting yourself. You can now transform your bottles to new items without risk of injury.
  • It offers a quick and easy way to convert bottles as household items or works of art. DIYers use them for making vases, candle holders, improvised lanterns, or as additional drinking glasses for the home. 
  • It can cut bottles perfectly without creating a crack or damage in them.

Best Bottle Cutters

Where to Buy
Genround Glass Bottle Cutter 
Creator's Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Kit
Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter 
Kinkajou Bottle Cutter
Creator's Ultimate Glass Bottle Cutter Bundle


The right bottle cutter will enable you to enjoy the convenience and benefits of having your own cutter. Here are some of the tried-and-tested, high-quality glass cutting tools that can help you choose the best bottle cutter for your needs.

1. Genround Glass Bottle Cutter 

If you’re starting out on bottle cutting, consider the Genround Glass Bottle Cutter. This is an excellent choice for beginners, as this device is designed to help you cut a wide-range of bottles  from wine to beer to drinking class bottles to mason jars. Most people use it to cut bottles with a diameter of up to 5 inches. It’s inexpensive, too.

This tool has a sturdy construction. Screws are securely in place and requires a hex key to loosen it for use. This kit consists of a cutter, a sandpaper, a manual, and a key. It is designed for long-term use because this cutter comes with three cutting blades in a disc. Each one is made of sharp and hard metallic steel, in which its durability has been tested 50,000 times cutting and it’s still sharp and functional. 

Due to the design of this cutter, you are limited to cutting round bottles. It also needs a post-cutting procedure because it does not cut as deep as other bottle cutters. It can score your glass, and you must be ready to separate it. 


  • Affordable
  • Supports bottles with a diameter of up to 5 inches
  • Durable parts
  • Includes handy instructions
  • Three sharp cutting blades


  • Only round bottles can be cut here due to design of the tool
  • Needs five steps to finish cutting

2. Creator’s Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Kit

Creator’s Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Kit is a costlier option compared to the previous cutter, but it is better when it comes to performance, ease of use, and durability. If quality is your priority, this is the glass bottle cutter to get.

This bottle cutter kit comes with everything you need to get started with cutting bottles. It includes a palm protector to keep your hands safe while cutting, rings to aid in separating the glass after it’s cut, and an abrasive stone for grinding the edge and making it smooth. The tool becomes ready to use right outside the box. You can use it for making flower vases, drinking glasses, terrariums, candle holders, wind chimes, and other crafts. 

This machine kit is made of different materials. The slide bars are constructed from stainless steel, the cutting wheels are made of carbide for durability, and the plastic parts are made of polycarbonate  all working together to make the tool tough and long-lasting. 


  • No size limit
  • Allows freestyle cutting
  • High-quality
  • Comes with everything you need to get started with bottle cutting
  • Comes with palm protector


  • Relatively expensive

3. Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter 

The Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter is slightly different from other cutters, but useful and handy at the same time. It looks like two crosses attached, with an arm holding the bottle in place while the other holding the marking instrument. It also comes with a little tapper, which helps in separating bottle pieces. It also comes with sandpapers for giving it a smooth finish. 

It may not look like it, but the unique design of this tool actually makes it easy to use. Users can score the bottle by rotating it against the blade as the cutter is standing. You can also cut with the tool flat on a surface. The blade is sharp and strong, making it a reliable cutter for different types of bottles and jars.

The lightness and handiness of this cutter is also something to consider. It’s made of aluminum and weighs only 1.5 kg. It’s also easy to manipulate without putting extra stress. Handling the wheel and lifting tool is a breeze. The blade is sharp and strong and it can cut through different types of bottles and glass jars easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with six turreted ends that offer different cuts
  • Comes with 2 sandpapers
  • Instructional manual


  • Needs some practice to master using the cutter

4. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

For both pros and novice cutters, Kinkajou Bottle Cutter is a delight to use. It cuts bottles twice as wide as other models, and there’s no limit to how high of a cut it can create due to its freestyle design. So, if you want to cut bottles of different sizes, this device is the one to beat. It comes with screws on the cutting wheel for adjusting circumference. 

The blades of this cutter is made from tungsten carbide steel and is good for more than 200 cuts. The range of depth is well-appreciated by those who doesn’t like to score the glass. This cutter is quite simple to use you just score, separate, and then finish. 

What’s great about this cutter is it creates the signature “Kinkajou click,” which indicates that the process is completed and you’re allowed to remove the bottle. This kit is ready to use out of the box. It also comes with helpful accessories such as separation ties and an 80-grit sandpaper, besides the glass cutter that can pry off any jagged edges the cut may have left behind. 


  • Efficient – cuts nice and deep without just scoring the bottles
  • Comes with a signature click to let you know when the bottle has rotated a full circle
  • Includes a cutter for clipping off jagged glass pieces left behind
  • Made of carbide steel
  • Separation ties that can fit bottles of all sizes


  • Cutter only works with round bottles
  • Can’t cut on an angle

5. Creator’s Ultimate Glass Bottle Cutter Bundle

Creator’s Ultimate Glass Bottle Cutter Bundle is known for its quality and reliability. This set comes with everything you need to get started with the art of cutting bottles. There are special items in this bundle that you won’t find with many other bottle cutters. 

First of all, this kit comes with a bottle neck cutter that offers a smooth cut on the bottle neck, as this is hard to achieve with regular-sized cutters. It also comes with a palm protector glove that protects your hands and allows you to move the cutter safely. Finally, it also comes with glass stoppers for covering the mouth of the bottles.

This cutter bundle is made of high-quality materials. The cutters and slide bars are made of stainless steel to keep it strong and durable. The steel is enhanced with carbide, allowing the blade to cut thousands of bottles. It also has rubber-coated bearing rollers so that cracking of glass while you’re cutting will be a thing of the past.


  • Comes with extra items – bottle neck cutter, palm protector, glass stopper
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Cuts both straight and tapered bottles
  • Easy to use


  • Adjusting bottle may seem uncomfortable at first
  • More complicated to use than most cutters