Gifts for Dad to Give His Daughter

The bond between a dad and his daughter is a special one, and it’s so rewarding to cultivate it. Your daughter will benefit from a close relationship with his father, and his father will much cherish it. One of the best ways to celebrate this kind of love relationship is by giving the daughter a precious piece of jewelry that she will cherish for a long time. If your daughter is celebrating a birthday, an achievement, a milestone, you may ask the father to give a gift of jewelry to his daughter. He may be clueless as to what he may give, so help him with these tips:

Tips for Giving the Gift to your Daughter

1. Know the right timing

Make your gesture memorable for your daughter, and giving her first jewelry piece is a big moment for the father. It’s important to choose the right time to buy that piece of jewelry. Giving it as Birthday Gifts for Her is great, but there are other precious moments you can also consider, like an important religious event, a daughter’s first day in high school, and the like. Giving her jewelry on an important day of her life will connect the moment to the piece.

2. Hold back a bit

The dad may get excited to buy his princess her first piece of jewelry, but make sure he doesn’t go all out with it. There’s nothing wrong with getting authentic gold or silver, but the stones don’t have to be real or expensive, especially if your daughter is still young. You may get her an accessory with a cubic zirconia instead of genuine diamonds, or choose stones that are not so expensive, like quartz crystal or tourmaline.

3. Add a personal touch

The gift must be something your daughter is going to love, but it’s also more meaningful if the piece will remind your daughter of her dad. There are many things you can do, like having it inscribed with a special word or message. You can also buy a piece that represents something meaningful to both the dad and the daughter, like their favorite past time, their religious beliefs, and more. On the box, add a handwritten note, which your daughter will keep if she’s a sentimental girl.

4. Know her style

On deciding what type of jewelry to wear, you must think of how it will fit in with your daughter’s style, and her existing wardrobe or jewelry collection. Does she put much thought about her outfit and style? Or is she a laid-back and basic girl who wears only limited jewelry pieces? Does she love dainty pieces or is she more of a statement-making girl? Don’t make it about something you like but about your daughter’s taste, comfort, and lifestyle. But since most women don’t fit a single style profile and your daughter’s style may be a mystery to you, you may opt for a beautiful pair of stud earrings that feature diamonds or her birthstone.

Here are some of the best gifts you can give your daughter:

1. A simple necklace

Whether it’s a solitaire diamond or pearl, a birthstone necklace, or a pendant with a stylish design, a simple necklace is an accessory; your daughter can dress up or down. Look for designs that reflect her style, and check out the many options that you can find:

2. A pair of diamond earrings

A pair of sparkling diamond earrings is a thoughtful gift for any woman. It’s great for children of older age, especially professionals. It’s the right choice if you have a daughter who’s a mother with small children who may pull at longer earrings.

Where to Buy
Cynergy 14k Gold IGL Certified Natural Diamond 4 Prong Stud Earrings
Gem Stone King 10K Rose Gold Blue Tanzanite Stud Earrings 
Glitz Design Diamond Earrings Teardrop Shape 10K Gold Stud Earrings
Dazzlingrock Collection 10K Gemstone & Diamond Ladies Infinity Swirl Dangling Drop Earrings 
Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings


This diamond earring is certified authentic, with a 14K gold prong.

This is a simple stud earring with blue tanzanite instead of a diamond. This one is a cheaper alternative.

A teardrop stud earring is always a pretty accessory, and this one has a bezel-type setting that gives it a look of a pear-shaped diamond.

This is a dainty drop earring with an infinity design and diamond gemstones. It can be a sweet way of telling your daughter that your love for her is never-ending.

The ladies always adore a piece of heart-shaped jewelry, and this delicate earring will surely be a delight to your daughter. All diamonds used in this product underwent Kimberley Process to ensure high quality. 

3. A watch

Where to Buy
Michael Kors Women's Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap 
Nine West Women's Strap Watch 
Michael Kors Slim Runway Women's Stainless Steel Watch 
Anne Klein Women's Diamond-Accented Bracelet Watch


A watch is an accessory that combines the practical with the stylish. As it is available in many different styles, there is sure to be a watch your daughter will love. If you are not sure about her style, you may want to stick to something that can be dressed up or down.

This one’s a classic black watch with gold accents and mineral crystals. It looks sophisticated, and it’s also water-resistant.

Pink is a favorite color among many women, and your daughter may also be one. This matte white dial watch has gold-tone hardware and markers. The pink strap is cute and delicate.

This is a beautiful bracelet watch with tonal dial and baton hour markers. The rose gold color is beautiful, though you can also choose from gold, two-tone gold, red, black, and blue.

This one is a sophisticated bracelet watch with simple, light champagne sunray dial with a genuine diamond accent at 12.

4. Cultured pearls

Where to Buy
EVER FAITH 925 Sterling Silver 8MM AAA Freshwater Cultured Pearl CZ Elegant Sunflower Stud Earrings 
La Regis Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold 7-7.5mm Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl 
ICE CARATS 925 Sterling Silver White Button Freshwater Cultured Pearl Cubic Zirconia Band Ring 
Ross-Simons 5.5-6mm Cultured Pearl Curved Bar Necklace 
Cowlyn Pearl Bracelet Baroque Cultured Handmade Wind Bossimi 18K Gold


Pearls are an essential piece for any jewelry wardrobe. It’s a classic, timeless piece that can be very versatile. Cultured pearls are an ideal choice if your daughter prefers simple designs. It’s also great to give to your daughter as her first piece of fine jewelry.

A pearl stud earring is a classic must-have accessory for every girl’s jewelry wardrobe. This one is a beautiful earring with sunflower detailing made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia.

This simple, rope chain necklace with a cultured pearl is a dainty accessory that is perfect for both formal and casual attire. The pendant contains a brilliant-cut diamond, and the chain is crafted in 14k gold. You can choose from black, brown, pink, gray, and white pearl.

If your daughter loves to accessorize with rings, give her this stunning gift. It features a freshwater cultured pearl with cubic zirconia crystals at the side. It’s simple yet very elegant looking.

For your professional daughter, this pearl curved bar necklace will be a gift that will be loved, welcomed, and used. It features five cultured pearls that align along a sterling silver curve. It has a clean and fresh minimalist design that’s perfect to pair with her corporate attire and dresses.

This freshwater cultured pearl bracelet is a beautiful accessory. The pearls featured are guaranteed genuine and of high quality and its design is also regal and stunning. 

5. Father-daughter jewelry

Where to Buy
Loveivy 14K White Gold Daddy's Little Girl Pendant Necklace
Precious Pieces Children's Sterling Silver Daddy's Girl Charm Necklace 
Luvalti Daddy's Girl Heart Pendant Necklace


If you and your girl have a very close relationship, she will not be embarrassed to be seen by her peers walking or hanging out with you. To solidify that bond, give her a statement necklace that proves she’s daddy’s girl by giving her a piece of jewelry that states so. These kinds of jewelry are suitable for little kids.

This is a piece of 14k white gold fine jewelry that’s perfect for little girls ages 2 to 10 years old. It features the phrase “Daddy’s Little Girl” in all capital letters.

This is a dainty heart silver necklace perfect for little girls. It comes with an endearing “Daddy’s Girl” phrase inside the heart, with a cute, pink stone on one side.

Have a special daddy and little girl necklace. This one comes with two pieces: one with “Daddy’s girl” engraved, while the second one has “There is this girl she stole my heart. She calls me Daddy.”