Guide to Automatic Garage Door Openers


    You’ve locked up your cars and other belongings in a garage. Now that they are truly safe and secure, it’s time to ensure that your entry and exit remain convenient. Purchasing a high-quality automated garage door opener is one way to do this. It will make it easier for you to close and open the garage (no more “reach up and pull!”) and give you peace of mind that all your possessions will be safe.

    You might be wondering what a smart garage door opener is. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert on the most recent garage door technology! Because we’ve already done the research for you, we realize it can be difficult and intimidating to browse through articles and information about cutting-edge technology to get the information that matters to you. We’re here to make sure you have all the information you want to be knowledgeable about smart garage door openers, their advantages, and how to choose the best one for your home.

    Types of Garage Door Openers

    Heavy doors can be lifted by garage door openers, but they don’t operate similarly. Most garage door openers use a chain, belt, or screw-drive lift system to work.

    Basically, there are several various garage door drive system kinds available right now. Others cater to people who desire dependability and value, while some homeowners are interested in a less noisy garage. Let’s look at the various drive systems listed below.

    Chain Drive Garage Openers

    Chain Drive System

    These devices are the least priced and most often used garage openers. The garage can be opened and closed with the help of metal chains. Therefore, it requires regular maintenance, such as oiling (since these systems may not function smoothly after some time) and tightening (as the chains stretch over time). It’s a good garage door opener for families who don’t mind noise when their garage door opens because it’s also fairly noisy.

    Belt Drive Garage Openers

    Belt Drive System

    Few moving parts are used in these garage door openers, which raise and lower the door using flexible rubberized belts. These garage door openers are among the priciest and quietest available. These work well for garage doors that are next to houses.

    Screw Drive Systems 

    Screw Drive System

    These powerful garage door openers lift your door with a threaded steel rod. It is also very low maintenance because it has the fewest mechanical parts. To minimize noise, it runs on tracks lined with plastic. Although they work with the majority of garage doors, it’s recommended to use them with sturdy double doors.

    Selecting an Automatic Garage Door Opener: Important Considerations

    Safety Features

    The biggest and heaviest moving object in your home is likely the garage door. Ensure the garage door opener you purchase has useful safety features because many are heavy enough to result in serious injury. All garage door openers are now required by federal law to have sensors that can identify people or objects, such as a running child or a pet, to stop the door from hitting anyone who might be blocking it. An automatic reverse feature, which can prevent the door from moving if there are any obstacles in its path, is a requirement for good garage doors. These qualities are essential if you want an automatic garage door opener since they prevent accidents.

    Consider purchasing an automatic door opener with a rolling code if security is your top concern. Every time you use your remote to open the door, it sends a different code to the opener thanks to a rolling code, which helps prevent crime. Moreover, this can prevent your garage door from being mistakenly opened by your neighbor’s remote control. You might even select an opener with a fingerprint keypad if you have a larger budget.


    A quieter garage opener is the best option if you are sensitive to noise and your living area is directly above or next to your garage. Although a chain-drive unit is a cost-effective option, it can be noisy. You might want to avoid this garage door opener if noise is a problem.


    Consider how you would like the door to open. Would you like a door that opens with a keypad, touchpad, or something that requires a remote control? Do you prefer an opener that supports Wi-Fi to operate your garage door opener with your smart devices, or do you prefer something that allows automated closing and opening through a timer?

    Make sure the remote-controlled opener is reliable if you decide to use one. Your opener can experience signal interference if you reside in a neighborhood where many of your neighbors’ garages utilize remote-controlled openers. Selecting a dual-frequency garage door opener that automatically shifts between two frequencies would be beneficial to minimize interference.

    Motor Size and Power

    The garage door opener’s heart is its motor. The garage door opener needs at least a 1/2 horsepower device to have a longer lifespan. The motor will last longer if it is bigger. A garage door opener with more horsepower (3/4, 1, or 1 1/4 HP) will operate more efficiently for heavier and larger garage doors. For a property with multiple vehicles and drivers, greater horsepower units are recommended to work more smoothly and have a longer lifespan, even if the garage door is opened and closed numerous times daily.



    Convenience is one of the huge advantages of an automatic opener. Since you can open or close your garage door without getting out of your vehicle, you are less exposed to weather extremes, including rain, snow, wind, and cold. Smart openers allow you to manage your garage door opener from your smartphone for the utmost convenience.


    Most garage door openers now come with LED lights to help you enter your garage in the dark. This can reduce the chance that you will trip onto something in your garage as you reach for the light switch.


    In some situations, a garage door opener may be safer than manual operation in addition to the safety advantages that the operator lighting offers. For instance, an automatic opener can save you from further harming yourself by attempting to open or close the door manually if you have a medical issue or injury that restricts your movement or range of motion.

    The Advantages of an Automatic Garage Door Opener

    Now that you have a basic understanding of a smart garage door opener, we want to explain some of its advantages and why this most recent technological development is a wise investment for your house. Several of the main benefits of having a smart garage door opener are listed below:

    You’ll have peace of mind with a smart garage door opener.

    Have you ever left your house to be tormented by the anxiety of whether you remembered to close the garage door? By allowing you to easily access an application that uses the sensor in your garage to notify you whether your garage door is open, closed, or in between, smart garage door openers relieve your concerns.

    Security is increased by a smart garage door opener. 

    The garage door is one of the most common ways to enter and leave your house. You may check on the status of your garage door and open or close it as needed from virtually anywhere if you have a smart garage door opener. This not only eases your mind but also improves the security and safety of your house.

    You can manage who has access to your home by using a smart garage door.

    If your friends need to come by while you’re gone for the day, but you can’t get home quickly to let them in, you can use your smart garage door to open the garage, give them access, and then close it again. If you have kids and they lose their keys, it’s simple to use an app to unlock the garage door, so they may enter the house without you ever having to worry about how to do it.

    Your smart home ecosystem will be strengthened by a smart garage door opener.

    The opportunity to have a smart home is gaining popularity and feasibility as more items are developed to make daily routines and life more effective. We understand you’re busy and seeking to improve and ease your life, and a smart garage door opener provides precisely that. A smart garage door opener can work with other smart home items in your house to expand the functionality of your smart home ecosystem and provide convenience and control.

    Your smart garage door opener can be modified to suit your needs.

    Customization and personalization are important to ensure a product is as useful and practical as possible. What works well for one individual may not be the same for another.

    Should I Install My Garage Door Opener Myself or Hire a Pro?

    Can you do it yourself while installing a garage door opener? A ladder, a socket wrench, and fundamental mechanic abilities are needed to install a new garage door opener. Also, you are strongly advised to seek assistance, particularly while attaching the opener unit after raising it to the garage ceiling. The time required to complete the task on your own should also be considered. Typically, it takes 4-6 hours to install a garage door opener.

    You may always hire a professional to install a garage door opener if it doesn’t seem worthwhile or you lack the time or abilities to do it yourself. Depending on your garage door’s size and what is needed, installing a garage door opener typically costs between $100 and $200.

    How Much Does a Garage Door Opener Cost?

    The cost of a garage door opener varies depending on the type, power, and brand of the garage door, but installation costs in most states start at $127 and go up from there. Ask your contractor what is included in the installation because basic installations typically do not involve the removal of an old unit. Many home improvement stores offer installation services at comparable pricing.

    Garage Door Openers: How Long Do They Last?

    The usual lifespan of a garage door opener is 10 years, but with routine maintenance, that lifespan can quickly increase to 15 years or more. Before you begin installing a new garage door opener, perform basic maintenance on your garage door parts to increase their lifespan.


    An automatic garage door opener is no longer a luxury. Compared to before, garage doors are now heavier and more advanced. Security is a growing issue, and a smartphone-based garage door opener will provide security solutions with automated locking and light sensors.

    As you can see, smart garage door openers offer many advantages that will improve your home’s efficiency and give you peace of mind. Thanks to Wi-Fi and speech recognition features and the extra convenience of controlling your smart garage door opener through an app, it has never been simpler to include this smart home feature in your life.


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