Guest blog from Honeybee Alley & a giveaway!

Hello my lovely readers! Today I have something exciting to share with you. I recently “met” this sweet gal named Jay via Twitter and found myself totally in love with her jewelery from her Etsy shop. She was even nice enough to send me this gorgeous necklace I was drooling over.

  Love it!

It’s my new favorite piece. I get compliments on it every time I wear it!


Her shop is full of great stuff. I have a wish list started for myself!

Now get this…Jay is giving away a bracelet & ring from her Etsy shop to 1 lucky reader!


And just for kicks, I’m throwing in a month of ad space on male & Sweet Pea.
Want to win these? Read on to learn a little about Jay and her shop, and to enter this giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below.


Hello everyone, I’m Jay.  I like to eat ice cream, watch movies, and make pretty things.  This is the story of how I started my Etsy shop:
My mom has always been a very hands-on person. She used to draw when she was younger. She has done everything from basket weaving to glass etching to macrame to sewing to gardening to cooking and baking delicious food to making greeting cards to making jewelry. When I got old enough, I tagged along on some of her crafty endeavors. I remember that one time we sat with a couple of my friends and stamped over 100 greeting cards to give to a homeless shelter for people who wouldn’t otherwise get anything for their birthday. If I remember correctly, when my mom first started making jewelry, it started out with her wanting to make charm bracelets for personalized Christmas gifts. After that, she made countless beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for gifts for people’s birthdays. She really has a knack for finding and putting together things that people will really like, including charms and the colors of beads. I also made jewelry for my friends for their birthdays.
When I left for college, I took my jewelry making supplies with me. I figured that I could make my friends jewelry for their birthdays. During my sophomore year of college, my legs stopped working in October and started working again in May. The doctors were completely baffled. (Since then, we have come to the conclusion that it was caused by my not being able to handle stress properly.) After my legs returned to normal, I started having seizures. I had them so often that I had to stop attending classes and take a hardship withdrawal from them. This left me a lot of time alone in my room, mostly on the Internet. I’m not sure if you know this, but the Internet is completely filled to the brim with wonderful sources of inspiration on just about anything a person can make. This is especially true for jewelry. I realized that I could probably start selling my jewelry and just like that Honeybee Alley was born. I haven’t been very successful yet, but every single time someone buys one of my products, it makes my week. I have realized that what I really want to do in life is to create beautiful things, whether it takes the form of art or jewelry or anything else. I am happy with just creating them, but when I can share them with others, it makes me even happier.  Currently I sell jewelry, original art prints, original photography prints, and paper goods.

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