Gifts for Beer Lovers

For the beer lovers, their passion for the drink goes beyond the liquid itself.Spending time talking with friends about the latest news, the opposite sex, a favorite sport, or the last great party or just about anything that catches one’s fancy at that moment is always better while sipping a favorite beer.

Beer culture goes beyond the beer itself and getting a gift for the beer lover can sometimes be a difficult task. But don’t worry as we have compile a list of accessories that can enhance the drinking experience or some handmade products that will squeal the beer lovers in your life.

Where to Buy
A craft beer tasting glass set
Beer soap
A two-pack of beer chillers
A keg beer cooler
A bottle opener buckle belt
USA Beer Cap Map
A beer growler
Yeti’s stainless steel colster
A beer caddy with bottle opener
A freezer glass

1. A craft beer tasting glass set

This beer tasting glass set is comprising of six goblets, which looks like the wine glasses, but are designed for the beer lovers. The bowl’s shape helps concentrate the beer’s aroma, and the flared upper section gives room for the bouquet to blossom. The beer tasting glasses are durable for regular use and are dishwater safe.

2. Beer soap

The Swag Brewery Soap, made with beer brewing ingredients, may look funny. But it is no joke; it can actually make a wonderful gift idea for beer lovers. Contrary to the name, the soap doesn’t smell of beer. The soap comes in different varieties that smell like honey and roasted coffee and chocolate, apricot, or spice and herbs. The soap is also rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant and it is good for the skin.

3. A two-pack of beer chillers

This is a unique beverage chiller. To use, you simply store the chiller in a cooler or freezer until you are ready to use it to cool a beer, then insert into the bottle and drink the beer. Be careful because a little would spill if the bottle is almost filled to the brim!

4. A keg beer cooler

Gift any beer lover this Edge KC2000 Full-SizeKegerator and Keg Beer Cooler,and he will forever love you. This freestanding specialty fridge is large enough to contain both US standard quarter and half kegs, keeping beer chilled from the low 30s to the mid 40s.

5. A bottle opener buckle belt

Any gentleman, whether a beer lover or not, would appreciate this Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Belt with Plaque Buckle. But the beer lover will fall in love with this gifteven more. The bottle opener is hidden behind the plaque-style belt buckle, which is really handy whenever it is needed to open a beer bottle.

6. USA Beer Cap Map

This unique and artistic gift is not only ideal for beer lovers but also collectors, as well as interior decorators. Cut out of birch plywood, the map consists of a thin, yet accurate representation of the United States with fifty circles that can hold a beer bottle cap. The finished map will look awesome if hung in a man cave, office, or above a media room couch.

7. A beer growler

Any beer lover will fall in love with this growler because it helps to conveniently transport beer from the keg to dinner party, campsite, or simply back home. With its double-walled vacuum-sealed insulation, it can keep a beer cold for several hours without additional refrigeration, and lets you pour from the tap once you’re ready to enjoy your beer.

8. Yeti’s stainless steel colster

This beer bottle or beer can coozie has an amazing robust design and it can help keep a bottle or can cold until the last finish. Its gasket keeps the bottle or can in place, secure within the colster even when you’re on the move.

9. A beer caddy with bottle opener

This beer caddy with bottle opener makes carrying six beers at a go nice and convenient. The built-in bottle opener will save a great deal of time. This will make carrying drinks to a friend’s house, to a BBQ or picnic easier.

10. A freezer glass

Other gift ideas for beer lovers include:

We have listed some great gifts for beer lovers that will make it a bit easier to delight them with something they don’t already have!